Salvation Means Returning to a State of Health

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1378

I can select the right spouses for everyone in the world. I have no difficulty in finding the right spouse for people. I know who is good for whom at a glance. You would not be able to find the right spouses for your children in ten years, but on one occasion I matched fifteen couples in ten seconds. I have the head for it – I know the world inside out and so am able to do this kind of work. You believe me, don’t you, since I blessed 30,000 couples last year? In secular society, there are people who call themselves matchmakers, but I am not one. Marriages are originally meant to be arranged by one’s true parents, but because human beings lost their true parents, I must deal with this in the position of the world’s parent to engraft everyone; being the only one who knows how to do that, I have no choice but to take care of it myself. (245-241, 1993.3.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1568

What is required to fulfill the ideology centered on the Heavenly Father? The answer is the God-centered family. Thus, at the time when God is working to achieve this Will, the greatest problem posed in both the communist and democratic worlds is the breakdown of the family. The communist world does not recognize the concept of the family. It treats the family as the basis of exploitation. It has no relationship whatsoever with God. The same is true in the democratic world. In fact, the reality is that everything concerned with the well-being of the family is on the decline. Although the family is the foundation of the society, nation and world, it has been in complete disarray until now. As such, once we have secured our basis through the family, we will automatically embrace the right and left wing worlds. (194-113, 1989.10.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 1. The God of the Old Testament Age
1.1. The Old Testament Age was the age of the servant

    Through the Fall, human beings fell into the non-Principle realm. How far did they fall? They fell into a realm even lower than that of the angels, who are God’s servants. The princes and princesses, who were supposed to be the masters, fell to a position lower than servants, so they must go back up.
    From the way of the servant of servants, they should go up through the way of a servant, adopted child, child by a concubine, and child of the direct lineage, and then return, through the mother, to the position of Adam, the father. This is restoration.
    The providence of salvation is like returning someone to the standard of health he enjoyed before he became sick. He must return to the state of having had no sickness.
    This is why the providence of salvation is the providence of restoration. The providence of restoration is not carried out arbitrarily. You cannot just “believe and be saved.” (222-144, 1991.11.3)

Although human beings fell, they must go up from the position of servant of servants, because they cannot abandon God. Then what does “servant of servants” mean? It means to be without a master. Fallen people must serve God loyally from the position of the servant of servants. Satan was an archangel and God’s servant. Since human beings were dragged in front of this servant, in order to return to God, they must set up the standard of having demonstrated their loyalty to God while standing as servants of servants. (17-73, 1966.11.12)

    The Old Testament Age was an age when sacrificial offerings were made; thus, God could find people whom He could use as His servants. This is Old Testament history. Because human beings were lost, things were turned upside down and people became lower than all things of creation. Human beings came to be in a worse situation than all things of creation. For this reason, they had to divide all things, which were closer to God, into two and divide what belongs to God from what belongs to Satan. Such divided sacrificial offerings were not made because of God or Satan but because people failed to fulfill their responsibilities. You should know this. It is because people failed in their responsibilities that they came to receive Satan’s blood. (136-228, 1985.12.29)

    From the viewpoint of the providence, the time before the Old Testament Age, that is, before Jacob, was the age of the servant of servants; the time from Jacob to Jesus was the age of the servant; the time after Jesus was the age of the adopted son; and the time of the Second Advent is the age of the son. Because the age of the son has come, the son must have parents. Thus, through the age of the parents, humankind returns to God. (74-121, 1974.11.25)

    The Old Testament Age was the age of the servant, an age where people in the position of servant of servants were restored to the position of servant. For this reason, even Abraham was a servant, not a son. God established the way of loyalty by setting up servants of servants. In this way, God has been moving His providence forward by bringing all humankind together throughout history to take possession of the worldwide stage of evil and bring it to God’s side. Even Jacob triumphed as God’s servant rather than as God’s son. God has been working this way, restoring people from the position of servant of servants to that of servant, and from the position of servant to that of adopted son. (15-325, 1965.12.7)

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