We Should Now Promote the Freedom and Liberation of God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2353

Until now, in the Unification Church, we recited My Pledge focused on the individual. The Christian cultural sphere should have served the Lord at his Second Advent as his bride on the worldwide level. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven was to have started from 1952, but all ended up in failure. This is the reason why the providence was prolonged for forty years and the Unification Church had to go through a historical course of atonement. (260-181, 1994.5.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1187

Alaska, where the ceremony of The Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages was held, is becoming famous. The last time I came here I said I would build a church at the North Pole. If the Soviet Communist Party opposes it, I will take the responsibility. I will build the Unification Church at the North Pole. You have to spend your life in order to build the foundation of blessing for all people of the world, but before you die, come to our Church at the North Pole and offer your devotion for forty days and then you can die. Think about this. An ideal city will be created in a world of icebergs. Then, even though it will be thousands of miles away, everything can be supplied by the air. You should try living like this. It would be a wonderful thing. With the power of science today, that would be nothing. We can use prefabricated systems. So we will build an airfield and try to live there, so what problem could arise? We are creating a base in the tourist area of Kodiak… think about it. It will become a gateway unprecedented in history. (193-217, 1989.10.4)



1. The Basis for Freedom in God and God’s Creation

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Freedom is truly one of the Creator’s most precious gifts to humanity. God created human beings to exercise freedom as spiritual beings. (133:289, November 19, 1984)

People of the world… without exception, all wish to be free. They want to live in a free society, a free nation, and a free world. Without peace and freedom in our minds, there is no true happiness… Today, although we strongly pursue freedom, we must admit that we still do not experience the condition of true freedom, coming from the heart. (7:14-15, July 5, 1959)

In truth, human beings lost their freedom as a result of the Fall. Yet even fallen people possess intact a seed of their original nature which seeks freedom, and this makes it possible for God to carry on the providence to restore it. With the progress of history, people have been ever more zealously aspiring for freedom, even at the cost of their lives. This is evidence that we are in the process of restoring our freedom, long lost due to Satan. The purpose of our search for freedom is to facilitate the accomplishment of our God-given responsibility, which is essential for fulfilling our purpose of creation. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Fall 5.2)

Heavenly Father, who observes the universe from the highest heaven, wants human beings to lead. He doesn’t want people to merely obey as if drawn around by the neck. That is what the mind desires, right? Your mind wants to be completely free. Ask anyone: no one wants to be controlled. You will enjoy complete freedom once you attain the status of a person of true love. Then you can travel anywhere, even to the throne of God. You can meet God anytime you like. You can become God’s friend! (Earthly Life and the Spirit World

Freedom originates in true love; without true love freedom has no root. Furthermore, without first planting this root of freedom, we cannot complete our ideal world. A wife whose husband loves her is totally free. A husband whose wife loves him regardless of how he behaves is totally free. He can touch her and even jab her, knowing that she enjoys it. She can run around the house naked, knowing that he will not object. What greater freedom is there? Why does that woman disrobe and walk about naked—to assert her freedom or out of love? Out of love, she expresses her freedom. (203:10, June 10, 1990)

The best freedom is to live well, protected by nature. Your freedom is guaranteed when you can live in accord with universal law, without any conflict or contradiction. Then you will enjoy the nature’s protection. There is nothing better. (117:290-91, April 11, 1982)

Examine your motivation in searching for freedom. Does your heart truly seek for the freedom that can bring harmony to all creation? If you can put yourself in God’s position and share His heart for freedom, your heart would seek the standard of freedom that all people can enjoy together. (4:318, October 12, 1958)

Democracy has been promoting the freedom and liberation of human beings. However, we should now promote the freedom and liberation of God. If this matter is resolved, the liberation of human beings, not to mention their freedom, will automatically be achieved. (344:54, June 26, 2001)

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