The Principle of True Parent-Child Relationship Applies to the Philosophy of Management

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2424

    From ancient times, regardless of the time and place in which they have lived, all people have wanted to become a central person. This is human nature. We all know that everyone has that common desire.
    Then how is it that people have such a desire? It is not something one acquires after birth. Everyone has it from the outset; we are born like this, and this is the only way we can be. That desire is connected to humankind through the historical nature of the original standard. As no one can avoid that, everyone without exception wants to be the best. (226-7, 1992.2.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1694

   The concept of evolution could not be found in the universe. The concept of augmentation first began based on love. It is God’s ideal of creation to bring about and organize advancements based on the concept of love. Taking into consideration the concept of love that predates evolution, how can the existence of male and female as connected to the concept of love come to be understandable through evolutionary theory? The emotion of love was there before evolution, and its source has nothing to do with oneself. It was there even before man and woman came into existence. Thus, concept comes first. What is the principal palace of love? Can you work it out? (224-143, 1991.11.24)


Exemplary Leadership

2. A Leader Strives to Be a True Parent, a True Teacher and a True Owner

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Our three great wishes are, first, to become a true parent; second, to become a true teacher; and third, to become a true leader. Do you want to be successful and become a governor or even the President of the United States? First, you must become the head of your own household. To become the head of your household, you must inherit the family tradition and stand in the position of the head who can represent God and your ancestors. By doing so, all families in the nation will come to respect you. (205:20, July 15, 1990) Continue reading “The Principle of True Parent-Child Relationship Applies to the Philosophy of Management”