We Will Substantially Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1939

The direction of world civilization will develop as it circles around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt, to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Britain, and reached the continental civilization of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan, and ultimately culminating in the pen- insular civilization of Korea to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is a profound one, and it will lead to a new world. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 720

    Good and evil spirits are fighting each other even in the spirit world. There’s a battle going on in that world too. Good spirits battle continually to lead evil spirits to good places, and evil spirits are doing everything they can to prevent good spirits from going to good places.
    Evil spirits are connected to Satan, and people living on earth today are under their influence. Why is that? Regardless of whether they were good or evil, all our ancestors passed away to the spirit world. Good spirits stand on the good side, not because they are completely good from God’s point of view, but because they have set the condition of having distanced themselves from satanic influence on earth.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The True Parent and the Completed Testament Age
(Completion, Conclusion and Finalization of the Providence of Restoration Through Indemnity)

God’s Providence of Restoration

    Adam and Eve fell, becoming false parents and creating a false family centered on Satan.
    The Center of the Providence of Restoration is the Appearance of God’s
Son, the Messiah.  The providence of restoration is divided into 3 eras, namely the Old, New and Completed Testament eras.
   The messiah comes in the capacity of God’s son. The messiah is the seed of true love. He finds the Principle, lives the Principle and perfects the substance of God’s word.
    We are now in the era of the Providence where we will substantially build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through teaching absolute sexual ethics, receiving the Blessing of Marriage and doing Home Church.
    See slides 45 to 48 below:

The Invisible Hand that Guides Us

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1935

Wasn’t America the land of the Indi-
ans? When I went to Hawaii, I thought,
“Wow, I have never seen such a place in
this world!” Thirty percent of the people
are Japanese, and only twenty-nine per-
cent are white. This is why they say that
the white people are being persecuted.
When I heard that remark, I didn’t feel
so bad. If I had said, “Hey, you Japa-
nese people! See that indemnity is paid
for the opposition that I have received
in America!”, then how efficiently they
would have seen to it. But I realized that
they would expel all the white people
there, so I thought, “This will not do.”
Soon I concluded, “If I marry the chil-
dren of those families that form thir-
ty percent of the population, with the
children of the families belonging to
twenty-nine percent of the population,
then they will be completely united.” I
also realized how simple the providence
for restoration would be if everything
was transferred to the American con-
tinent. That is why I am building cen-
ters of operation, purchasing boats, and
making preparations to live in Hawaii. I
intend to go to Hawaii. Believe me, the
Pacific civilization is coming! (216-275,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2025

You have come here with the inten-
tion to follow me, but you listen to your
own words and think, “I hate Home
Church. I will only go where True Father
goes.” You should not do this. Even if
your father is the president, you can’t
inherit his things without doing some-
thing? In order for you to become presi-
dent, you need to lay a foundation that
will enable you to become a president.
Even if you are born as the Crown Prince
of a nation, in order to become the King,
you must learn all the rules and regula-
tions that will enable you to be a King.
You need to do these things.

Richard:  Home Church, which is a providence where you serve 360 homes in your neighborhood and connect them to God and His Will, is an eternal providence that all people must go through.

Let Us Halt in Our Steps and Behold the One Who Is Protecting Us

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 8, 1959

Psalm 121

Though a person may have claimed, “I am happy, successful and a great victor,” there still remains a far greater happiness which has never been attained by anyone. We must understand that no matter how successful or wealthy one may boast about being, there still remains far greater success and far greater wealth which have never been attained by anyone.

In the last days of history, today, Heaven is searching for us, and we are seeking Heaven. We can imagine how great is the happiness we do not know, how great the success we can achieve. We can imagine that there is something about which we can sing in joy and boast proudly like no one in history.

What people rejoice over now is not complete happiness or full success. These are only transitory phenomena. Those who are intoxicated with them are truly pitiful.

Jesus said, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?” (Matthew 16:26) The life he referred to is not life inside the realm of the fall. What is that life? It is the life which connects us directly to the life of the Creator. We must understand that Jesus’ words refer to the precious human life which can link with God’s original love and the love of the original nature. Continue reading “The Invisible Hand that Guides Us”