I Am not Scared of Negative Voices

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 432

Section 1. God’s Laws of Love
Centering on the Family
Since the beginning of history, who
has practiced true love focused on par-
ents, true love focused on husband and
wife, and true love focused on brothers
and sisters? True love is absolute. (20-40,
The love of God is expressed as paren-
tal love, conjugal love and children’s love.
These three great loves make it possible
for human beings to exist forever. These
great loves transcend even the loftiest
human view of love. When these loves
are perfected, happiness is perfected.
When they are lacking, misfortune sets
in. This is why people become happy
when these three great loves unite. Is a
motherless person happy? That person’s
misery is equal to the emptiness he or
she feels. Is a fatherless person happy? A
fatherless person envies those who have
a father. Happiness leaves no room for
envy. The same is true for love. If you
envy someone or something, you can-
not say you are happy.
You cannot be happy without a father
and mother. No matter how great a man’s
ideals may be or how much he boasts, he
needs a woman. He needs a wife. When
a husband and wife have lived happily
together and then the husband suddenly
passes away, the wife will shed tears. A
woman cannot live without a man, and a
man cannot live without a woman. (20-38,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1795

Immorality, sexual misconduct and
decadent trends, along with hedonism,
are systematically ruining families. It
has come to the point where some people
of today think that gay people can also
build a different type of family alongside
the traditional family, and that they can
have children through adoption or arti-
ficial insemination. (288-171, 1997.11.27)

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

From now on anything I do is up. Father is so famous in that way. Many ups compete to follow us. People have to look into our movement and find nothing but good. An example is the Unified Science Conference. They thought about negative articles and declined invitations.  But if they came – many bright minds did, including 30 Nobel laureates – they cannot attack.

Negative power is working so hard it is better to contact people by letter. There will be weak declines but it allows for sorting out the strongest responses. The strongest will be so impressed with clean cut young people and deeply touched. They will then say that they have seen Rev. Moon and his young followers and tell other people they are not qualified to talk and that they should move on over to our side. It is funny and interesting. People fist look with skeptical eyes and find the controversy of negative articles

We will make a duplicate of the movie of the conference and send it out to the nation. Participants will show it to famous scholars and next time more famous people will participate.

Now we are being beaten by writings. There are many negative voices. If it turns and people believe the opposite of the negativity in the articles, however many negative writings appear no one will believe. By that time if we really get people and brainwash them nobody would believe it. Continue reading “I Am not Scared of Negative Voices”

Man Has a Sacred Source

Numbers 4

The Kohathites will be responsible for carrying the sacred objects used in worship at the sacred tent. When the Israelites are ready to move their camp, Aaron and his sons will enter the tent and take down the curtain that separates the sacred chest from the rest of the tent. They will cover the chest with this curtain, and then with a piece of fine leather, and cover it all with a solid blue cloth. After this they will put the carrying poles in place.

Richard:  How the sacred objects were handled was very important to God.  Wrong handling would lead to death.  In the modern day, the sacred objects are the sexual organs, the penis and vagina.  God wants those to be handled only by the wife and husband, respectively.  Wrong handling could lead literally to death or to spiritual destruction.

Isaiah 35

Here is a message for all
who are weak,
    and worried:
“Cheer up! Don’t be afraid.
Your God is coming
    to punish your enemies.
God will take revenge on them
    and rescue you.

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

Many things are wrong with communism. Young people are preoccupied. Communism is overwhelming, wanting to make the world into oneness. This is better than the democratic world on a certain level. The most important thing is that communism denies the existence of God. If you meditate on your own being and where you come from you can conclude that even animals have an original source.

If you define life as an animal it ends with the death of the animal.  You don’t know for sure what happens. In the communist world if one does not obey a command they can be annihilated or killed. Communism is a man-fabricated ideal.

