The Universe Is Like God’s Visible Body

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1088

    Birth Candles originated at the time of Ye-jin nim’s birth (True Parents’ first daughter). After the 36 Couples started married life, True Father bequeathed one Birth Candle to each family.
    Now I would like to pass on to each family the traditional Birth Candles that True Parents bequeathed to the 36 Couples. The Birth Candle that I have now will be used symbolizing the Birth Candle that True Parents originally used. Let these families receive the Birth Candle and cherish it in the same heart. I pray in Your name and with Your glory that when this candle burns during a child’s birth, it will sanctify the spiritual atmosphere and completely prevent Satan from approaching.
Richard:  Cheon IL Guk candles, which were initiated by Rev. and Mrs. Moon on June 13, 2006, are now used as birth candles. See here for an explanation.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 837

    Our families and the Kingdom of Heaven have similar characteristics. There are parents, husband and wife, children, and brothers and sisters in a family. The household can be united through love. In a family, unification can be established, life can be connected, and the ideal can be realized. Therefore, you can become qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you respect conjugal love and parental love. Grandparents hand down love to parents, who hand down love to husband and wife, who hand down love to children.
     If you deny any one of these, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established. You should love your parents more than you love your spouse, and you should love your grandparents more than you love your parents. This is the essence of Heaven and the ideal motto. (Blessed Family – 946)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 5. God’s Will in Creating All Things
5.2. The size and structure of the mysterious universe

    Everything in the created world is prepared like a textbook so that God’s beloved sons and daughters can seek out the ideal of love. That is why everything exists in a pair system. The mineral kingdom operates through the relationship of subject partner and object partner. In atoms, too, protons and electrons interact through the relationship of subject partner and object partner. Without this interaction they cannot continue to exist. Without movement, there can be no eternal existence. Hence, the universe is centered on humankind, and it is the sphere created to enable them to reach the central point. (137-59, 1985.12.18)

    What is the universe? It is like God’s visible body. It is an extension of God’s being. This is why the idea emerges that we can truly love. In other words, loving the universe is a very real experience. You stroke your hair like this, don’t you? When you get some dirt on your clothes, you brush it off, right? Why do you do this? Because they form a part of you. Because they are one with you, you have that attitude. From now on, you should bring God into the middle of your heart and build a unified world where your mind is one, your body is one, and all things are one. (86-173, 1976.3.28)

    If you want to know, the universe is many billions of light-years across. Light travels 300 thousand kilometers a second, and 300 thousand kilometers is seven and a half times the circumference of the earth. In astronomy, the distance that light travels over the course of one year is called one light-year. The universe is so big that the light that moves according to this light-year unit cannot reach its final destination even after billions of years. (127-213, 1983.5.8)

    The Greenwich Observatory has so far discovered stars that are ten billion light-years away, and now the time has come when we can see stars that are fifteen billion light-years away and even farther. The size of this universe is a principled number – 21 billion lightyears across. Light travels at the rate of 300 million meters per second. That means that light would circle the earth seven and a half times in one second.
    For this high-velocity light, traveling even one day should be back-breaking, numbing the mind and causing it to say, “I don’t care anymore.” But it speeds along not just for a hundred years, but for billions of years. One hundred million is a hundred times a million. However, even one hundred million years after it started, it is still moving. If a person lives a hundred years, a million people have lived and died during that time period. In other words, one hundred million light-years means that the light is still traveling even after each person lived for a hundred years end to end and this continued for a million people. Then, how long are 21 billion light-years? Each person must live a hundred years from start to finish, so this must continue for 210 million people, and more. Light does not travel this long distance in a straight line, but travels in circles. This is our universe. (181-195, 1988.10.3)

    What on earth do we mean by the perfection of the universe? In order to perfect the universe, each of us must become perfect. No matter how perfect the universe may be, this has nothing to do with you if you are not perfect. We know that no matter how wonderful the world may be, and although the world out there may be dancing with joy, if you are in great pain, all the joyful circumstances going on in the external world have nothing to do with you. (166-210, 1987.6.7)

    The perfection of the universe must bring joy to the internal you, as well as to the external world. Both your mind and your body must rejoice in a place of happiness. Your cells, for instance, must all rejoice. The cells in your eyes and those in the soles of your feet are different, are they not? Although they are different, the cells in your hands and all your cells must be happy, along with all the parts of your body and mind. Leaving nothing out, everything must be able to rejoice. Rather than remaining in separation, they should join together as one. Only when we have a world that can experience the resonant joy of love based on the reality of this interconnected body, will the universe become perfect. (166-210, 1987.6.7)



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