History Is Seeking Out the True Person

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1159

Who changes the lineage? It is not something which just anyone can do. You must understand that in order to accomplish this, I have passed through the tearful way of the cross. Because such a standard has been established, all of you without any personal merit are now able to inherit the new tradition through the Blessing. In order to establish the victorious realm of this change of lineage God had to toil for thousands of years and I had to suffer for my entire earthly life. You are the people standing on this foundation. The Blessing is engrafting; your lineage is changed through engrafting. (35-178, 1970.10.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1599

    History is seeking out the true person, the true nation and the true world. We ourselves are aware of our inclination toward become true beings. Then what is the standard of all true bonds of relationship? It is the parent-child bond between God and each human being. The heart springing from this bond is eternal, unchanging and unique, and cannot be altered on the authority of any being. Moreover, the authority of this heart is absolute. For this reason, all forms of existence would automatically bow down and submit to a being that appears with this authority, and the whole universe would have to follow his every move. This is an intrinsic rule of the universe. If it were not so, we reach the conclusion that we could not achieve our true purpose, nor be able to forge one absolute bond with God.
    If we were to consider that human morality and the heavenly principles might eventually come to an end, what form would that end take? That should be the day when God could say to humankind, “You are my true sons and daughters, however much I might try to deny it. My sons, my daughters: my grief and resentment have finally been relieved.” It should be a day on which He can relax, rest in comfort, and enjoy life with His mind at peace. Only when such a day dawns, after such sons and daughters have appeared on earth, could God’s new, ideal world emerge. (7-104, 1959.7.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 2. The Origin of Trueness

Section 3. The Standard Measure of Truth

    If we agree to use the metric system, then however long something may be – one meter, one hundred meters, or more – there will be no problem. The basic unit making up a meter is one millimeter. Since one millimeter is so small, we usually use one centimeter. No matter how large a measure may be, it must be accurately based on the smaller one millimeter unit. If all measures correspond and everything can be measured based on the standard millimeter, we can use it as a world standard. A millimeter in America, a millimeter in Korea, and a millimeter in Britain are all the same. They are unchanging. This is truth.
    What is truth? It is trueness. What is this quality of being true? That which stands in a place beyond which it cannot be elevated is called true. We have someone here with a doctorate in physics. Studying physics requires that you know all the movements of the natural world. These movements are not vague in their direction.
    How big is the Earth? As this giant Earth annually orbits the sun, there is not even a minute’s deviation. It exactly fits a formula without an error of even one second. Any gap would be catastrophic because the orbit would become either continuously smaller and smaller or larger and larger and, then, the land and the sea would be fractured. The Earth has been moving and functioning in accordance with a universal standard without a problem during its estimated age of four-and-one-half billion years. A unit of measurement based on the Principle, constituting a formula we can call the universal principle, is required. In the same sense, what constitutes the quality of being true? Something true fits with not just one thing but numerous things.
    Twenty-four karat gold is true gold. There is no such thing as twenty-five karat or twenty-six karat gold, is there? Something true stands in the center at a place where it can establish its balance; it reverts to the most basic unit and meets the horizontal plane. If something deviates from this vertical standard, it would not be true. Twenty-four karat gold forms a straight line. It is because it stands within such a standard that we say that twenty-four karat gold is true. It fits whether it is placed against a perpendicular or vertical standard. It stands parallel to the vertical of the universe and, also, forms a line parallel to the horizontal of the universe.
    If you look at the tremendous motion within the universe, there is nothing vague about its direction. Everything is moving according to laws. Subject and object partners always move in perpendicular relationships.
    Whatever loses that perpendicularity will be blown away. It will flow away and be shattered. Only when perpendicularity firmly takes its position can it secure its place in the spatial world and be the foundation for its continued existence. This must be quite difficult to understand.
    What is the yardstick for human beings? They also need to have a yardstick. Mathematical problems are solved based on numerical standards shared commonly throughout the world. When a common basis that has passed a certain standard stands on the world stage, it is called the truth.
    What is contained within the truth? Within the truth there are always the four directions of east, west, north and south. With the truth there is always the related environment. Then, does the environment come first or does the truth itself come first? This is the issue. The environment comes first.
    How about human beings? The question is, “What kind of person is a true person?” The true person must be the vertical and horizontal standard. He should be the standard of whom it can be said, “He is accurate and true, both vertically and horizontally, and is free of distortion.”
    According to universal law, front and back, left and right, and above and below become identical only when the vertical and horizontal are aligned. When something fits to the east, west, north, and south, the earthly world, and the spirit world, it is said to be true. On the other hand, no matter how large something is meant to be, if it is found to be oversized when measured in millimeters, even by less than one-half of one millimeter, it will be rejected. It is incomplete and should go into the trash can. There should be some standard like this. We need such a standard of measurement. (180-14, 1988.8.20)

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