Man has sacred source for God. If one obeys sacred life, one is a possession [of God]. If one obeys [as an]animal, one has no way to belong. In that way one belongs to a small man-made category and shuts self up. In a democracy humanity is valued above ideology. Jesus teaches us that your life is more than the whole world. In communism your life is for the world, nothing more. Continue reading “Man Has a Sacred Source”

There are Two Blocks in the World

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1980

Now we have entered the stage where
I can recover the nation. That is why the
ruling party is not the owner and neither
is the opposition party. Surrounded by
four powerful nations, the Korean pen-
insula is being marginalized by these
four masters. The center of that nation
is the Unification Church. Wasn’t I the
first to call for the reunification of North
and South Korea? We are calling for the
reunification of North and South Korea.
We are calling for the creation of a uni-
fied government between North and
South Korea. Considering this, one needs
the ability to absorb these four power-
ful nations if one is to bring about the
reunification of North and South Korea.
So far, I have been doing such work in
America and Japan, as well as Commu-
nist China and the Soviet Union. We
are now entering the age where they can
become one by my lifting the weight that
had been fastened to the ground. (178-231,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1250

The love between a husband and wife
is engrafted to the vertical love of God.
Once you become one with that vertical
love, there is no one on earth who can
detach it. The engrafted love is bound so
strongly to the love of God that no one
can ever separate it. That is why even
though everyone complains about their
lives and how difficult it is to go on liv-
ing, they still continue to seek the path
of love. (180-309, 1988.10.5)

Rev Sun Myung Moon Speaks Jan. 8, 1976 Jacob House
To the Mobile Fundraising Team Workshop

At your age you are full of hope for your success. On the other hand you are serious about a career and meditating about your future. The success or failure of your whole life is determined while you are in your teens, more specifically, between the ages of 18-27. Between the ages of 18-24 it is crucially important for young people to decide where they will go in life. That age period is the most important in a person’s whole life. In that age most people graduate from college. Even if misled by parents in what to specialize in university one must shift right away in the right direction.

 Those in the Unification movement are serious thinkers. They think about what is life, what is their country’s mission, and is physical life on earth final or does it extend to life in spiritual world? One may have to wonder if religion is necessary for men. Those who believe in an eternal life in spiritual world have more zeal in physical life. A clear concept of spirit makes for a stronger life on earth.

In general people think and live by animal instinct. I have gone through agony and much prayer to solve problems of life from this point of view. I ask if there is a God at all how evil lives flourish while good people are trodden upon.  Some say there is no God. But deeply look at the wonder of life. One cannot deny God. Think about nature, God and man and how God leads man with humanity. One must live a religious life which includes denial asceticism.  Why?   Because evil and righteousness are going in opposing directions. How much difference? In religious life one must turn about to go the other way so one has to go 360 degrees different from the way one used to travel.  Starting from the individual base one needs to make a full circle the other way. This is done from the individual to the nation and world levels. Evil and righteous sides make circles for each. You learn two kinds of circular motion – righteous side and evil side. The conclusion is a righteous and evil entity. Continue reading “There are Two Blocks in the World”

You Should Not be Afraid of Receving Judgement

Judges 14

17 For the entire seven days of the party, she had been whining and trying to get the answer from him. But that seventh day she put so much pressure on Samson that he finally gave in and told her the answer. She went straight to the young men and told them.

Richard:  God appoints a man as the head of the household.  The wife is in charge of the children and has dominion over Satan, but not over her husband.

Psalm 55

Confuse my enemies, Lord!
    Upset their plans.
Cruelty and violence
    are all I see in the city,
10     and they are like guards
    on patrol day and night.
The city is full of trouble,
    evil, 11 and corruption.
    Troublemakers and liars
    freely roam the streets.

Richard:  Consider moving out of the city if you can.  Urban areas have much higher rates of crime and family breakdown.  If societal breakdown occurs, city areas can become unstable.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

We have been living a comfortable life thus far. Although we have had a consciousness of existence, we have had no value. Unfeeling as worms, we walked a tragic route; yet, we are shamelessly proud. At least at this time, we should recognize that we are sinful. Those who do not know this deserve to receive heavenly punishment and be thrown into a pit of fire on the judgment day.

