We Must Love Our Enemies

Video – Join Patti Hidalgo Menders & Richard Urban at the Family & Community Strengthening Forum


Patti Hidalgo Menders, Loudon County mom of six sons and advocate fighting to protect children from CRT and other progressive ideologies.  Community Liaison Officer in Northern Virginia for the Office of the Virginia Attorney General, Jason Miyares.
Richard Urban: Co-founder VisionRoot and Urban Life Training, abstinence-centered curriculum teacher. 
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Location: Peace Kingdom Center, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and online.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2207

Although you are attending parents who are not your natural parents, you are the people that seek to attend the Parents, centering on God, even more sincerely than you would your natural parents. On top of that, despite having our own country, we are the people that seek to live for the sake of God’s nation with loyalty, filial piety, and virtue. (47- 81, 1971.8.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 850

Will there be night in the spirit world or not? Once you get to the spirit world, you can communicate with the earth freely and directly connect with this material world. In spirit, you can go through water and go directly through the Earth to another continent or region. There are countless stars in the universe, but all the roads are opened to you when you go as the partner of God’s true love. The speed of love is by far the fastest. The speed of light can cover 300 million meters or go around the Earth seven and a half times in one second. But love is thousands of times faster than this. If true love decides to go across millions and billions of miles, it immediately covers that distance. The vast spirit world can be activated in an instant. (294-310, 1998.8.9)

World Peace

3. Building a Culture of Peace that Unites the Peoples of the Earth as One

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

In the 21st century, people will not be able to exercise dominion on the earth, or even exist there, while disregarding the ultimate principle of the Creator. The future of humanity will require closer relationships among people. In the future people will have no choice but to live very closely together, transcending their region, nationality and race. In other words, the vision of global family will become a reality. People will not only have to understand others who have different religions, cultures, traditions and lifestyles; they will have to accept them and interrelate with them. No individual or group will be able to selfishly maintain its own sanctuary. (219:9, August 24, 1991)

Today, on every level, boundaries cause division and conflict. If we can eliminate all the boundaries in this world, a world of peace would inevitably come about. We must recognize who owns those boundaries. Clearly, it is not God. It was the devil, Satan, who first created boundaries. Wherever a boundary exists, there is always the devil and his cohorts.
    This is a result of the Human Fall, when the first human ancestors switched their lineage, and good and evil began to diverge from each other. When we look at the division between the East and the West, we see that different cultural spheres have led to antagonism at their boundaries and that the devil is encamped there. It was Satan, not God, who created boundaries, by digging all sorts of traps and enmeshing people in racial discrimination and evil cultures, histories, and traditions.
    God’s desire is for a world of goodness and unity—a world of oneness in which all humanity lives as one great family. Boundaries have no place in such a world. In a world without boundaries, there can be no enemies. The concept of “enemy” entails the existence of boundaries.
    When we love our enemies and make oneness with them, the boundaries between us will collapse. That is why God’s strategy and tactic has always been “Love your enemy.” There can be no greater strategy for peace than this. Throughout history, this incredible fact has escaped humanity’s understanding, and it has yet to be grasped even in modern times. (October 3, 2003)

The spirit world does not acknowledge national borders; it transcends them. We were given the responsibility to lead this dispensation on earth; hence, we all have to go beyond national boundaries… We bring Asian people to live in the West and Western people to the Orient. By virtue of this work, Oriental spirits are able to live in the West and Western spirits can move to the East. Muslim spirits can visit the Christian world and Christian spirits can visit the Islamic world. Before [this work was done] they were separated from one another, but now they can come and go anywhere they want.
    Movements to make external unity have come into being, like the European Union that permits Europeans to travel freely throughout Europe. No power can succeed in blocking this trend. The world can have a future only when people are free to move about and live anywhere on earth. Yet still America restricts immigration and the communists prevent their people from leaving. That is not our way in the Unification Church. We don’t say only Whites can join or that Blacks are not welcome. I come from Asia, but I don’t say that anyone who is not an Asian should leave. We are colorblind and recognize no borders. (101:331-32, November 12, 1978)

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