Refill that Space with the Word Called “God’s Love”

Cheon Seong Gyeong 280

Everything is connected to the True
Parents. Your ears want to seek out the
True Parents; so do your nose, mouth
and eyes. Everything is like that because
True Parents have a strong power to
attract everything. I know this. Even all
of nature desires the True Parents. The
creation says, “True Parents, please stay
here with us always.” Nature cries out.
Everything likes True Parents. They like
the sound “True Parents.” When some-
one says, “I have met True Parents,”
another says, “Where?” “Follow me.”
Everyone will want to follow that person.
That is what True Parents are like. True
mother, true husband, true wife, true
children, true grandchildren and true
patriots all emerge from them. Every-
thing starts from there.
This is the gospel with the greatest
hope. We do not need the Bible. The pur-
pose of the Bible is solely to find the True
Parents. So the name “True Parents” is
most precious. How do you want to be
related to True Parents? That is the ques-
tion. If you think of True Parents as a
tree, you are its branches that can thrive
wherever they are planted. These branch-
es live well wherever they go as long as
there is love, regardless of whether they
are planted at night, in the day, in winter,
in spring, or in the rainy season. This is so
because they accept everything.

Richard: The purpose of the Bible is to return us to God’s original ideal, the state before the Fall of Man. As such, once we have the ideology of the Completed Testament Age: ( that returns us to God’s ideal, we do not need the Bible.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1187

Alaska, where the ceremony of The
Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight
Stages was held, is becoming famous. The
last time I came here I said I would build
a church at the North Pole. If the Sovi-
et Communist Party opposes it, I will
take the responsibility. I will build the
Unification Church at the North Pole.
You have to spend your life in order to
build the foundation of blessing for all
people of the world, but before you die,
come to our Church at the North Pole
and offer your devotion for forty days
and then you can die. Think about this.
An ideal city will be created in a world
of icebergs. Then, even though it will be
thousands of miles away, everything can
be supplied by the air. You should try
living like this. It would be a wonderful
thing. With the power of science today,
that would be nothing. We can use pre-
fabricated systems. So we will build an
airfield and try to live there, so what
problem could arise? We are creating
a base in the tourist area of Kodiak…
think about it. It will become a gate-
way unprecedented in history.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Matthew 10:34-39

Matthew 18:15-20

Jesus taught “I am your bridegroom and you are my bride” to teach the ignorant people these things. The bridegroom and bride which Jesus talked about are the relationships that transcend the mundane concept of a loving relationship between a man and a woman. You should understand that history moves toward a new world through the new door, only from the position where the direction of the conscience and the action of the heart may move toward God. The work of God will be completed only if the openness is progressed to that extent.

In the process of human history, the revolution does not exist in the heartistic matter. However, Jesus asserted two thousand years ago that “he who loves parents or children more than me is not worthy of me.” It is an amazing statement.

Jesus said “love him more than anyone.” What is that content? That content was not found, for Jesus was killed. Therefore, we should realize that when we desire to find that content, that is the time of our hope and the time of the Second Coming. The words were given, but the content or the ideology which can connect with the heart of those words did not appear. When that appears, it will be the day of world peace.

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God’s Love Never Fails

2 Samuel 23

 These are the last words
    of David the son of Jesse.
The God of Jacob chose David
    and made him a great king.
The Mighty God of Israel
    loved him.[a]
When God told him to speak,
    David said:
The Spirit of the Lord
    has told me what to say.
Our Mighty Rock,[b]
    the God of Jacob, told me,
“A ruler who obeys God
    and does right
is like the sunrise
    on a cloudless day,
or like rain that sparkles
    on the grass.”[c]

I have ruled this way,
and God will never break
    his promise to me.
God’s promise is complete
    and unchanging;
he will always help me
    and give me what I hope for.
But evil people are pulled up
    like thornbushes.
They are not dug up by hand,
but with a sharp spear
    and are burned on the spot.

Psalm 136

12 God used his great strength
and his powerful arm.
    God’s love never fails.
13 He split the Red Sea[b] apart.
    God’s love never fails.

14 The Lord brought Israel safely
through the sea.
    God’s love never fails.
15 He destroyed the Egyptian king
and his army there.
    God’s love never fails.
16 The Lord led his people
through the desert.
    God’s love never fails.

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24


Humanity does not yet realize that endless sorrow is rooted in Heaven. We did not know that the history of Heaven has been an eternally painful one, although we have followed and believed in You.

Father, although You have given us words that are difficult to bear and have longed to find worthy people, I feel truly unworthy that You have foretold to us the moment of hope that never came about before. As inadequate people, we cannot help feeling ashamed in bowing our minds and bodies before Heaven and calling on You.

