The Principle of True Parent-Child Relationship Applies to the Philosophy of Management

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2424

    From ancient times, regardless of the time and place in which they have lived, all people have wanted to become a central person. This is human nature. We all know that everyone has that common desire.
    Then how is it that people have such a desire? It is not something one acquires after birth. Everyone has it from the outset; we are born like this, and this is the only way we can be. That desire is connected to humankind through the historical nature of the original standard. As no one can avoid that, everyone without exception wants to be the best. (226-7, 1992.2.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1694

   The concept of evolution could not be found in the universe. The concept of augmentation first began based on love. It is God’s ideal of creation to bring about and organize advancements based on the concept of love. Taking into consideration the concept of love that predates evolution, how can the existence of male and female as connected to the concept of love come to be understandable through evolutionary theory? The emotion of love was there before evolution, and its source has nothing to do with oneself. It was there even before man and woman came into existence. Thus, concept comes first. What is the principal palace of love? Can you work it out? (224-143, 1991.11.24)


Exemplary Leadership

2. A Leader Strives to Be a True Parent, a True Teacher and a True Owner

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Our three great wishes are, first, to become a true parent; second, to become a true teacher; and third, to become a true leader. Do you want to be successful and become a governor or even the President of the United States? First, you must become the head of your own household. To become the head of your household, you must inherit the family tradition and stand in the position of the head who can represent God and your ancestors. By doing so, all families in the nation will come to respect you. (205:20, July 15, 1990)

Among all parents, those who live more for the sake of their children are true parents. Teachers who do more for the sake of their students are true teachers, and the president who sacrifices more for the nation is a true president. (285:226, May 19, 1997)

A leader must take responsibility for his people. More than that, he must protect them. And not only protect them, but also raise them. (210:98, December 1, 1990)

Everyone here has parents and teachers, and you also have the leader of your nation. Everyone undeniably needs such people. However, when compared to the true standard of parenthood, parents are at many different levels. What level of parent do you want to attain? Likewise, the standard of a true teacher is not measured by whether someone is a professor at an Ivy League university such as Harvard, Yale or Columbia in the United States, or Oxford and Cambridge in England. Also, leaders of nations are at different levels compared to the true standard of leadership. Even if someone is the president of a superpower such as the United States, does this mean he or she is a true president?
    In fact, today in the family, children do not trust parents. In school, students do not trust their teachers. Citizens do not trust the leaders of their nation. Whose responsibility is it that children do not trust their parents? Since their father and mother are not united as one, not trusting each other fully, the children cannot trust them. Neither can they trust their siblings. Family relationships have reached the breaking-point. From this perspective, how can we possibly attain the true standard of even one of these three subject positions—either as a parent, teacher or leader? (285:214-15, May 3, 1997)

The principle of true parent-child relationships applies to the philosophy of management. The relationship between an employer and his employees should be viewed in this way, not as a conflict relationship… in the manner of Communism. Problems in labor relations can be solved by practicing parental love. The owner of the company is in the role of parent, and his employees are in the position of children. The owner should care for his employees as parents care for their children. Don’t parents save money to bequeath it to their children? The owner should likewise think that his purpose is to bequeath his company’s wealth to his employees. (116:121, December 27, 1981)

God expects you to become a true parent, a true teacher and a true leader. What do you think is the highest standard and absolute model for those three positions? It is God. God is the True Parent among parents, True Teacher among teachers, and True King among kings. God is the Eternal True Parent, Eternal True Teacher, Eternal True Leader and King. If we are children of God, we need to become a true parent first, just like God. We should also follow the way of a true teacher, just like God. And we need to follow the way of a true leader, just like God. The ultimate model for the three subject positions is God. (285:224, May 3, 1997)

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