In Order to Go Over Even One Stage, A Price Called an Indemnity Condition Must Be Paid

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Numbers 10

17 The sacred tent had been taken down, and the Gershonites and the Merarites carried it, marching behind the Judah camp.

1 Chronicles 6

74-75 The Gershonites received four towns from the tribe of Asher: Mashal, Abdon, Hukok, and Rehob, including the pastureland around them. 76 Finally, the Gershonites received three towns from the tribe of Naphtali: Kedesh in Galilee, Hammon, and Kiriathaim, including the pastureland around them.

Richard: The Gershonites are Levites, who assist the priests in caring for the Tabernacle that contains the Word, the tablets with the Ten Commandments. This is interesting, as Stacey and I are caring for land and caring for the Word of the Completed Testament, including this Daily Inspiration ministry.


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Nature has its causes, its directives, and it moves in cycles seeking for results. In the course of its cycles, complex directives are gathered together and mature as completed things. The universe rotates. History likewise moves in cycles, even as it progresses. The four seasons revolve—spring, summer, fall and winter. From this perspective, how can the theory of evolution be correct when it calls only for linear progress? Why shouldn’t the process be cyclical?
     Recognition that the world is continually revolving may have led to the belief of reincarnation. It provides some reason for the belief that human beings are transformed into animals, insects or plants [and then rise again as humans] as the universe makes its revolutions. (94:11-12, June 19, 1977)
Regardless of time and place, religious people as well as all the other people live in circumstances where they are intertwined with the spirit world according to its karma. This is an indubitable fact of human life. People in every age, whether or not they believe in a religion, witness the fact through dreams and other mysterious experiences. (131:167, May 1, 1984)
Why should we return to earth? Because our relationships were bound on earth; therefore, they should be loosed on earth. Religions such as Buddhism call such phenomena reincarnation. However, an ascended saint like Buddha or Confucius can appear in spirit at any moment. Therefore, it cannot be that the actual Buddha returns as another person. Phenomena that can be mistaken for reincarnation take place when a person who has not completed his responsibility in a certain field descends through returning resurrection to fulfill it by utilizing another individual. (91:276-77, February 27, 1977)
The Buddhist theory of reincarnation does not see the whole picture; it recognizes only one aspect of returning resurrection. Spirits in the spirit world want to benefit through returning to earthly people.
    But for the Human Fall, humans would be creatures of great value, having dominion over the angelic world and the universe. Instead, because of the Fall they plummeted down, even several levels below zero. It remains for them to return to the original position, but it cannot be done all at once. They should go through many stages, step by step…
    In order to go over even one stage, a price, called an indemnity condition, must be paid. Suppose a person cooperated in God’s providence to reach a certain point. Yet he or she cannot automatically rise to a next stage. There may be an indemnity period, requiring a principled number such as 7 years, 40 years, 70 years, or even several centuries. Since that person cannot be elevated any further until the indemnity period has matured, he or she passes on to the spirit world. That person, now a spirit, would then want an earthly person, let’s call him A, to complete laying the foundation. Then if that person also dies before fulfilling it, he would work through another person, B, whom he had chosen. Thus the same spirit cooperates with both person A and person B.
    For example, suppose the spirit is Saint Paul. For Saint Paul to be elevated to a higher level, he has to return to someone of his choosing on earth, person A. However, if person A dies without fulfilling his mission, he will have to return again to a person B and cooperate with him. If this person B finally completes his mission on earth, then the spirit, Saint Paul, can resurrect to a higher level.         There must be an indemnity period based on principled numbers. This period cannot be completed in a short time. Thus, if even person B, the second person chosen for the mission, does not complete it, the spirit will have to return through returning resurrection to assist yet a third person, person C. Some people might regard person C as the reincarnation of Saint Paul. At the same time, if person B had left some writings or special works, people might claim that he was the reincarnation of Saint Paul…
    In such a way, the spirit of Saint Paul might come down and work with a number of different people throughout the world. Some people, seeing the phenomenon superficially, call it reincarnation. But if they could grasp the whole picture they would not regard it so. (54:277-79, March 26, 1972)

There is No Such Thing as a Return to This Life for the Punishment of Souls

Pictures from the March for President Trump

10s of Thousands rallied to Stop the Fraud, count only legal votes and support President Trump on November 14, 2020. I loved the fiery Latino speaker ‘Remember the Alamo, we have only just begun to fight!’. Many incoming Congressmen and women spoke. They are on fire. We will prevail.
The atmosphere was beautiful and supportive. I saw about 3 (yes, one, two three) counter protesters and I estimate 30,000 to 50,000 or more supporters of President Trump.
The mainstream news reports were pitiful. You should have been there!