Realizing this, you should not be afraid of receiving judgment. You should know that Heaven has a more sorrowful situation. We should know that the footsteps of our ancestors were more rueful than ours, and that the true determined people of this age are in more pain and shedding more tears than we. We should, at least, become people who can understand this. Continue reading “You Should Not be Afraid of Receving Judgement”

Wage an Intense Battle Against Satan

Happy Independence Day!

Romans 1

16 I am proud of the good news! It is God’s powerful way of saving all people who have faith, whether they are Jews or Gentiles. 17 The good news tells how God accepts everyone who has faith, but only those who have faith.[d] It is just as the Scriptures say, “The people God accepts because of their faith will live.”[e]

Micah 4

He will settle arguments
between distant
    and powerful nations.
They will pound their swords
and their spears
    into rakes and shovels;
they will never again make war
    or attack one another.
Everyone will find rest
beneath their own fig trees
    or grape vines,
and they will live in peace.
This is a solemn promise
    of the Lord All-Powerful.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

The purpose of a good and unfallen individual who can receive God’s love is to be sealed by God and then to seal his brothers and sisters. Furthermore, he should be able to seal the tribe and nation. Considering this, you should understand how great was the heavenly woe. You have never heard about such sorrow of Heaven in any dream, from any friend, from any teacher or from any religious individual. This is truly serious.

Where will your footsteps lead tomorrow? Are you in the realm of God’s love now? Are you in the realm of True Parents’ love? Are you in the realm of true brothers’ love? Are you in the realm of the true tribe’s love? Are you in the realm of the true nation’s love? Are you in the realm of love where, when you unite heaven and earth and bow down to God, He embraces you? There is not even a single person like this, even Jesus has not been able to do this. This is why he is in Paradise in a state of waiting.

What must Jesus do when he returns in the last days? He should restore these matters. Jesus has already stood upon the Word. Yet Jesus, who was resurrected after the cross, had to turn Mary Magdalene away as she tried to hold him. He was not in a position to say, “Bride, let us go to the Father together.” He has been working hard for 2,000 years, looking forward to the day when the ideal of the bride could be realized. Originally, Jesus was to go before the Father with a rejoicing bride, be blessed and become True Parents. He was to embrace true children and a true tribe, and build a true nation. God wanted to bless Jesus to become the true ancestor of heaven and earth. Continue reading “Wage an Intense Battle Against Satan”

Receive the Seal

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2238

Men and women become kings and
queens because of true love. If true love
did not exist, then kingship would not
appear. You find true love at the highest
point, where two people meet and con-
nect to God. Marriage is to achieve the
pinnacle of masculinity and femininity
so as to occupy God. We marry to occu-
py both masculine and feminine worlds.
Men and women by themselves are only
halves, so they marry to become com-
plete. True love means to become one
with God. (260-154, 1994.5.2)

Richard:  Here kingship is connected to God and God’s love, which goes along with God’s life and lineage.  Kings in this world are false kings.  True kings are centered on the true love of God.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1872

The Chinese character je ( 濟 ) in Jeju-
do means “to cross.” It means that it is
a place to cross over and become the
owner. Jejudo is also a nation of priests.
The island called Jigwido is interesting.
It is like a pillar several hundred meters
long, which has been driven down into
the sea to make a fishing spot. Jigwido
could be linked to the continent with
a glass-like tunnel to allow vehicles to
travel back and forth. The tunnel could
be constructed under the seabed for sta-
bility. That kind of age has come. There is
nothing more we would need to do here
in Jejudo. We should fish, golf, hunt, and
then enjoy the casino. We should create
a market to sell our goods. There should
be interesting things to do. It would be
fun to have people go up the mountain
on an elevator or cable car, rather than
a helicopter, and tour the seas surround-
ing Jejudo in a speedboat. Japan is only
an hour’s flight away. (291-246, 1998.3.15)

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

Every brave person of faith will struggle. Finally, he will have to go to God and ask, “Are the Parents on the earth or not?” God will then say, “They are on the earth.” What can you do if they are not on the earth? You should take the responsibility in their place. God will say, “You try becoming the Parents.”

