All Preparation for Unification Has Been Completed

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1266

    Throughout history, there has never been even one person who was victorious in the name of God as a representative of all men in the world. That is why up until the present time I have struggled to establish the standard of victory. Members of the Unification Church and I could avoid suffering, but since we know of this Principle, we have to walk the path of suffering. (91-257, 1977.2.23)
    What is the hope of humanity? It is to attend True Parents. Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed in marriage, an event that would have allowed all humankind to subsequently become the descendants of God. However, due to the Fall, everyone became the descendants of Satan. Therefore, True Parents, who were lost six thousand years ago, must be restored on the side of heaven, and human beings have to be reborn through the relationship of the love of True Parents. Only then can they become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. (19-203, 1968.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1031

Today, what would you call the way of collecting donations in most Christian churches? They circulate bags for the donations. In the Unification Church, do you receive donations in that fashion? Do you collect using some kind of mesh strainer? Before people leave, you should place the donation boxes at the entrance. People will donate as an act of devotion and expression of your gratitude for having received grace from God. Those who do not want to donate will avoid those boxes. Heaven does not want such trifling sums of money. It must be money offered with devotion. You should not just donate the money you find in your mother’s or father’s pocket. You should keep the donation money for three days as sanctification and then offer it. Why are you thinking of donating an amount that is not even worth a meal for lunch? You should be offering your entire life’s assets…. (166-319, 1987.6.14)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

It would be good if I could speak English, but I make many mistakes when I start speaking quickly. Im-POR-tant. The pronunciation needs to have peaks and valleys. People who neglect the peaks pronounce English incorrectly. When they put the same emphasis on every syllable, no one can understand. In-HER-it-ed. When you say “her”, that’s where the mountain goes.

Watch this. Here is what happens. When you count: one, two, three. You need to start counting here. This forms the circumference, so when you count you need to count inside and outside. You need to count this, too. One, two. The two are partners. Three, four. Four can also be partners. One, two, three four, five, six. Six can only be a subject partner. Seven, eight, and eight can also be a subject partner. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Once you get to ten, you have this over here, which leads to eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen. The number sixteen means the center. Four times four is sixteen.

Eighteen, nineteen, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. You need to begin with one here, because if you go the other way, this becomes twenty-one. Ten takes you back to the beginning. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. We said eleven, so it continues with twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. It is important that four fours makes sixteen. The number sixteen is important. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Eighteen is important. Then it goes nineteen, twenty and twenty-one. When you get to twenty-one, you have a full circle, so you come here and become one. Ten becomes one, and twelve becomes one.

So in gambling, in the West the object is to add cards to reach twenty-one points, but one cannot go over twenty-one. But it should go to twelve. There should be none from thirteen to twenty-one. Why not? There are no more than twelve tribes. There weren’t thirteen tribes, you know. The reason is that by Korean thinking, there are male and female in everything. There are male and female for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Male and female at ten make twenty, but twenty-one is an odd number so does not represent male and female.

So in cards in the West and Hwatu (Hanafuda) in the East, there are ten months. There are only ten months. What is the first among the ten months? The first is crane, and then comes falcon. The third is cherry blossom. April is ebony, May is orchid, June is peony, July is bush clover. Then August is the full moon, and what is September? The chrysanthemum. October is the deer. When it comes to jumping, the deer is the champion.

In the West, it’s one two, one two, one two! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and then twelve. Because the West is more external, there can only be corresponding numbers up to ten, so there is twelve. In the metric system, it is ten, and in feet and inches there is twelve.

Right! The Louvre Museum. What does “Louvre” mean? It is a museum that takes rags and anything else from around the world that is regarded as worth memorializing and puts these on display. France has everything that can be regarded as being fundamental in the world.

And if you want to wear good clothes, you have to go to Italy. In Italy, a person has to go here and there and keep changing their wardrobe all year round. Italy changes clothes according to the situation. What is it that allows Rome to change clothes? There was an attempt to create clothing for the period of the Christian kingdom period in Rome, but they did not realize who Jesus was. They did not know whether he was a white Jesus, yellow Jesus, or black Jesus. Jesus is not a white Jesus. He is a yellow Jesus.

White people are like bones and they climb high mountains, so they become hunters. Yellow people become flesh, so they became farmers tilling fields. Then what comes next? Isn’t it the oceanic world? From the world of the mountain to the world of the rivers, and then the Pan-Pacific Age. Adam fell, and Jesus could not complete everything, so there was the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel, and these passed beyond the formation, growth and completion stages and entered into God’s position. We passed beyond the third age and entered the Fourth Adamic Realm, and what is this? It refers to the Age of Settlement of the Realm of Adam’s Heart. All preparation for unification has been completed.

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