Father, Please Look at Me and Hold Back Your Anger

Cheon Seong Gyeong 899

The spirit world up until the present
day has carried out numerous spiritual
works in mainstream religious history.
These mainstream works had to con-
nect to a certain line of relationship with
the physical world. Spirit people cannot
come to earth and carry out their works
as they please. They are blocked from
doing that. Unless a bridge is built by
way of religion, only a few special peo-
ple can return to earth. Factions were
created within Judaism. When they
come down from the spirit world, the
mainstream cannot come in a straight
line. When different factions of Judaism
each make their own spiritual offerings,
the mainstream moves back and forth
Therefore, for those coming down
from the spirit world, only the ones who
are connected with the mainstream can
come down. Otherwise, they cannot
come and co-operate through the pro-
cess of returning resurrection.
Eventually, people on earth will also
go to the spirit world. Once in the spir-
it world, if they want to come down to
the next generation, they have to fol-
low the same principle. Yet, only a few
special ones will be able to do so. (102-29,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 400

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? It
is the place where you can love the peo-
ple of the world as you love your fam-
ily, and such people are the people of the
heavenly kingdom. What do the four
generations of your grandfather and
grandmother, your mother and father,
your wife, brothers and sisters, and your
children make up? They make up a fam-
ily, which is like a textbook to help you
experience the true love of the universe
as a person of the heavenly kingdom.
You should know that the family, which
is the textbook, is the foundation upon
which you receive this teaching.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30


We can dare to surmise the hearts of the disciples of Jesus as Peter, James and John said to him, “Teacher, we like being here. So we will build three tents: one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” Meanwhile, the heart of Jesus was immersed in sorrow as he waged a showdown battle on the Mount of Transfiguration.

They were ignorant, unable to feel the traces of or see the reality of the world of ideology. Who would not say such a thing where circumstances are unfolding that can more than dominate and encompass the whole universe? Although Peter, James and John knew in their hearts that this was a scene for which they had yearned and wanted to live in, they did not know that it was to be realized after going through a process of reality.

Likewise, Christians around the world yearn for the Kingdom of Heaven in their hearts, but they are oblivious to the fact that a course of battle lies before it can exist. We have the responsibility to awaken these Christians. In this time, history, faith, the human heart, tradition, ideology, and even the heart of love, without which people have sworn to die, are all undergoing changes. Nevertheless, we long for an unchanging ideology, an unchanging image and essence. We yearn for that garden, that world, that sovereignty and leader, that voice, that life, and those circumstances.

Father, please open Your hurting heart. Now, having realized that I am so anxious and narrow today, I yearn to be the self that can go beyond my present one. I hurry on to find the self of tomorrow. Although there may be persecution for the members of the Unification Church, please allow them to use this as a stimulus to push them closer to Your Shim Jung, rather than as an evil impediment to their progress. Please help them understand that persecution is Your work of connecting the Shim Jung.

Please guide us to receive Your acknowledgment of us as Your sons by bowing down to You and returning a song of victory to You from the position where heavenly law and the historical course harmonize. You need the sons and daughters who can bring forth such a Shim Jung that we can share joy with You, and even Satan cannot help smiling with shame before our joy. Please allow us to become Christians in search of this self. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to be Unification Church members who come forward as the front-line unit to expedite the coming of such people. Continue reading “Father, Please Look at Me and Hold Back Your Anger”

Have Hope that can Sever our Attachment to Sinful Reality

Romans 6

If we shared in Jesus’ death by being baptized, we will be raised to life with him. We know that the persons we used to be were nailed to the cross with Jesus. This was done, so that our sinful bodies would no longer be the slaves of sin. We know that sin doesn’t have power over dead people.

As surely as we died with Christ, we believe we will also live with him. We know that death no longer has any power over Christ. He died and was raised to life, never again to die. 10 When Christ died, he died for sin once and for all. But now he is alive, and he lives only for God. 11 In the same way, you must think of yourselves as dead to the power of sin. But Christ Jesus has given life to you, and you live for God.

12 Don’t let sin rule your body. After all, your body is bound to die, so don’t obey its desires 13 or let any part of it become a slave of evil. Give yourselves to God, as people who have been raised from death to life. Make every part of your body a slave that pleases God. 14 Don’t let sin keep ruling your lives. You are ruled by God’s kindness and not by the Law.

Ezekiel 36

37 I will once again answer your prayers, and I will let your nation grow until you are like a large flock of sheep. 38 The towns that now lie in ruins will be filled with people, just as Jerusalem was once filled with sheep to be offered as sacrifices during a festival. Then you will know that I am the Lord.