This courageous individual of faith will then move to another place. He will visit all the believers on the earth and ask them. You may find the True Parents and plead with them, “Oh, I have come to you, overcoming many pitfalls and hills. Please console me in all the historical sorrows I have felt so far on the road. Give us the authority to live in Your eternal blessed land and the authority of the ideal garden.” That plea will not work.

The Parents will say, “A path still remains for you to walk. You must find and bring back Your brothers and sisters.” The person will leave the Parents, looking for the brothers and sisters. When he encounters a brother after roaming the earth, he will say to him, “I came to you with the knowledge of the Will concerning you and in order to find a brother. Without you I cannot do well nor can you do without me. You must be my brother with whom I can live and die, who cannot be separated from me. You are a core part of my own body, sharing my own bone and flesh. If the sorrow of 6,000 years can be resolved through us, let us enjoy the happiness of the resolution together as brothers.” Continue reading “Receive the Seal”

You Can Only be Restored by True Parents

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1 Corinthians 16

12 I have tried hard to get our friend Apollos to visit you with the other followers. He doesn’t want to come just now, but he will come when he can.

Jonah 1

One day the Lord told Jonah, the son of Amittai, to go to the great city of Nineveh[a] and say to the people, “The Lord has seen your terrible sins. You are doomed!”

Instead, Jonah ran from the Lord. He went to the seaport of Joppa and bought a ticket on a ship that was going to Spain. Then he got on the ship and sailed away to escape.

Richard:  Am I facing my reality and repenting before God and Jesus, or am I running away?

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

What shall we do with Jesus? We should engage in a battle as Jacob fought with the angel. After Jacob received the right of the elder son from Isaac, he tried to establish the condition of blessing centering on the Word. After one establishes the condition of blessing, he has to restore the substance, which requires that he confront Heaven. This is the original path.

When we look at today’s Christianity, it has not achieved the authority of the Word to rule over Satan. Rare is the believer who introduces Jesus as the substance of authority to truly rule over Satan and who prays for him. You are captured by the Word. The exit is far away, however hard you struggle.

Six thousand years have passed. Where shall we go from here? We should stand on the Word and hold onto the substance. As most of the New Testament books are letters, we should meet, not through letters, but through sympathetic understanding of one another’s personal situations. There is not even one single person who has become one with God this way, who has gone on to the position of being the first appearance in the 6,000 years after the fall. Continue reading “You Can Only be Restored by True Parents”

We Are to Engage in a Confrontation with Jesus

Revelation 7

13 One of the elders asked me, “Do you know who these people are that are dressed in white robes? Do you know where they come from?”

14 “Sir,” I answered, “you must know.”

Then he told me:

“These are the ones
who have gone through
    the great suffering.
They have washed their robes
in the blood of the Lamb
    and have made them white.
15 And so they stand
    before the throne of God
and worship him in his temple
    day and night.
The one who sits on the throne
will spread his tent
    over them.
16 They will never hunger
    or thirst again,
and they won’t be troubled
by the sun
    or any scorching heat.

17 The Lamb in the center
of the throne
    will be their shepherd.
He will lead them to streams
    of life-giving water,
and God will wipe all tears
    from their eyes.”

Job 22

21 Surrender to God All-Powerful!
You will find peace
    and prosperity.
22 Listen to his teachings
    and take them to heart.
23 If you return to God
and turn from sin,
    all will go well for you.
24 So get rid of your finest gold,
    as though it were sand.
25 Let God All-Powerful
    be your silver and gold,
26 and you will find happiness
    by worshiping him.
27 God will answer your prayers,
and you will keep the promises
    you made to him.
28 He will do whatever you ask,
    and life will be bright.
29 When others are disgraced,
God will clear their names
    in answer to your prayers.
30 Even those who are guilty
will be forgiven,
    because you obey God.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

What kind of faith does Heaven desire? When Jesus said, “Believe in me,” he meant to believe in him as he believed in God. He could have said, “I am God’s son, and I believe in God,” because he was certain that God trusted him as His son, just as he trusted God as his Father. Jesus said this from such a position.

