World War III Is Raging

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2484

Who unifies the spirit world and physical world? People. So we strive to advance the unification. We must progress daily and cannot retreat. Strive to advance. When you live in this world, instead of living only in one region, you should create many relationships and move in such a way that you can influence the whole. As the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter change and as north, south, east and west rotate, you also should not stay just in one country. Once national borders are gone and the world is unified in this way, you should live going around the world as you please. When you go to a place you should not inflict loss on the people there. You should strive to advance. You should not live playing around. (266-150, 1994.12.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 699

    Yet in the spirit world this is reversed. In terms of our birth on earth, I am in the position of the elder brother and Heungjin in that of the younger brother. I am in Cain’s position and Heung-jin in Abel’s position.
    In the spirit world, Heung-jin becomes the eldest son. He is in the position of the elder brother and all the other spirits are in the position of younger siblings. Based on the realm of heart, that is how it is. From God’s standpoint, He is the Father, I am the elder son and Heung-jin is the younger son. In the spirit world, Heung-jin is the eldest son based on the realm of love and all others in the spirit world stand in the position of younger siblings. There is a reversal. Thus, we reach the conclusion that the standard of heart for the right of the eldest son finds its correct position and settles there. You must teach this well when giving a Principle lecture. Now, in accordance with the realm of heart, before all the people in the spirit world, including even Jesus and all the good saints, Heung-jin is first to be born as the eldest son. From the viewpoint of the realm of heart, Heung-jin is the first son and the others are the second sons who are next to be born.
    Consequently, Heung-jin can let the realm of the second son inherit the blessings of the right of the first son. Satan tried to prevent this from happening by plundering the inheritance. But Heung-jin, who now stands in the realm of the first son, delivered all the blessings he received while on earth. So there is a connection being made. Heung-jin unceasingly endeavors to pass these blessings on, whereas the satanic world resists doing do. (131-52, 1984.4.1)
Richard:  Heung-jin is Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s second son.  He died in a car accident in 1984.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Period of Preparation for the Second Coming of Christ

    World Wars I, II, and III involved and involve conflicts between three heavenly nations on God’s side and three evil nations on Satan’s side.  The victory of World War I resulted in the forming of the League of Nations.  The Victory of World War II resulted in the forming of the United Nations.  The Victory of World War III will result in a World Government.  See slide 15 below.
[(Richard)  Note that this will not be the current Satanic, godless world government.  Rather, it will be a world of coexistence, co-prosperity and common righteousness.]
The central figures on the Satanic side in the World Wars are the Kaiser in World War I, Hitler in World War II, and Stalin in World War III.  Stalin promoted a policy of world Communization.
The First and Second World Wars paved the way for the Second Coming of Christ.  The Third World War is about the restoration of God’s sovereignty and the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
Whether the Third World War will play out as a purely ideological conflict or through armed conflict (which will be imperfect) depends on how the human portion of responsibility is carried out.
Richard:  The core of this conflict of World War II is the battle to put in place absolute sexual ethics, that is, the teaching of faithful marriage and abstinent preparation for faithful marriage.  As we can see, Satan’s strategy is to corrupt youth and put in place perverse sexual ethics of all kinds, like transgenderism, sexual confusion of all kinds, sexual immorality and homosexuality.  Thus, we see the rapid and almost mind-boggling expansion of perverse sexuality.  Why?  Because Satan is desperate to keep sovereignty and destroy God’s ideal for the family.  We must actively work to promote faithful marriage and abstinent preparation for faithful marriage.
See slides 18 to 21 below.