The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

Today and again tomorrow, we should have hope toward Heaven and receive a heartistic shock with which we can sever our attachment to sinful reality and the disorderly world and move forward. You should know that whether this shock continues for one day, one year, or for our whole lifetime determines whether you will arrive at the destination for which you long.

Without such a shock, you will be highly anxious. In this age, one can recognize how anxious and fearful one is without knowing quite why. If one has even a small conscience, he will feel driven into anxiety and insecurity. Although many young people feel this, if something that can remove it sprouts forth, the fear and anxiety that have been occupying a person’s ground of hope will retreat, and the world of things that square with conscience will appear. Thus, if the heart that carefully searches for this is quickening your walk and your body beyond anxiety and fear, it is not too late. The final point of unity is an earnest Shim Jung that explodes in my heart and is unaffected by materialistic or humanistic ideologies. It is the Shim Jung that makes me move to the one place of ideology that remains in the end. In other words, Shim Jung determines the final me. Continue reading “Have Hope that can Sever our Attachment to Sinful Reality”

A New Religious Ideology Must Appear

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2008

God’s country is where His direct descen-
dants receive Heaven’s command and,
in His place, govern under God’s king-
ship. There would be neither commu-
nism nor democracy. Once established,
that nation will remain forever. When
we think of such a nation, we should feel
mortified that we are unable to be a citi-
zen of such a country. We should lament
that we are unable to be such a person,
living in such a nation. We must grieve
over the fact that we do not have such an
unchanging sovereignty. (72-292, 1974.9.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1077

No matter how often you travel
around the world, you will not find love
like that of siblings, the love between
siblings born from the same parents.
Is there anyone closer to you than your
own siblings in society? Others may
become close, but they fall away. (228-199,

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

Hitherto, religions have been making proposals. Jesus said, “Let us save the multitude of humankind.” Religions have been making proposals to lead humankind to the realm of goodness and to introduce the one world of purpose.

If a new religious ideology appears now, it must save the many great saints who left the earth and even the spirits who betrayed the will and went to hell, as well as the people on earth. A new religion with a new ideology must save all the spirits in heaven, the sinners in hell, and Satan, who betrayed Heaven, not to mention the myriad of people on the earth.

Such a religion must appear. Such a religious ideology must appear, unifying all the religions, kindling fires in the hearts of religious people, inspiring peace and joy in those who do not feel peace and joy. It must help people make a determination and pledge to march toward the new world of the ideal. This new movement should appear on earth.

Have you thought about this? Have you tried to find it? Have you at least imagined it? The purpose of this ideology is to unify everything. It is to unify the earth, to unify the spiritual world if it exists, and to liberate hell, which is consumed with resentment. If it cannot be done directly, a religion should appear with the ideology. Only when a religion with such an ideology appears can the world for which we yearn, the world of goodness, make a relationship with the world of evil.

For what are you looking? You know that the present is the last days. The ideology bearing on the problem of life touches you through one extremely tiny word, one touch of the hand, one footstep, and one symbol. People have forgotten all this.

If you see the world from this standpoint, there is no enemy. When I collide with evil, it spurs me on my way, as does good. From this viewpoint, we should live in such a way that we search and examine things carefully.

Noah Appeared to be a Madman

Joshua 24

17 The Lord is our God. We were slaves in Egypt as our ancestors had been, but we saw the Lord work miracles to set our people free and to bring us out of Egypt. Even though other nations were all around us, the Lord protected us wherever we went. 18 And when we fought the Amorites and the other nations that lived in this land, the Lord made them run away. Yes, we will worship and obey the Lord, because the Lord is our God.

Ecclesiastes 11

Be cheerful and enjoy life while you are young! Do what you want and find pleasure in what you see. But don’t forget that God will judge you for everything you do.

10 Rid yourself of all worry and pain, because the wonderful moments of youth quickly disappear.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

You should look and be careful in your speaking, hearing, seeing and feeling now. How hard have you tried to fulfill the historical responsibility? Have you ever surrendered everything and come forward, disregarding difficulties, anger, being chased away, hunger and death? How careful a heart have you had?

How often have you been overwhelmed by the Shim Jung that burns with a sense of responsibility, and desired to regain it? How often have you examined whether the heavenly hand was guiding you within your circumstances, reaching out to you, thereby coming to deny your previous position and embarking upon a new reflection? If you have not had such an experience, you should feel that you cannot show your faces.

