The Spirit World’s Main Concept Is to Promote an Equal Standard of Living for All

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 141

We must liberate God. God is confined by love. He may as well be in prison. He has not been set free. Due to the Fall, the ideal world that the all-knowing and almighty God, the Creator of the universe, intended to establish based on love was snatched away by Satan. Thus, God could not be liberated in heart. The foundation for liberating God’s heart has not emerged in this universe. God is thus confined. His mind and heart cannot be at rest when His beloved children have died. (138-261, 1986.1.24)
Richard: Let’s make God happy!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1058

The family in which the children can say, “Dad, we love you! Mom, we love you! We really like it when you love each other!” becomes a place of rest for them. (30-282, 1970.4.4)


Economic Justice

2. Allocating a Community’s Wealth to Provide Economic Security for All

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

In the ideal world, all of life’s activities and labors will be expressed in the practice of joyful service for the sake of others based on a heart of love. Therefore, there will be equality in standards of living. (269:156, April 3, 1995)

Your financial life should not be centered only on the needs and desires of your own family. You should live with the others in the community in mind—some of whom are wealthy, some middleclass, and others poor—and place yourself in the middle range. Your community should have a monthly meeting to determine the range of the top, middle and bottom third of people’s incomes, and what are each family’s living expenses. Then through discussion, they should determine the following month’s budget, which every family should observe. If we live by this principle, our way of life will be guaranteed.
    When you receive your monthly salary, you will compare your living expenses with the average of people better off and worse off than yourselves, and based on whether you are in the top, middle or bottom third, you will give a certain proportion of your salary to help those in need. You will make this your consistent practice. If you do not, your life can be invaded by the spirit world. The spirit world operates this way.
    You cannot live just accumulating money, as in the world of capitalism. I do not have money stored up.
    In the future, when your children are living with you, they should not live better than your neighbor’s children. If you have only three children while the average number of children per family in your neighborhood is four or five, you should willingly help other families to equalize their standard of living with yours. Families with fewer children should offer financial help to the families with more children. Since you are all brothers and sisters [in God’s family], you should think of your neighbors’ children as your nephews and nieces. The children should marry each other, strengthening the bonds between those who offer help and those who receive help. Such relationships expand the foundation of peace. (324:254-56, July 24, 2000)

The direction of politics should be oriented to true love, centered on the ideal of family. Economics and all activities of culture should likewise be centered on true love. If they continue as they have been, things will go wrong again and again. The world should inevitably become one, and do so centering on economy, not on politics. Political systems are based upon a governing class and a governed class. The world of peace and unification can only be realized when such things disappear, and the world moves to a system of management based on economic relations…
    Once the world adopts the paradigm of global family, we will enter the era of equalization. Arriving at a single standard of living, and the peace that flows from it, is a task for the economy… We should leave behind systems of governance based on the concept of struggle or notions of superiority and inferiority. Things should develop through relationships based on love. (303:192-93, August 25, 1999)

In the ideal world established by people who have perfected God’s love, the purpose of the whole and purpose of the individual will be in natural harmony. Because human beings have desire and a natural inclination towards love, God permits us to have individual ownership and pursue our individual purposes. Even so, we would not pursue unlimited wealth or go after deviant purposes that might harm the purpose of the whole. Perfected human beings would only hold on to property for their individual possession according to their status in agreement with their conscience and original nature.
    Especially, people who have become true owners would pursue all their economic activity in the spirit of love and gratitude. Hence, there could be no greed or corruption. Neither would they insist on the interests of the nation or region inconsistent with the purpose of the whole. The aim of economic activity is the welfare of everyone, rather than the mere pursuit of individual profit. This is the way of mutual prosperity, based on God’s true love. Through mutual participation, political life would realize the ideals of freedom, equality and happiness. (271:77, August 22, 1995)

The system in the spirit world is organized based on life. There is no politics. It is a world where the family ideal is expanded centered on the direct love of God. Politicians bend according to which way the wind blows and hold to the concept of struggle. Hence they do not hesitate to use any means to accomplish their goals. However, such a thing does not exist in the spirit world. The spirit world’s main concern is how to improve the caliber of human life, based on an economy that promotes an equal standard of living for all. We should establish such a system on earth as well.
    True love transcends politics and economics. True love goes beyond power, money, knowledge or anything else. How do we live when we center on true love? We help everyone to have an equal standard of living. We should not accomplish this by political means, through enlarging the power of government. We do it by expanding the scope of our life for the betterment of others. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (303:193-94, August 25, 1999)
Richard:  What a wonderful vision!  I will be talking about this on the Richard Urban Show within the next couple of days.  Stacey and I will work to form a Neighborhood Family Council in our neighborhood, and to work to actualize these ideas and principles.  I challenge you to do the same in your neighborhood

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