The Most Important Thing Is to Discern Between Good and Evil

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2290

True Adam is the True Parent. The True Parents will pass down their language to the True Children. That is the Principle. The True Parent did not come down as Rev. Moon. He came from heaven sent by God. Hence, it can be presumed that those who do not know God cannot recognize the True Parents. (129-20, 1983.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1193

You must bear in mind that only those who carry out the restoration of the right of the eldest son, the right of parents and the right of king are relatives. Then, the world will be united naturally even without me. I have now blessed more than 24,000 couples. The number 24 is 3 multiplied by 8. I have restored the number eight centering on the three ages of formation, growth and completion. In this way I completed the establishment of the rights of tribal messiahs on the world level. Now, even if I am not here, if you work day and night following God’s will to save your country, this world will come to one place. Furthermore, in the whole of history, there has been no other cultural foundation which included global academic, political and cultural organizations possessing a philosophical content greater than that of Rev. Moon. From whatever perspective we look at this, everything is now concluded. (206-272, 1990.10.14)

Good and Evil

1. Goodness Is Selfless and Altruistic, while Evil Is to Gratify Selfish Desires

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

How do the directions of good and evil differ? Good always centers on God, the Absolute Being, or puts itself in the other person’s shoes. Evil centers on the self, or puts itself in the subject position. What is good? It is to advance the purpose of the whole by sacrificing yourself. What is evil? It is to pull everything toward you. Thus, good and evil have different directions.
    Your body wants to do everything it desires, while your mind tries to restrain you from acting to satisfy the body. Thus they also have different directions, one good and the other evil. (16:137, January 2, 1966)
For human beings, the most important thing is to be able to discern between good and evil. Yet until now, the standard for determining good and evil has been unclear. Evil is to present conditions that enable Satan to accuse human beings. What is sin? It is something that provides grounds for Satan to accuse. Christians more than anyone must know clearly what sin is, especially the root of sins.
    Evil began at the Human Fall, when not only Satan but also Eve thought, “I will be the subject partner. I will be the center.” God’s Principle of Creation is to live for the sake of others, while the attitude of living for one’s own sake is Satan’s nature. You must know clearly the origin of good and evil.
    An evil person tells others to live for his sake. God and Jesus work to subdue this kind of spirit, which is why they teach us not to be arrogant, to sacrifice for others and to serve others. (69:85, October 20, 1973)
How do we determine if someone is good or evil? It is whether he or she lives for a public purpose or for an individual purpose. That is the norm of human ethics.
    A good person sacrifices him or herself for the sake of others while an evil person exploits others for his or her own benefit. This is my way of teaching about good and evil. (102:234, January 1, 1979)
There are two basic types of people in the world: those who think and act altruistically for the sake of the greater good, and those who think and act to benefit themselves.
    Most people do not like to think about the world and act for its benefit. They prefer to think about themselves and act out of their self-centered thinking.
    The altruistic person admires the saints who were dedicated to the welfare of the world, patriots who lived for their nation, and righteous leaders of the current era, taking them as role models for his own life. The self-centered person could care less about saints, patriots or today’s leaders. He acts only to benefit himself.
    Which type of person are you? Which type of person would you like as a friend?… You know the altruistic way is correct and a self-centered life is wrong, but what is your reality? You answer that you are altruistic, but your self-concept does not match your reality. The fact is, you are walking a self-centered path. You know the truth, but your reality does not match it. (117:214-15, March 7, 1982)
By the criterion of goodness, we can classify all people in the world into three groups: first, people who oppose goodness; second, people who know goodness but don’t actively pursue it to make it their own (they end up living in the buffer zone between heaven and hell); and third, people who want to take responsibility for accomplishing goodness. It is people of this third group whom God needs to accomplish His will. (Way of God’s Will 2.2)
What makes someone a good person? Someone who just takes a bite out of what he receives is an evil person, while someone who adds to what he receives and passes it on to others is a good person. This is why every parent wants their children to grow up to be better than themselves. (315:211, February 2, 2000)
Does the president of the United States think centering on himself or centering on the United States? Does he act for his next election or for the future of the nation? These matters determine good and evil.
    To go one step further, if the president focuses only on the benefit of the United States, then he will only be a respected president within the United States. However, if he centers on the world and the benefit of the world, then the world will admire him as an American president who has worldwide influence. Otherwise, although he serves his nation’s best interests, his actions will cause friction in the rest of the world.
    All human beings are subject to this law and will be judged accordingly. What will ensnare you in the judgment? The main thing is the self-centered thinking. You will be judged for focusing on yourself. How can you confidently say that you will not be caught by this universal law? You will be liberated from the law when you become the type of person about whom people say, “He does not live for himself. He lives for the welfare of the world.” (93:302, June 12, 1977)

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