In the Garden of Eden, the archangel was created first. The archangel had been ruling over the environment. When Adam and Eve appeared, he became an attacker. This was the beginning of history. Human beings, who insisted on habit and tradition in history, always opposed God’s way. They never cooperated. As the ancestors are, so are the descendants. Those who were being driven away have been leading history, fighting all the while.

It was thus with Noah as he served Heaven. To those who insisted on the social tradition, he appeared to be a madman. He looked demented, ridiculous and stupid. It was the same with Abraham. He tried to kill Isaac, whom God had blessed him with at the age of one hundred years. It was the same with Moses. Who instigated the people to accuse, betray and drive out the people of mission? They were the ones who clung to the historical traditions. If there is a Heaven, they should receive its judgment. The ideology of restoration is to sever attachment to the historical details, to take off the old clothes of the past, to meet the new morning in the new garden, and to appear in white clothes with new hope. Continue reading “Noah Appeared to be a Madman”

Cherish What Heaven Gave You as the Most Precious Thing in Your Life

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2128

Under the rule of Japan, I had reason
to harbor resentment even toward its
emperor, but he had already been defeat-
ed. Heaven does not strike a person who
is defeated, but rather shows mercy
toward those who repent their sins and
apologize. As this is Heaven’s way, those
who raise their sword to strike a defeated
person will find their own descendants
driven to ruin.

Richard:  Forgiveness is a very important virtue.  And even if somone never repents, it is good to avoid holding a grudge and harboring resentment.  Forgive that person and move ahead in your life.  Have a comment?  Log in and share it with the Daily Inspiration community.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 961

If your grandparents, mother and
father, couple, and children, become one
based on true love, and inherit God’s
true love that lives for others, then even
God would be absolutely obedient to
that. In the world that strives to live for
others – a world that moves according
to the love that submits to the tradition
of living for others – the basis for peace
would surely emerge even if it resisted
being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

What should we see carefully? We should be able to see carefully that Heaven is making an effort to find humankind, even though we deserve to die thousands of times in the realm of death. We should never forget that when Heaven comes to us in the realm of death, He comes with something more precious than anything in the world. When He saves us from the realm of death, He does so with anguish and a worried heart. Do you understand this? When Heaven claims us away from the realm of death, He is willing to sacrifice everything.

Thus, we should understand the toil, the loving heart, and the path of battle through which He came to find us. Originally, the Father and I were one. Thus, since His heart is my heart and His purpose is my purpose, we should go where He tells us to go. We should go, deeply seized by the heart of taking responsibility. Despite the countless paths of suffering, no matter what walls of the cross lie before us, we should go forward with confidence. With the determination and conviction to rise above all the historical details with conviction and the Father’s heart, we will necessarily win.

Only when you have such a soaring Shim Jung will you be able to reject the world. You must keep the heart that can hold onto the Father’s heart of desire to bring the providential will and the historical battle to a conclusion. If it disappears from you people of faith, you will change along with history. Continue reading “Cherish What Heaven Gave You as the Most Precious Thing in Your Life”

Avoid Changing Things, Proceeding Carefully

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Mark 15

22 The soldiers took Jesus to Golgotha, which means “Place of a Skull.”[d]23 There they gave him some wine mixed with a drug to ease the pain, but he refused to drink it.

Psalm 45

1 My thoughts are filled
with beautiful words
    for the king,
and I will use my voice
    as a writer would use
    pen and ink.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

This world must change. It should change on a great scale. Can you go without changing in such a world? You should become selves who do not change in a changing world. What, then, do you have to do? The solution to this must be provided by religion and truth.

History has been, is and will be progressing toward one purpose. The human mind, however, is changing. Your mind changes many times even in one day. The ideology you uphold also changes several times in your lifetime. We should feel in our daily lives that we are people of viciousness, descendants of the fall, the betrayal of Heaven.

