I Have Walked a Lonely Path

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1650

Look at this world and universe: in the field of minerals, there are positive and negative ions, in the plant world, stamen and pistil, and in the animal kingdom, male and female. I recently heard there are even male and female germs. Everything is supposed to become one based on love in its appropriate domain. Through observation, we can see that this world of the pair system has been created in this way, so that when the ideal love of human beings becomes representative of heaven and earth, the rest of the creation can connect to it and support it. Just as the foundation needs to be laid before a house can be built, God created everything within the pair system for the sake of humankind. You may have seen that among animals. When the male and female are roaming around together and the female is attacked, the male will protect her to the death. After giving birth to their young, they will risk their lives for them. Such is the way of love, and it is like this because it has the same characteristics as the origin. (222-123, 1991.10.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 841

When you look at a family, you find a grandfather and grandmother, a father and mother, and sons and daughters. This makes three generations. All throughout history, this is the way it has always been. The grandparents represent your ancestors in heaven who have passed away to the spirit world. They are the ambassadors plenipotentiary sent to your household. So, like whom should you attend your grandfather and grandmother? You should attend them like God. By attending them in this way, heaven will begin. (226-56, 1992.2.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

Section 6. The Liberation of God and the Way of the Filial Child

6.1. The path of restoration True Father has walked

    Even though many people follow the Unification Church, none of them is one with my thought. All of you must understand this. A substandard Unificationist community cannot stand in the sphere of liberation. I know that the behavior of those who have received the Blessing is nowadays like that of the devil’s cousins. (145-332, 1986.6.1)

    God would offer a hundred thanks to the brave man who would confess that he has not fought enough, that he lacks the qualifications to shed tears, or that he is concerned that the Father would shed tears if He saw him in sorrow. God would offer those thanks to the brave man who, in the unbearably bitter position of being whipped, would worry that God would be in a miserable position or who would be concerned that God would shed tears when he cries through clenched teeth, “My grief is nothing, my pain is nothing, my sorrow is nothing.” God would offer those thanks to the brave man who would cry out and raise the flag of victory as the vanguard on the path to take vengeance upon the enemy. God would express His gratitude one hundred times, saying, “Should I call you a patriot, should I call you a son of filial piety, or should I call you a virtuous person? In all the history of the world there has been no person more precious than you.” (153-269, 1964.3.26)

    To this day, I, Rev. Moon, have walked a lonely path as an individual. Though it has been a lonely path, I know God more deeply than anyone else does. In history, many lonely people cursed their circumstances while asking for blessings. Yet, centering on God’s grieving heart, I did not think like those people. Instead, I said, “God, do not worry.” That is a different way. I am not a man to retreat due to personal trials. A man who pledges to die only after overcoming the trials of the world and liberating God cannot write a letter of surrender during that individual course. He cannot be cowardly. Even though my wife opposed me, my children opposed me and my parents opposed me, I cut them off in order to walk this path. I walked the path in spite of opposition by my nation of 40 million or even 60 million people. (175-257, 1988.4.24)

    Time is so short. A lifetime is not enough time to rectify this and compensate for it. That has been my life course. So from a secular viewpoint, my life would be pitied. Try asking God, “What kind of person is Rev. Moon?” The pain I feel causes me to lament in sorrow; I am experiencing bitter pain like that of a man writhing in agony while having his heart cut out. On this earth I am a miserable man. Nobody knows about my suffering. People may boast about themselves, thinking they are wonderful. Yet they do not know my suffering. Even Mother does not know. (213-278, 1990.1.21)

    None of you knows the bitter circumstances of my going to Heungnam prison after I lost all the foundation for which God had toiled for over six thousand years. Leaving my hometown was not the problem. My wife and child were not the problem. It seems like yesterday that I cried for those who, as the future hope of heaven and earth, were to welcome me as liberated people. But they vanished into hell in the clouds, disappearing into the world of darkness, even while I cried out to them that we would meet again. It seems like yesterday that I proclaimed, “Although you have disappeared, I will keep to my path and bring the bright morning sun to find and liberate you again!” I cannot forget the sound of my shouting this while in chains. I cannot forget the times I prayed while in difficulty. (220-205, 1991.10.19)

    When I ask God, “God, are You not this kind of person? The God I know is like this.” God would take my hand and weep profusely, asking, “How did you find that out, my son?” When God hears this He will weep. Then how loud the sound of His weeping will be! God knows that this situation cannot continue for a thousand more years. Thus, He wipes away His tears, stops His weeping and says, “My son!” You must understand God’s need for such a son and daughter. (176-263, 1988.5.11)

    “I will become God’s true soldier. No matter how terrible this battlefield for God may be, I will join the front line.” That is my spirit. I never once complained to God even when the world’s persecution swarmed about me – even when I was in a position of utter loneliness due to persecution and suffering. This is what I can take pride in. (193-73, 1989.8.20)

Have absolute faith in God! If you have absolute faith in God – even when you cannot find faith on the left side or right side, on the north, south, east or west, on the front or back, on the left or right – you will find yourself on the center line. With absolute faith, you will find one position. You will find the absolute position, the place where God resides. From there everything will start to be resolved. In the way of faith, many things are ordained. There is no discussion. Because your life of faith deviates, its angle must be adjusted, even by force. In light of this, how great is God’s pain and the pain of humankind! (188-225, 1989.2.26)

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