Humankind Will Eliminate War and Starvation

Video – Join Patti Hidalgo Menders & Richard Urban at the Family & Community Strengthening Forum


Patti Hidalgo Menders, Loudon County mom of six sons and advocate fighting to protect children from CRT and other progressive ideologies.  Community Liaison Officer in Northern Virginia for the Office of the Virginia Attorney General, Jason Miyares.
Richard Urban: Co-founder VisionRoot and Urban Life Training, abstinence-centered curriculum teacher. 
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Location: Peace Kingdom Center, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and online.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2000

You should live every day with the thought that you are traveling to and fro and taking part in this great work in the evil world of today as a messenger of God. You should think that you were given the mission to become a loyal subject seeking out God’s nation, for the sake of the restoration of the homeland. If you don’t accomplish this, you will not be recognized as the dignified citizen of the heavenly nation to come (50-254, 1971.11.7) Emphasis mine.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1242

    You must understand how important the Blessing is from a providential point of view. God’s Blessing is received where the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world meet. It is the place where the eternal world and the corporeal world meet horizontally. (Blessed Family – 544) Emphasis mine.

    The Blessing is the most precious thing in heaven and earth. It is also the most fearful. If a blessed member is attracted to others besides his or her spouse, it is an emotional violation of the spouse.
    Good ancestors, the territory and the nation stem from you, the Blessed Families. That is why blessed members should think about the universe during every waking moment. You have received the Blessing so that you can share blessings with others. (13-67, 1963.10.17) Emphasis mine.

World Peace

3. Building a Culture of Peace that Unites the Peoples of the Earth as One

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Once true love is perfected in the human world, what possible political, economic, cultural, or environmental problems could persist? In the world of true love, every problem can be solved. It is a world of freedom, peace and happiness, replete with joy. It is the world of God’s ideal. It is a world where joy and happiness are magnified infinitely and eternally, and where everyone has the right to equal position, equal participation, and equal inheritance. (294:65, June 11, 1998)

In the future there will be no fighting. Up to now we have had useless fights centering on the self. People fought to rob each other. In the unified world under God’s sovereignty where people live for the sake of others, there will be no need for wars. Brothers do not need to rob each other; rather a needy person will have to run away as others try to give him more than he can use…
    Laws will all disappear. When all people govern themselves by love, they will observe the law automatically. If all people practice love for the sake of others, there will be no crime. Higher and lower become one, and front and back, left and right, all become one. (224:173, November 24, 1991)

When minorities can receive equal benefit from the system, and when advanced nations supply the less advanced nations with technology in the spirit of helping them become economically independent, instead of exploiting them and their resources, then humankind will eliminate war and starvation. Then the conditions will be right for God’s love to blossom and open the hearts of all humankind to establish the world of peace.
    We should go beyond racism and even overcome the whole world with this thought. In the future, the five races should become one. Because God’s love is one, and because God beholds beauty in oneness, God’s interest and affection cannot differ among the lands He created. Interracial marriage is a symbol of God’s love and will. Even the secular world recognizes that love does not respect national borders. How much more is it true in God’s dominion? God’s love is fundamentally different from the tragic bonds of love formed in a world historically dominated by power and authority. God’s love does not just seek individual security and self-interest. It is the way of dedication for the benefit of God, the world and all humankind. (Blessing and Ideal Family 6.4.3)

For the sake of peace and human welfare, I propose that we build a passage for transit across the Bering Strait, where Satan has historically divided East and West, and North and South, and where the North American and Russian land masses are separated. This passage, which I call the “World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel,” will link an International Highway System that will allow people to travel on land from Africa’s Cape of Good Hope to Santiago, Chile, and from London to New York, across the Bering Strait, connecting the world as a single community.
    God is warning that He will no longer tolerate separation and division. Carrying out this project will bind the world together as one village. It will tear down the manmade walls of race, culture, religion and country, and establish the world of peace that has been God’s cherished desire.
    The United States and Russia can become as one. The European Union, China, India, Japan, Brazil and all nations, and also the world’s religions, can combine their energies to succeed in this project. The success of this project will be decisive in establishing the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where people will no longer make war with each other.24 (September 12, 2005)

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