Today we are searching for faith. We are searching for the Word and the course of faith based on the Word. In Christian terms, the one substantial center who comes to humankind with the Word, centered on true faith, is called the Second Coming.

Humanity has been upholding God as the standard of faith. Analyzing faith as it has been held so far, God has been teaching humankind based on the Word. Now another battle is coming, since religions hitherto have not resolved everything. Speaking in biblical terms, this is the age of the seven-year turmoil of the last days. You should know this. Continue reading “We Are to Engage in a Confrontation with Jesus”

Understand the Historical Shim Jung

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2084

Using South Korean military power
to force North Korea to submit is not
the way. We should have an ideological
foundation that is stronger than theirs.
We should have the ability to naturally
inspire the North to surrender and have
the philosophy of loving our nation
more than they love theirs – and of lov-
ing God more than they love commu-
nism. Otherwise, we will not be able to
win the heart of North Korea. Based on
our character, we should impress them
with our character, our outlook on
life, our lifestyle, and personal history.
Unless we can surpass them, we can’t
win over those armed with the ideology
of communism.
We cannot restore a Cain nation
without a persuasive environment. Fur-
thermore, if the Cain nation can’t be
restored, then the restored nation that
could become the worldly nation cen-
tering on the heavenly nation, will not
be established. (46-123, 1971.8.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 747

When meeting the Messiah, what
will happen if you believe in and fol-
low him? If you meet him at the time he
perfects the ages of the individual, fam-
ily, tribe, people and nation, you will
also receive the benefits of those ages,
ascending to the national level. Yet, for
those in the age of the individual to
receive the Messiah and thereby ascend
to the age of the family, they must pay
indemnity on earth, just as spirit people
do. Also, because they must go through
the course of indemnity to ascend from
the age of the family to the age of the
tribe, the longer they have stayed in the
Unification Church, the more indemni-
ty they have paid. The longer they have
been here, the closer they are to me.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

These days’ young students go to school carrying bags, but some of the students do not know why they carry the bags. I am going into society. Where shall I go? I am continuing with an important responsibility for the state. Since the world is there, I am going to lead the world. You say these things, but where will you go? If there is Heaven, an X is before us. We cannot deny that all affairs in the world have such complications.

The external world is the same, just like the internal world. Although we want to extend ourselves infinitely, signs of complications are blocking us every time we take a step forward. We go into the internal world to avoid this. We try to move in the direction of righteousness, morality, ethics and religion. However, all kinds of complications block us there, too. Continue reading “Understand the Historical Shim Jung”

Seek the Substance

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Judges 21

The Israelites met and sent messengers to the men of Benjamin at Rimmon Rock, telling them that the Israelites were willing to make peace with them. 14 So the men of Benjamin came back from Rimmon Rock, and the Israelites let them marry the young women from Jabesh. But there weren’t enough women.

Richard:  I take this to mean that the lineage of God is so important that it is imperative for it to continue.  This is part of a very interesting story in the book of Judges.  Check it out here and also the chapter before.

John 6

Jesus answered, “I tell you for certain that you are not looking for me because you saw the miracles,[g] but because you ate all the food you wanted. 27 Don’t work for food that spoils. Work for food that gives eternal life. The Son of Man will give you this food, because God the Father has given him the right to do so.”

28 “What exactly does God want us to do?” the people asked.

29 Jesus answered, “God wants you to have faith in the one he sent.”

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

As you know through the Divine Principle, we humans lost God’s Word, God’s substance and His love by betraying His Word. What was God’s heart like when He gave the Word, when He created the substance, and when He tried to love through this substance?

We are the ones who lost God’s Word, lost the original substance and the substance of love. It is we who lost God’s garden of the ideal. Thus, we should realize that we are sinners who cannot be proud of ourselves. We cannot find the ground of peaceful rest in our hearts nor can we be subject over events.

Although God wanted to come to us with the substance and a loving heart, since humankind has lost the substance, love and Word, God could not come directly as the substance. Therefore, Jesus came representing the substance, yet he left without completing the actions of the substance. Continue reading “Seek the Substance”