The time has come to shout aloud, baring our chests and lamenting the sorrow of the cosmos, wondering whether there is a religion or leader who can stop it. History has been changing in every age and century. In God’s history of the providence of six thousand years, there was the age of sacrifice, the age of the law, and the age of faith. There has been the Old Testament and New Testament Ages, and the Completed Testament Age will come. Now the world of the new ideology should come. However, without changing the present world, this world of ideology will not come. Continue reading “Avoid Changing Things, Proceeding Carefully”

Become Heroes of this Age and the Future

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 439

We have a saying that refers to serv-
ing both parents and grandparents.
How many levels are there? There may
be five generations in a family, but nor-
mally there are four – your grandfather,
your father, your own couple and then
your sons and daughters. With this in
mind, the Unification Church Princi-
ple introduces the three stages of for-
mation, growth and completion. This
teaching deals with living in harmony
and declares, “All goes well if there is
harmony in the family.” Why is this? Is
it because it sounds nice? Is it because
someone wanted to be poetic? No. That
is not the case. Harmony in the family
means that four generations revolving
around the grandparents unite – top and
bottom, east and west, north and south,
front and back, and left and right – and
will live together in the joy of laughter.
(139-12, 1986.1.26)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1187

he Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages signifies that the histor-
ical course of vertical indemnity and the
course of horizontal indemnity that went
through the stages of individual, family,
people, nation, and the world. That is the
vertical and horizontal courses consist-
ing of eight stages are completed. Due
to this, the right of eldest son has been
restored, and the course of indemnity for
all humanity is abolished. That is what
I have done by holding this ceremony.
The right of the eldest son is restored; the
Parents are embracing all humankind.
Thus, an end is brought to the history
of war and struggle that was necessary
in order for the right of the eldest son to
be restored in the realm of parental love.
The time has come when indemnity is
not needed and we can reach harmony
in love. In order to achieve this, I had to
hold the Ceremony of the Settlement of
the Eight Stages. By holding this cere-
mony, the Parents forgave both the elder
and the younger son, so that next we can
enter the age of the realm of forgiveness
for the fallen parents. (193-173, 1989.10.3)

Richard:  Wow!  “the course of indemnity for
all humanity is abolished”.  That means that we can now establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, instead of having an endless cycle of restitution.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

What kind of age is the present one? It is the age when good and evil are intersecting, merging into the good. What will happen as we find ourselves in this age? What kind of world will come into being when good and evil cross each other and merge into one? What kind of world will come after this world passes? These are curious problems. Conscientious young men and women today should pause and understand the existence of Heaven, the hopes of all things of the earth, and that they themselves, and not the world, are the locus of hope.

God has been working to solve these problems for us. If Adam and Eve had not committed sin in sight of God and had not gone the sorrowful course of the fall, Adam would have been serving God’s will even now, after six thousand years. Have you ever thought about this? If Adam had received God’s blessing, served God’s will, took the responsibility for God’s providence and lived with God, we would have avoided the tragedies of the murder of countless saints, ancestors, and people of goodness.

For what do we hope and long? What are we trying to find? It is the character that is not fallen, that can remain eternally in history, the one that can make order of history and establish the ideal of goodness. If such a character appears in the last days, we will not lament. We will not despair. Continue reading “Become Heroes of this Age and the Future”

Revolution Cannot Exist in the World of the Unchanging Love of God

Happy New Year!

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Mark 12

35 As Jesus was teaching in the temple, he said, “How can the teachers of the Law of Moses say that the Messiah will come from the family of King David? 36 The Holy Spirit led David to say,

‘The Lord said to my Lord:
    Sit at my right side[c]
until I make your enemies
    into a footstool for you.’

37 If David called the Messiah his Lord, how can the Messiah be his son?”[d]

The large crowd enjoyed listening to Jesus teach.

Mark 10

13 Some people brought their children to Jesus so that he could bless them by placing his hands on them. But his disciples told the people to stop bothering him.

14 When Jesus saw this, he became angry and said, “Let the children come to me! Don’t try to stop them. People who are like these little children belong to the kingdom of God.[b] 15 I promise you that you cannot get into God’s kingdom, unless you accept it the way a child does.” 16 Then Jesus took the children in his arms and blessed them by placing his hands on them.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

Since Heaven has an inseparable tie with human beings, He has not abandoned them and has been moving history for their sake. He gave a new ideology in each new age. When the clan age turned into the tribal age, He provided the ideology that enabled this passage. An ideology far beyond the tribal level would be impossible for a clan to follow; therefore, He gave an ideology just one step in advance, within the limits of their consciences. Whether we study the history of faith or the history of humankind, we cannot deny that God gave the tribal ideology in the clan age, the national ideology in the tribal age, and the worldwide ideology in the national age.

What will remain in the course of history? The clan that can hold onto the heavenly way and go through the transition from the clan age to the tribal age will remain. The tribe of people who can go forth for the ideology of the state when the heavenly way indicates for them to do so, and for the worldwide ideology beyond that, will remain. Such people will remain in the end, building and ruling the world. Only when we complete these clans, tribes, nations, states and world can we stand as historical victors.

