I Have the Mission to Prevent Racial Conflict and Make Peace between the Races

Cheon Seong Gyeon 1917

Why did the Second World War have to occur? It was to recover Jesus’ lost body on the worldwide level. The unified realm was lost because the returning Lord was driven away. That is why America now comes again through the Pacific civilization, seeking the Asian region that had lost Jesus’ body, as well as the unified world. The time is drawing near when America comes seeking Asia from the opposite direction. You should know that that is why the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. This is in accord with the fact that the world must be unified, centering on the ideal of the returning Lord, by recovering, in Asia, Jesus’ body that was lost in Asia. By going through this process, the era of the Pacific civilization is bound to come. It is to recover the body and make it whole. The Lord at his Second Advent already has the basis for receiving this, centering on the spirit and the flesh. That is why the cultural sphere can be connected internally and externally, based on a criterion of unity, where the object partner stands before the subject partner. Through this process, a unified world can be created, centering on the True Parents. (267-176, 1995.1.5)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 893

Unification Church members are not without value. We are not a simple group that believes we can go to heaven just by going to a Sunday service with the Bible under our arm or by giving a few pennies in donations. That is for simple folk. That is not for people as intense as us. Once we believe in something, we do it till the end. Placing our life on the line, even if our spouse grabs us to prevent us from following, we are so intense. We follow the path of faith, even if there at the risk of it leading to divorce. (121-70, 1982.10.24)


Reconciliation and Peacemaking

2. Peacemaking

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

Antagonism has no place in God’s love, only unity and harmony. In light of this, you can understand what the Bible means in saying that peacemakers will be called sons of God. (Way of God’s Will 3.2)

How patient is God, who has been enduring for millions of years? We, too, need to possess His patience. I’m not saying we that should never fight. But there is a right time to fight: when we can fight for the benefit of both sides. We should not fight those who oppose us seeking their destruction. We should fight to educate both sides and bring them together in harmony. We should educate each side to no longer regard the other as the enemy. (104:33, March 25, 1979)

To bring about a united, peaceful world we must overcome the many challenges arising from differences in region, race, religion, culture, custom, language and nationality. If we view the world from the perspective of the Creator—through God’s eyes of true love—we see that despite all these differences, the world is one.
    When young people inspired by God’s true love dedicate themselves to sacrifice and service, they can begin to solve poverty and hunger throughout the world. They can begin to heal the wounds caused by differences between rich and poor. They can help people overcome the animosities and hatreds arising from different historical experiences.

    True love means to love that which cannot be loved. From this definition we can acquire a clear sense of direction for overcoming relationships of enmity and conflict. (288:201-02, November 28, 1997)

I have the mission to prevent racial conflict and make peace between the races, especially between blacks and whites. The best way to accomplish this is to inspire white people to humble themselves voluntarily and serve black people. (124:275, February 27, 1983)

Black people in America walked the path of slavery, taking the role of Abel as their part in the restoration of the heavenly side. It was black people who established America, not white people. Black people were sacrificed to build this nation; also the Indians were sacrificed. You should know that if there were ever a racial war, black people would want revenge, and neither would the other colored races leave the white race alone. Why do you think I, Reverend Moon, came to America? Indians are like my cousins. We are brothers. They are all perishing, and I have to prevent it. I didn’t come here for revenge, but to save. I am here to help the races reconcile with each other.
    Who can reconcile whites and blacks? Can a white person or a black person do it? No, it won’t work. Blacks won’t listen to a white person, and whites won’t follow a black person. But black people can listen to someone of the yellow race. Yellow people were also the victims of the white establishment. If yellow people take the lead in forgiving their enemies—white Americans—and tell blacks to do the same, they will listen. A yellow man can teach black people to forgive, because their enemy, and the Indians’ enemy, is also my enemy. Representing all minorities, I will take the lead in forgiving. I explain to them that they are Abel, and this is Abel’s historical path. (106:241, December 30, 1979)

Responsible Christian leaders could not resolve the problems in the Persian Gulf, so as a safeguard [against a full-scale religious war] I am convening a dialogue between prominent Christian and Muslim leaders. Most Koreans would say, “What has it got to do with me if Iraqis die or a nuclear bomb falls there?” But I know humanity’s dismal path, and I want to steer the world to avoid its hidden reefs. Hence, even though I am insulted and ridiculed, I am striving to save humanity through diplomatic efforts, even spending my own money. I am trying to get America and the Soviet Union aligned for this purpose. I have also worked for reconciliation between China and Taiwan, and recently I began efforts to reconcile Israel and the Arab world. (211:13, December 30, 1990)

I have reached the advanced age of eighty-five, by the Korean way of counting. But I will continue to work harder than anyone else until the day the Earth overflows with God’s true families, guns in the Middle East fall silent and give way to fireworks of peace and joy, and shouts of “Mansei” celebrating the unification of my homeland Korea echo across the Pacific and are heard in America. (March 23, 2004)

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