People on Both Sides Need to Take the Stance “I Exist for You”

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2245

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have loved each other, but they would have loved each other in place of God. Thereby their daily lives would have manifested that of God. If they had liked something, He, too, would have liked it internally. If they had been sad, He, too, would have felt sadness internally because love would have belonged to Him and them. Being one love, it could only be like this. (95-248, 1977.12.4)
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1404

    In the Old Testament Age, Adam’s family failed to keep the covenant to inherit the lineage giving rise to a parent-child relationship with You, losing it instead through the Fall.
    They would have established that relationship with You in the place where they could inherit Your love, life, and lineage; yet it was in that very place that the sin of our first ancestors bound them in blood ties with Satan as their false parent, thereby giving rise to the sorrowful history that began with Adam’s family inheriting satanic love, life, and lineage from Satan as his children and thus becoming his family. This, in turn, created the environment of conflict between mind and body, husband and wife, parents and children, and between siblings, resulting in Cain’s murder of Abel in that first family. Consequently, all of humanity is divided at the levels of the family, tribe, race, and nation, and even the world with the democratic and communist worlds pitted against each other. Amid the confusion of the Last Days, it was Your will to establish the Unification Church in order to usher in the Completed Testament Age because it had not been possible to completely fulfill Your will in the Old Testament Age or establish Your ideal kingship in the New Testament Age. Upon the foundations laid in those two ages, the True Parents were to come to earth and complete all that was incomplete both on earth and in the spirit world, and form relationships based on their true love, life, and lineage on earth in the name of the God of liberation. It was Your will to completely clear the field of wild olive trees that is the fallen world and to engraft them to the true olive tree, thereby forming a connection as Your kinfolk, and, by so doing, restore Your family. Upholding Your will, the Unification Church has continued its work in performing global weddings in the name of the True Parents in order to allow all people of the world to indemnify the wrongful marriages of history and become one great family of brothers and sisters.


Reconciliation and Peacemaking

1. Reconciliation

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

You should offer your devotions in peaceful surroundings and with a peaceful heart. You should not worship where there is discord, because God is not present where there is discord. Your act of worship can bear fruit when there is goodness, with all evils having surrendered. It cannot bear fruit where there is conflict and complaint. That is why when there is a falling out among brothers, they should first reconcile before making an offering table for their ancestors.9 (286:209-10, August 11, 1997)

If each side insists, “I exist for myself,” they can never be reconciled. To achieve the goal of peace, people on both sides need to take the stance, “I exist for you.” Then they can come to the point of consoling one another. Peace can arise only when we say to our opponent, “I am here for you.” (60:21, August 1, 1972)

Thus far, nations tried to expand their territory by invading others. However, from now on we should follow the principle that to reach the world we should deny ourselves. In order for your beloved nation to lead the world, it must go beyond national self-interest. If your nation cannot do this, it does not have the philosophy that can unify the world. (26:294, November 10, 1969)

What kind of world would it be if each nation thought, “God is on my side,” while it treated other nations as the enemy? It would be a world of continual wars and conflicts.
    To become God’s sons and daughters, you have to love the way God loves. You have to love humanity. I know that God wants enemy nations to reconcile, become friendly, connect with each other and unite into one. That is why I work to encourage nations to think beyond their borders and form a united world. (83:312, February 25, 1976)

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