We thought that the path You called us to follow would be a path of joy; yet we realize that it is a path of endless tears, a sad, lonely, difficult road that calls for us to vindicate Heaven and earth. We cannot help experiencing this path through our flesh, which allows those who want to give up their lives to win, but not those who want to live.

Father, please have pity on Your lonely sons and daughters here. Does the heavenly ideology live within their minds? Please allow them to realize that this is not self-centered, but is a historical ideology. Are their hearts moved by that ideology? Please let them know that such a heart does not cease with their generation.

Now that they have received and felt all the blessings there are, please let them understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is not realized or lived in by self-centered individuals. Because You are the beginning of this task, Father, I sincerely pray that we may become people who will be willing to offer everything for You. Continue reading “God’s Love Never Fails”

God Shows the Example of Loving

Cheon Seong Gyeong 258

Section 2. We Should Fully
Understand the Words “True
There is a term cherished in our Uni-
fication Church. Some of you might be
hearing it for the first time; it is the term
“True Parents.” We say, Our True Par-
ents! Did Jesus have True Parents? We
have something that Jesus did not. Did
Jesus have True Parents? Are not parents
responsible when they do not protect
their children? Parents ought to protect
their children. They must be a protective
barrier against Satan and say to their
children, “Be happy in our embrace.”
Did Jesus have that experience? For his
entire life Jesus grew up and was treated
as a stepson. This is why the Bible does
not contain the words true parents. It
does not contain the words true parents
or true brothers and sisters. These words
are a part of our Unification Church
terminology. They are not something I
invented. They are words discovered to
be part of the heavenly Principle. We
use the words true parents and true
children. We should understand how
true children should act. True chil-
dren should be able to offer their lives
and everything they have for the sake of
God’s Son and should be grateful even if
they themselves end up in hell. Without
going through such a process, nothing
can be accomplished. In this way, you
can return to the Father through having
the heart of true children. (76-73, 1975.1.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 891

You cannot eat without God’s love in
the spirit world. You do not have a right
to eat. You have to realize that hell is a
place where you watch but cannot eat,
and know but cannot act. Therefore, you
should know that only those who have
made substantial the core value that can
unite the spiritual and physical worlds
based on God’s love, and who have expe-
rienced the life of heaven on earth with
their mind and body united, can take
ownership in the eternal ideal world of
the Kingdom of Heaven. (91-173, 1977.2.6)

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

Today you exert enormous efforts through religion, seeking the infinite world of being. Why do you fail to find it? Why are you unable to recognize the world? From the standpoint of relationship, it is because the motivation and purpose deviate and you cannot make a relationship with the resulting value. All entities, individual, family, national, country and world, have their own wishes and purposes in their own situations. When the purpose of an entity differs from the heavenly purpose, it can hardly feel the eternal world of being. Heaven helps humankind feel this world through religion, not through intellectual conditions. This world is felt through ultimate emotional issues by holding up the standard of love.

Thus, God comes to us only with love, and we can meet God only with love. You must first know that God has been trying infinitely to reach out to us, giving hope to those without hope, giving life to those without life, and giving love to those who cannot be loved. You should know that God thinks of us before we think of Him. He existed before we existed and moves for us before we move. You should feel in your hearts that a Being exists who is greater than the value of our existence, ideal and affection, and He moves before we do. Continue reading “God Shows the Example of Loving”

We Must Know God’s Love Intimately

Cheon Seong Gyeong 139

2.2. God has been miserable
throughout history
How enraged God is when He looks
down on us on earth! All human beings
should have had His lineage, but Satan
pushes them into a miserable state and
scornfully jeers at God saying, “Your
descendants are miserable.” When
Satan asks God, “How will You, with
all Your omniscience and omnipotence,
redeem this difficult situation?” God can
only be silent. He has to pretend to be
deaf though He can hear, pretend not to
smell though He can smell, and pretend
not to feel though He can feel. Have you
ever thought about the misery of God
throughout history? (183-19, 1988.10.29)

Job 16

16 Job said:

I have often heard this,
    and it offers no comfort.
So why don’t you keep quiet?
    What’s bothering you?
If I were in your place,
it would be easy to criticize
    or to give advice.
But I would offer hope
    and comfort instead.

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

What must finally be explained to everyone through science, philosophy, history and religion? It is the common problem of history, the current age and the future. This is also a problem for God. You should know that the cosmic value of your life and whether you can be proud of it depends upon whether you can establish the standard in your life of an inseparable relationship with God in which you move with God and halt with God. Continue reading “We Must Know God’s Love Intimately”