The Richard Urban Show:
#70 The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics-Part 7 with Philip Sharp
#69 Video: Constitutional Crisis-Massive Voting Fraud Rocks Nation
     Editorial: Constitutional Crisis-Massive Voting Fraud Rocks Nation

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1919

For this reason, when the era of the
Pacific civilization draws near, every-
body must become one. Then we can
explore outer space. Unless people
become one, they would even fight over
the ownership of the sun, with everyone
claiming that right. They would ask who
the master of the starry realm is and
they would all claim to be the one. They
are bound to fight among each other.
Our sun is about 1.3 million times larg-
er than the earth. How could human
beings, who don’t even amount to a tiny
speck, claim to own this vast entity?
The universe would roar with laughter.
A unified world is bound to appear in
the era of the Pacific civilization. That
is why everything must be overhauled.
Democracy in America does not work,
and neither does communism. That is
why the head-wing ideology, known as
Godism, must appear in this age. (207-46,

Richard This is very similar to the Rheama from three days ago. Godism is the God-centered thought taught by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. At the core of that is the teaching on absolute sexual ethics that I have been covering in my 10 part series on the Richard Urban Show. You can find the teaching of the Original Root Substance of the Principle, the teaching of the Unification Movement and Rev. Moon here.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1242

You must understand how impor-
tant the Blessing is from a providential
point of view. God’s Blessing is received
where the Kingdom of Heaven on earth
and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit
world meet. It is the place where the eter-
nal world and the corporeal world meet
horizontally. (Blessed Family – 544)

Richard: Find out more about the Blessing here.


Belief in Reincarnation is common to the religions born in India: Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. this is the belief that the individual soul passes from one earthly life to another, each life conditioned on the deeds of the previous lives. Differences in fortune, wealth, social position, and endowments are the consequences of actions done in previous lives. as the cosmos revolves in its cycles, the wheel of samsara turns for each human being as he or she rises and falls through countless births and deaths—sometimes as humans, sometimes as animals or even insects.
    On the other hand, Christianity largely rejects reincarnation, holding that God provides everyone the opportunity for salvation within a single lifetime. even the buddha spoke against easy reliance on reincarnation as a comfort to misbehaving sinners, thinking that they could easily obtain a second chance.
    According to the doctrine of reincarnation, souls have the opportunity to progress to the ultimate goal of perfection only when they are incarnated as human beings. thus, spirits seek out human bodies in which to be reincarnated, in hopes of a chance to right wrongs and make progress on the path. Father Moon also teaches that spirits can only progress while linked to a human body. however, instead of souls transmigrating from one body to another, he describes a process of spirits descending to cooperate with earthly people, which he calls “returning resurrection.” through assisting people on earth who face similar difficulties, spirits can resolve their unfinished business and be liberated to rise to a higher level. sometimes this is a painful and even pun-ishing encounter for earthly people, who have to deal with ancestors whose agonizing experiences they never imagined. believers in reincarnation simply misconstrue the spirits’ thoughts and experiences as if they were their own deeds in an earlier lifetime. regardless of where the truth lies, to see oneself as inextricably bound up with the lives of others—extending from the distant past into the future endless future—leads to an attitude of humility and patient endurance.

According to his deeds (karma) the embodied
    one successively
Assumes forms in various conditions.
Coarse and fine, many in number,
The embodied one chooses forms according to
    his own qualities.
Each subsequent cause of his union with them
    is seen to be
Because of the quality of his acts and of
    Svetasvatara Upanishad 5.11-12 (Hinduism)

The universe is peopled by manifold creatures
who are, in this round of rebirth, born in differ-
ent families and castes for having done various

Sometimes they go to the world of the gods,
sometimes to the hells, sometimes they become
demons in accordance with their actions.

Sometimes they become soldiers, or outcastes
and untouchables, or worms or moths….

Thus, living beings of sinful actions, who are
born again and again in ever-recurring births,
are not disgusted with the round of rebirth, but
they are like warriors, never tired of the battle
of life.

Bewildered through the influence of their
actions, distressed and suffering pains, they
undergo misery in non-human births.

But by the cessation of karma, perchance, living
beings will reach in due time a pure state and be
born as men.
    Uttaradhyayana Sutra 3.1-7 (Jainism)

“Frequently I have been born in a high family,
frequently in a low one; I am not mean, nor
noble, nor do I desire social preferment.” Thus
reflecting, who would brag about his family or
about his glory, or for what should he long?
Therefore a wise man should neither be glad nor
angry about his lot: he should know and con-
sider about the happiness of all living creatures.
Carefully conducting himself, he should mind
this: “I will always experience blindness, deaf-
ness, dumbness, be one-eyed, hunchbacked,
black, white, and every color; because of my
carelessness I am born in many births, experi-
ence many feelings.”
    Acarangasutra 2.50-55 (Jainism)

There is no such thing as a return to this life for
the punishment of souls… How can the return to
bodies which are gifts of God be punishment?
    Saint Augustine, City of God 12.27 (Christianity)

Sooner, do I declare, would a one-eyed turtle, if
he were to pop up to the surface of the sea only
once at the end of every hundred years, chance
to push his neck though a yoke with one hole
than would a fool, who has once gone to the
Downfall, be reborn as a man.
    Samyutta Nikaya 5.455 (Buddhism)