The Family Is the Base for Perfecting All Types of True Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1357

    The world will gradually start to move in accordance with the fortune of the Unification Church. In this connection, I conducted the first international joint wedding in 1970, the 777 Couples Blessing, which signified that everything on earth was drawing together globally based on the providence.
    As part of the 430 Couples Blessing, I blessed forty-three non-Korean couples overseas rather than bringing them over to Korea. Yet, the 777 Couples Blessing in Korea was the very first international joint wedding held in the whole world, with participants from ten nations. The path by which any nation on earth can return to God was completed through the family ideal in this manner. From this moment on, it became possible for the fortune of the world to align itself with the fortune of the Unification Church. (55-171, 1972.5.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1100

    No one living on earth until this time has ever seen God’s Day, True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day, and Day of All True Things. There are 365 days in a year. You should clearly understand that the most important days among all 365 days are those days that I have just mentioned, which have now appeared in providential history. You should know that these days are the king of all days, and if a year like that existed it would be the king of all years. (92-252, 1977.4.18)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Family Pledge 3; Perfecting the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal family

The Big Idea:  Children’s, siblings, couples and parents love are all perfected in and center on the first love consummated by husband and wife.  The grandparents, parents and children each exist as levels of kingship.  The realm of the royal family exists so we can save Cain-type families in this world.

1. What are the four great realms of heart?
2. What are the three great kingships?
3. What is the realm of the royal family?


Core concept 45:  The four great realms of heart are perfected when two God-centered people marry and consummate their first love as a couple.


Pledge Number Three

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal family, by centering on true love.

3.1. The Four Great Realms of Heart

    When are the children, siblings, couple and parents, these Four Great Realms of Heart, perfected in oneness? The point at which two people who are centered on God marry and consummate their first love as a couple is the point where all levels of perfection bear fruit, and is itself the center of all those levels of perfection. In this sense, marriage is the union of heaven, earth and humankind, and the perfection of all relationships; the vertical and horizontal, the left and right, and front and back. Marriage is the place for the perfection of true love bringing together the ideal of true children, true siblings, a true couple and true parents. For this reason, Adam and Eve together are the second ancestors of humankind, and stand in the position of God’s most beloved object partner. Thus, standing in the position of the second creator, they are to inherit everything that God, the first Creator, feels, and on behalf of God feel the joy of the child’s position, the sibling’s position, the couple’s position and the parents’ position. The joy they experience is to multiply and give birth to children. This allows them to experience and taste for themselves the position of the first Creator, God.
    In this way, God stands in the position of the first Creator, Adam and Eve, the second Creator, and the children of Adam and Eve, the third Creator. The first, the second and the third creators – God, Adam and Eve, and their children – become the formula unit centering on the four-position-foundation, and form the fundamental principle of existence which all of humankind have to follow.
    In this way, looking at things centering on Adam and Eve, when upper and lower, namely parent and child, are connected, in turn bringing about the connection of left and right (husband and wife) and front and back (siblings), the family achieves perfection. This position or place is where the mind and body of each individual finds God and achieves unity, and where both man and woman become one, finding the place of settlement and rest centering on God. In other words, this becomes the foundation where God and Adam and Eve and the children are united, and in doing so, it also becomes the base where peace, freedom, happiness and hope all are bound together into a single point. (259-42, 1994.3.27)

By allowing Adam and Eve to multiply and give birth to their own children, God allows them to experience, from the position of the substantial corporeal second creator, stimulation flowing back from the third creator, their own substantial creation. Thus, the family is the foundation which allows us to experience, from generation to generation, the four great realms of child’s heart, sibling’s heart, the couple’s heart and the parent’s heart. The family is the base for perfecting all these types of true love. That is why the family enables a starting point of perfection through which we can achieve the oneness of God and humankind in love, and come to own heaven and earth. In other words, the family becomes the original starting point for the ideal children, siblings, couples and parents. It is only from this place that men and women with united minds and bodies can emerge, and it is only here that we can see a couple who have perfected the ideal of husband–wife unity, or the start of the ideal parents. Furthermore, this is the place where, centering on true love, the model for the perfection of children, siblings, couples and parents can be created. (259-42, 1994.3.27) pp. 2440-2441

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