There should be a tribe that seeks to find such an ideology and serve such a providential will. There should be a nation struggling to serve the providential will. That is why Christianity and Judaism came into being. Herein lies the reason Jesus insisted upon a unified family, state and ideology. Continue reading “Revolution Cannot Exist in the World of the Unchanging Love of God”

Be Careful in Your Daily and Yearly Life

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1828

Something deep takes the central
point. Something high also takes the
center. Deep places are not visible. Can
you see the bottom of the ocean? The
deepest places are at the bottom of the
ocean, right? Even if all of creation tried
to ignore Mount Everest, they can’t help
seeing it from morning to night. They
watch it and wonder if it is going to rain
or not, or if the weather will be fine or
not. If it is cloudy or dark at the peaks,
they try to predict if this year will be a
fruitful harvest or not. However, deep
places are not visible. You cannot see
things that are deep. The reason is that
they are covered in water! It is not bad to
be deep. It is surrounded with mystery.
Women are also mysterious. That is why
men take interest in them. Men search
for women, thinking that they are mys-
terious. (205-136, 1990.8.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1002

You were unable to become a filial
child to all the things of creation that
you should love; you were unable to
become a filial child to your parents who
gave birth to you; and you were unable
to become a filial child to God and the
spirit world. Yet, in exchange for attend-
ing the True Parents, you were bestowed
with the qualification of a filial child.
For this reason, you must tenaciously
follow me. (105-112, 1979.9.30)

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

Do you have a self? Can you claim that with confidence? If you have a self, what has the self gone through? Can it go through the individual and environment? Can it go through the society, country and world? Furthermore, can the self go through the way of Heaven, if there is such a way? Unless you can respond with confidence, you should deny yourselves absolutely.

Since this is the situation of humankind, you should wander in search of the direction of the heavenly way, how its settling point will manifest itself. The heart to do this should be more intense in you than anything else you claim or have confidence or in which you take pride. The more one boasts of oneself and moves in a self-centered direction without realizing this, the more he will appear to be a traitor of history in the last days.

We are unworthy. We are driven around and swept up by our situations. Can we then confidently ask the heavenly way to support us? No. We cannot have such confidence. Our ancestors also tried to find Heaven with steps that lacked confidence. We know that for this reason, whenever they followed God’s orders, they were careful in each step, in every day’s life, and in every night’s sleep. If one cannot live like this, it is possible that in the final moment he will end up steering away from the heavenly will although he has served it, and will end up turning the will over to the satanic world. Continue reading “Be Careful in Your Daily and Yearly Life”

God Will Drive People Toward the One Ideal

John 17

You have given me some followers from this world, and I have shown them what you are like. They were yours, but you gave them to me, and they have obeyed you. They know that you gave me everything I have. I told my followers what you told me, and they accepted it. They know that I came from you, and they believe that you are the one who sent me. I am praying for them, but not for those who belong to this world.[a] My followers belong to you, and I am praying for them. 10 All that I have is yours, and all that you have is mine, and they will bring glory to me.


You are the same Holy God
who came from Teman
    and Paran[b] to help us.
The brightness of your glory
    covered the heavens,
and your praises were heard
    everywhere on earth.
Your glory shone like the sun,
and light flashed from your hands,
    hiding your mighty power.
Dreadful diseases and plagues
marched in front
    and followed behind.
When you stopped,
    the earth shook;
when you stared,
    nations trembled;
when you walked
    along your ancient paths,
eternal mountains and hills
    crumbled and collapsed.
The tents of desert tribes
in Cushan and Midian[c]
    were ripped apart.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30

Although human beings fell, the law created by God as the ideal of creation and freedom, with which we can boast of the original self, has remained unchanged deep in God’s heart from before the creation. No one, however, has explained God’s heart. No one has proclaimed God’s ideal.

If Heaven exists for the sake of humankind and people are created for the sake of Heaven, the world of the ideal where God and original humanity can live, which has been hidden in the heart of God, must necessarily appear. We know from history that rather than walking a normal path, God has been going through a course of twists and turns for the sake of fallen people. The Bible tells us that God has been following a complicated course since the time of Cain and Abel.

The flow of history will run toward the one ideal world in the end, and God will surely drive people toward it. It is certain that the human conscience is prompting us to run to that world in haste today and again tomorrow. No one can deny this. We should recognize that the moment God’s and our ideal meet is the moment of humanity’s hope and the purpose of God’s providence. Continue reading “God Will Drive People Toward the One Ideal”