God Is the Basis of World Peace

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 617

When coming into contact with people, do not treat them offhandedly. Always wonder if they can teach you something. Always be hungry in heart. Have a seeking heart that expects to receive something from those people. After all, what is the self? You are always either a subject or an object partner in a relationship. It means you are in a fixed position either as a subject or an object partner. Therefore, when a being appears who can become your subject or object partner, you will know it immediately. If you have people to witness to, you will easily know what kind of people they are. Your mind would go to them out of joy, by way of thought waves. Every mind has its own wavelength. A butcher smells of meat and a dealer in fabrics smells of cloth. Just as your body has its own smell, your mind has its own unique smell. A form of sensing the smell of the mind will take place.
Our body has something similar to the sense of touch that makes contact with everything. Your mind emits something like invisible electronic waves to look for its own object. Therefore, believers must think that everything is in a reciprocal relationship with them. Why is that necessary? Because we have lost all kinds of relationships due to the Fall. The Fall severed our ties with nature, with the original human being, and with God. In order to reconnect the world of the severed relationships you must always endeavor to get yourself connected. Those relationships can be pioneered only when you take such action. Without such an attitude, you will never succeed in pioneering in a relationship.

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1226

The valuable thing is to move closer to Heaven step by step, regarding as precious the results brought about by your loyalty. Even if you are offering loud prayers expressing great ambition that does not mean that God’s will is going to be fulfilled. On the path of restoration through indemnity all the people who claim they are the best will fall away. Don’t I also say that I am the best? Well, among everything I have taught you so far there was nothing I had not put into practice before teaching it to you. I practiced it, I completed it, and then I taught it to you; isn’t that true? (142-89, 1986.3.1)

World Peace

  1. God is the Basis of World Peace

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

When the Cold War ended, the world had a brief moment of celebration, as if peace had arrived. But humanity soon realized that the end of the Cold War did not automatically mean the advent of an era of world peace. Fierce battles continued. Even at this moment, brutal massacres are occurring in numerous places. This is the reality.
    Conflicts arise for many reasons. But one of the primary factors contributing to their emergence is the deep-rooted disharmony that exists among the world’s religions. Therefore, we should recognize how critically important it is that the religions dialogue with one another, learn to accept one another, and harmonize with each other.
    In the modern age, in most nations, religious ideals have come to hold a place wholly separate from the centers of secular political power, and most people have come to accept this reality as the way things ought to be. I believe, however, that it is time for the international organizations whose purpose is to support the ideal of world peace to reconsider their relationship with the great religious traditions of the world…
    At their root, human problems are not entirely social or political, and so social and political approaches will always be of limited effectiveness. Although secular authorities rule most human societies, religion lies at the heart of most national and cultural identities. In fact, religious faith and devotion have far greater importance in most peoples’ hearts than do political loyalties.
    The time has come for religion to renew itself and manifest true leadership in the world. People of faith should feel responsibility for the plight, suffering and injustices experienced by the world’s peoples. Religious people have not been good examples in the practice of love and living for the sake of others and for this reason should engage in deep self-reflection. It is time for religious people to repent for their preoccupation with individual salvation and narrow denominational interests. Such practices have prevented religious bodies from giving their utmost to the cause of world salvation. Our age more than any other demands that we go beyond our faiths, and the interests of particular religions, and put our love and ideals into practice for the sake of the world.
    In particular, God calls upon us leaders, especially religious leaders, in hope that we will stand against the injustices and evils of the world, and bestow His true love upon the world. Hence, all people of faith must become one in heart in order to give full expression, both in words and actions, to God’s passionate desire for humanity’s restoration and peace. (332:245-47, August 18, 2000)

From the viewpoint of God’s historical dispensation, humankind is one large family that is to live by attending God as the True Parent, transcending national boundaries and racial and religious differences. Humankind is destined to cooperate as a global family and become as a single community. We live in an age when we can no longer feel that we have nothing to do with the problems of our neighbors or the suffering of other countries. We cannot ignore the reality of humanity ravaged by war, crime, drug abuse, pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, moral corruption and the scourge of AIDS.
    Today, with the eyes of history upon us, we must answer to God. How can humankind, whose mandate is the realization of complete harmony and unity, overcome the unfortunate reality and greet the coming millennium with hope? How can we realize a peaceful world, in which everyone lives for and trusts others irrespective of personal and national interests? What is the new value system by which we shall attain this ideal? Rather than riding the chariot of science and technology pulled by the horses of secular humanism, we must humbly seek the answers within our original mind. If we cannot find the solution on earth, we must find it through listening to the voice of Heaven. (279:211-12, August 20, 1996)

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