Try to Understand Jesus’ Heart

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1542

A perfected human being should
become a citizen of the one global nation
that is also God’s kingdom. Which coun-
try do you belong to? Among those of
you gathered here, some may be Amer-
ican, some German, some Korean, and
so on, but where is God’s kingdom? This
world, earth, is your nation as well as
mine. Where is our hometown? This
world is our hometown. We are not con-
cerned with national boundaries and
things like that. Neither are we con-
cerned about the differences between
blacks and whites. All of us are God’s
children. (79-247, 1975.8.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1763

When the sexual organs are sancti-
fied, they can be connected to heaven.
Their importance should be taught from
elementary school. The goals pursued by
man and woman are the sexual organs
of love. They are shaped as concave and
convex for love. Why were the genitals
shaped differently? For the sake of love.
Which love is it for? It is for true love, God’s
eternal and unchanging love. (278-271,

The Sorrowful Heart of Jesus as He Went to the Mountain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 25, 1959

Matthew 17: 1-8

When Jesus climbed the Mount of Transfiguration, he was accompanied by three disciples. Although they were chosen as representatives of the nation, they failed to establish any condition of support for Jesus on the mountain route.

When Jesus went to the wilderness, angels served him. When he ascended the Mount of Transfiguration after fighting for the nation, determined to die for it, even the three disciples failed to serve him. Considering this, we cannot help feeling that the life of Jesus, which started and ended in sorrow, was full of pathos.

Jesus knelt down and prayed to Heaven that he would follow His Will to the limits of his strength and with all his effort. Although he followed the three-year course of public life with greater dedication, loyalty, sincerity and effort than any ancestor in history, Jesus was driven out by the nation and the church. Even with no relatives or disciples standing by his side, he still lived a life of prayer in sight of Heaven. Continue reading “Try to Understand Jesus’ Heart”

Don’t Forget the Gravity of Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration

Book Review:  The Rod of Iron Kingdom by Hyung Jin Sean Moon

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2260

The family on earth is the horizon-
tal entity whose purpose is to create the
heavenly kingdom. Reproduction is not
possible in the vertical world. The num-
ber of children expands in the horizon-
tal world and they become God’s citi-
zens. When members of royal families
who are God’s citizens multiply, they
are all citizens except the firstborn. They
become relatives. Those citizens become
clans. There must be a firstborn among
the clans, right? Among tribes, too, there
needs to be the firstborn that ties all the
tribes together. This is Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve were to be the king and
queen of the eternal tradition. In a dem-
ocratic world, all this disappears. Then
what is the spherical shape? The founda-
tion for producing the citizens of heaven
is not the family foundation in Heaven,
but on earth. To bear children is to pro-
duce citizens of the heavenly world. (234-
165, 1992.8.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1123

The human portion of responsibility
was lost. Then, what is that portion of
responsibility? It was entrusted to men
and women, so that they could both
mature, men taking the east side and
women taking the west side…. Men were
born for the sake of women and women
were born for the sake of men, so they
must mature and marry. Where would
they meet? At the meeting point made
by perpendicular lines. When plus and
minus meet love explodes, and becomes
the foundation for God’s love, life and
lineage. This becomes a root so secure
that even if someone tries to pull it out
he will not be able to do so. As human
beings we are to be born centered on the
origin of absolute love, life and lineage.
(196-222, 1990.1.1)

The Sorrowful Heart of Jesus as He Went to the Mountain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 25, 1959

Matthew 17: 1-8

Next, Jesus had to think about Abraham, who headed for the mountain after he erred with the sacrifice and was ordered to offer Isaac. He could not help reflecting upon the tragic heart of Abraham, who deceived Isaac and took him to Mount Moriah. For whom did Abraham have to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice? Jesus must have reflected upon how this was, of course, for the Father and the Messiah.

Jesus then must have remembered Moses. Moses went through forty years in Pharaoh’s palace and forty years of hardship in the wilderness of Midian. He must have imagined the scene in which God appeared to the sorrow-stricken Moses in the burning bush, by the foot of Mount Horeb, and made a new promise.

He could not help recollecting the scene in which Moses met God on Mount Horeb and formed an unchanging bond with him, as well as the scene in which God and Moses made a relationship, through God’s providence to eradicate the enemy Satan from the universe. He could not help recalling the loyalty of Moses in serving the Will. Continue reading “Don’t Forget the Gravity of Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration”