A New Era Has Begun, the Era of Cheon Il Guk

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2102

Section 1. Determination for a New Start

We cannot perish or die. We have to survive and live on, right? There is no free ride on this road of survival. We have to overcome our enemies. When we overcome our enemies, we will see the Kingdom of Heaven. We must return to our hometowns and be victorious over our enemies, and on that day the domain of the Kingdom of Heaven will emerge. The realm of the unified people will also emerge. Thus, now is a good opportunity to accompany True Mother, return to our hometowns and kindle a fire in the hearts of ten million people. With this in mind and on this foundation, the people should serve and attend even the lowest stratum of society. Our North and South Korean countrymen should share everything they have like brothers and sisters, making a new start. Here there is no nation. Was there a nation during the time of Cain and Abel? Was there a nation or not? We should not receive support from the nation. If we received support from the nation, everything would perish. (219-339, 1991.10.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

Cain represents Satan’s side. It is the position of the elder brother. Abel represents God’s side. This is the battle. Originally, God would have loved the firstborn son, and then the younger son. Due to the Fall, the first son, Cain, stands on Satan’s side. He belongs to Satan’s side. In order to save him, God designated Abel. God designates Abel to restore the right of the firstborn son. This cannot be achieved by force; you have to inspire people by love. You have to achieve restoration by melting them with love. If you cannot stand in the position of having loved them, if you cannot win their heart through offering your love, then you will not be in a position to truly love your own son or daughter. As viewed from God’s ideal of creation, the firstborn son was originally to be loved first rather than the second child. (140-38, 1986.2.1)


World Citizenship

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Everyone longs to live in one unified world that transcends nationality. This longing springs from the inner world of the heart. It calls out from the ideal and heart of true human beings. It is also the heart and hope of God. (115:177, November 10, 1981)

We have to transcend nationalism. A people should emerge whose hearts transcend ethnic loyalties, which loves other peoples more than its own people. (34:337, September 20, 1970)

From this time on, the definition of “my country” will need to expand. Although everyone has their home country where they were born and live, in a larger sense, the entire world that God, our Father, created is “my country.” (219:121, August 28, 1991)

In the events of history, people strive for the sake of their nation. That is the human way of thinking, but how does God think? If God were to say, “I only love America!” then He would be the God of only America. In that case, when it comes time for America to perish, God would also perish. But God never thinks that way. His thoughts are far above human thoughts. He would promote the way of thinking that we ought to live by placing the world’s welfare above the welfare of our nation or our family. (95:53, October 23, 1977)

The reason God established America was for America to save the world. Yet Americans do not know that America must save the world. Only once in world history did a single nation become the center and unify the entire world religiously and culturally. Was that not America, when it occupied the whole world at the end of World War II? President Kennedy understood this, and he encouraged America to help all the struggling nations of the world. (215:200-01, February 17, 1991)

In accordance with my cosmic teaching, we should make the world into one household. A home has a father and a mother; in this household Heaven is our father and the earth is our mother. A home also has brothers and sisters; all human beings are our brothers and sisters. (36:296, December 13, 1970)

We are all part of one world family… This is the significance of the words [from the Family Pledge], “Our family… pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness.”62 It is not about my personal freedom, peace, unity and happiness, but rather the freedom, peace, happiness and freedom of everyone in the universal family. The whole world is our family.
    When you arrive in heaven, you will not find people separated by national borders. People of all nationalities are assembled together. Are you prepared to live that way? Do you have such a universal viewpoint that you can embrace all people from the past, present and future? (260:191-93, May 8, 1994)

You can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only when you have lived with people of seven different nationalities. (Way of God’s Will 1.8)

Every being is situated in space relative to what is above and below, right and left, front and back. In the family, each person stands in relation to above and below, right and left, and front and back. This same pattern applies to the nation and the world. Thus in the family, each individual should have a loving relationship with parents above and children below, husband on the right and wife on the left, and elder siblings in front and younger siblings in back. Similarly in the nation, each family, beginning with the President, should embrace families from all regions, and then embrace all people of the world, East and West, and North and South, as their brothers and sisters. We are ultimately responsible to create the model in our own family, which can be replicated on every level. (True Family and World Peace, July 18, 1997)

Through this, we can finally build the providential house of God’s desire. That house will be our nation, our world, and our heaven and earth. People of all five races will dwell there. Americans, Germans, French, Italians, British and Japanese—all former enemies—will gather there. Yet despite their past history as enemies, they will be unable to feel any enmity towards each other no matter how hard they try. Love will unite them, as they live for the sake of others. (106:83, December 9, 1979)

A religion which puts its own nation and people first will never be able to realize God’s Will on the world level. We must go beyond our ethnicity and our nation, beyond our national traditions, cultures and social conventions. We must seek a society that embraces all the world’s peoples and a world which can be in accord with God’s Will. For this to happen, all people should be united in heart and live together as one. Unless the religions of the world work decisively to unite their concepts of the good life and the [ideal] world, religion will not endure.
    Therefore, as a church, we should not take delight in the idea that our church should be supreme in the world; rather, we should delight in lifting up the world. When we look at the course of history centered on religion, this present age is at a turning point. A concept which puts me first, a concept which puts my family first, my nation first—with such concepts globalism is impossible. (27:179, December 14, 1969)

Human history has been moving toward one unified world. Therefore, anything that limits your purpose to the individual, family, tribe or nation will pass away. (12:45, September 10, 1962)

A new era has begun, the era of Cheon il Guk, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. All people—in the spirit world and in the physical world, on the right and on the left, and Muslims and Christians—will live together as one family. This is the meaning of Cheon Il Guk. World peace can be realized only when there are no barriers or borders dividing religions.
    Our children can build a world of peace through inter-religious and international marriages. When Jews and Muslims have their children marry each other, and when communists and people from the free world have their children marry each other, we will eventually become the members of one family…
    We must establish one global family under God. The simplest way to accomplish this is through cross-cultural marriages between Jews and Muslims, and between communists and democrats. For instance, if the children of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and the children of South Korean president Roh were to marry each other, the enmity between their two nations would dissipate. Then world peace would radiate outwards from the Korean peninsula.
    I, Reverend Moon, am the champion of interreligious, interracial, international marriage. If the United Nations were to invite me to give such marriage blessings to all humanity, it would not take even one week to restore the entire world. I am proclaiming that the solution to the world’s problems is not far away; it is right here. (March 2, 2003)
Richard:  Everyone should receive the Blessing of Marriage, instituted by True Father Moon and Mrs. Moon.

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