The Twenty First Century Shall Be a Century of Righteousness

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2356

    The Settlement of the Completed Testament Age and True Parents is a frightening expression. It indicates that I have fought and won victory on the family level in the satanic world. I established the Completed Testament Age on the victorious foundation that I made, having fought on the tribal, ethnic, national, world and cosmic levels. It was settled after having fulfilled the testaments. This is amazing!
    What was the Fall? Adam was to have been the ruler of the archangel, but this relationship was reversed. Restoration of that situation is easy to talk about now, but actually doing it was nearly impossible. I had to bring satans in the spiritual and physical worlds to the point of surrender and take dominion over them. Without doing so, the settlement would not have been possible. Wherever you go, without the determination to unite with me completely, you cannot do what I am doing. (268-79, 1995.3.5)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1499

The true family is the place where a husband sacrifices for and loves his wife as his mother, and where a wife sacrifices for and loves her husband as her father. Also, they should love each other as younger sister and older brother respectively. Heaven is where ideal families live in a world where husbands and wives love and respect each other as they would God. Such a tradition should be established on earth. (Blessed Family – 920)


Economic Justice

3. The Rich Should Spread Their Wealth among the People

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

The issue is the management of money: who eats better and who owns better possessions. If we are in positions of leadership, we should not seek to own the best things. If we desire to have belowaverage things, giving [our better things to others] for the sake of the whole, then equalization will be realized naturally. (324:253-54, June 24, 2000)

Everything should circulate like water. What is warm must become cool. What is cool must become warm. By “Warm” I mean the rich and by “cool” I mean the poor; hence the rich should extend themselves to help the poor. This must happen naturally. If the wealthy people willingly take responsibility for the poor in their community, everyone will be able to live together in harmony. If this becomes a community tradition, all the people will help one another. They will strive not to be indebted to one another. By helping one another, they will all become prosperous together—naturally. (253:238, January 30, 1994)

To bring unity between the people of the upper and lower classes, we must enable the people of the upper class to harmonize with the people of the lower class and raise the people of the lower class to the level of the upper class. To accomplish this requires a central point of absolute value. That central point is God’s love. Then what is God’s love like? God’s love can be with both the people of the upper class and the people of the lower class. God’s love is never one-directional; it moves in a spherical motion. It can move around freely from the highest point to the lowest. Wherever God’s love appears, it is welcomed by all people everywhere, and it creates harmony everywhere, at all times. God’s love always possesses absolute value whenever and wherever it may be. If we have God’s love, we are happy; we feel filled and secure. Though a person may be at the very bottom, with God’s love he can love those on top, and with God’s love the people on top can love those at the bottom. (115:172, November 10, 1981)

Problems in labor relations can be solved by practicing parental love. The owner of the company is in the role of parent, and his employees are in the position of children. The owner should care for his employees as parents care for their children. Don’t parents save money to bequeath it to their children? The owner should likewise think that his purpose is to bequeath his company’s wealth to his employees. (116:121, December 27, 1981)

Let me tell you a way to solve labor disputes. Just as there are labor unions, a company’s owners should form an owners or shareholders’ union.50 Then the two unions can get together and discuss the situation: “We laborers need to support our families, and you shareholders want to see production increase over last year. Instead of fighting each other and competing for a bigger slice of the pie, we should work together.” They can agree that for three years instead of the profits going to the owners, they will put it in one pot. If the labor union members worked harder, then a higher percentage of the proceeds should go to them, but if the owners’ union members worked harder, then a higher percentage of the profits should be given to them. Instead of fighting, let them compete. (342:288-89, January 13, 2001)
Footnote: Literally “shareholders should form a shareholders’ union.” The passage’s description of shareholders as active participants in the company is fitting to South Korean society, where most companies are private or closely held by family members who are the major shareholders and actively manage the company. Since this would not apply to investors in a publicly-traded company, e.g. people who have no role in the day-to-day operation of the company and simply own some common stock, we have used the term “owners.”

 The twenty-first century shall be a century of righteousness. It will be a century of spirit and soul, when wealth will not be the dominating factor. It will be a century when God and human beings live together as one. A new awareness will come to every person—that living for the sake of others has eternal value, far greater than living for oneself. In the twenty-first century, selfishness will decline. The altruistic values of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values will be triumphant. (219:120, August 28, 1991)

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