The Age of Religious War Will Come

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

That being always the case, where
are our bodies and minds trying to go?
Further, where are our lives inclined
towards and where are our hearts try-
ing to go? Our wishes, hopes, and ide-
als…Where are they trying to go? Even
if we cannot resolve these issues, we are
destined to go in any case.
This body will see its end when it is
buried in the ground on the day we die.
If so, will this mind, this life, this heart,
this ideal, and even this hope be buried
together the day the body is buried? To
answer this, we should present detailed
contents, solutions and a definite and
purposeful perspective.
Saints, sages and numerous found-
ers of religions, stopped on their paths
of life, interrupted the concerns of their
minds and the inclinations of their
hearts, and asked themselves where they
were going, as they struggled to resolve
this issue. They came forth to resolve
this issue, but to this day no one could
confidently claim, “My body has gone
to such a place. My mind, my heart, my
life, and my ideals have hastened there;
hence, all beings in heaven and earth
should go there.” (8-194, 1959.12.20)

Richard:  The specialty of VisionRoot Ministries is to “present detailed
contents, solutions and a definite and purposeful perspective.  This, we have the Daily Inspiration scripture readings for your edification, as well as the Urban Life Training Teacher Web Portal:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1602

Encompassed in the mother and
father are the absolute love, life and
lineage attained through the Absolute
Parent and Father of absolute love. You
should be aware of the fact that you are
born from all this. Thus, you are the
representative of lineage, maternal and
paternal life and love. Having received
them all as the representative, you were
born to expand them and spread them
wide; since such is the purpose of your
life, if you don’t fulfill this and instead
act as you please and put your greed
before everything else, you would be
ruined and perish.

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

What kind of age are the last days? Since there is no one on earth who can represent God’s Word, humankind has had to search for the substance of the Word, scattered in all four directions, and going through countless difficulties. Thus, after the age of war that claimed materials, we have entered the age of ideological war. After this age of ideological war, there will come the age of the war of the conscience. That will be the age of religious war.

After such a time, what kind of age will have to come? The age of the competition of Shim Jung and love should come. There should come an age when God’s love and satanic love will compete. This is the course of destiny through which fallen humankind must go. You should know that this is a necessary and inevitable course.

What is to be done in this age? It is the time when the world of spirit, rather than the world of ideology should be formed. In the future, the ideology of the heart should appear. When the heart ideology appears, your hearts will be pulled in by its ideal. When the heart ideology appears and secures the foundation, heavenly feeling and human feeling will move. An ideology should appear such that one cannot help living within its realm of ideal.

History struggles upward from the lowest level, that is, from the material stage. Thus, the vertical history of 6,000 years moves from the world of material to that of the spirit, to that of the heart. On the contrary, satanic authority goes through a history that descends from the top. It descends from the upper class, which claimed the best, to the middle and lower classes. These, however, will all disappear because they are under satanic authority. As for the process of historical development, through the war centering on materials, that is, the First and Second World Wars, now we enter into the age of ideological war. Yet, again, these will all pass away. Next, there comes the age of heartistic war and the age of the ideology of the heart.

The upper class and middle class have dominated the world in the historical course until now. Now the lower class will dominate the world. Considering the process of historical development, humankind has gone through the age of material-centered battle. Now is the age of spirit-centered strife. In the future, there will come the age of conscience-centered struggle. It is religion that moves, centering on conscience.

Thus, the age of religious battle will come soon. In the future, there should appear a religion with the truth which is centered on the heavenly heart, through which we can share heart and affection with the whole of heaven and earth and conclude: “God and I are one.” Such an age will come. Wait and see.

In the past, religious people renounced material things. This looks most foolish, but they are most wise. Religion has prepared the foundation through which it can escape the condition of historical war. The followers of Jesus believed the religion with the safest foundation, through which they could avoid the hell into which the people of the history of war fell.

Nowadays, young men and women who insist on their own way scorn religion. Such an age will pass. Wait and see. If you have such an obsolete idea, you will be hit by the communists in the future. There will come a time when they will say, “Alas, I did not know.” The fortunes of heaven and earth go through such processes.

What ideology will remain in the end? It is the ideology that cries out the slogan, “All people of conscience, be mobilized.” This is the ideology that can represent the Word for which humankind hopes, represent the substance through the Word, and represent affection through the substance. If you did not know this, you may now look forward to it.

Hitherto, has any spiritual person of conscience ever held sway over the world in the course of history? Even though Jesus said, “The Gospel will be spread to the poor,” spiritual people have never held sway over the world yet.