The Sexual Organ is the Most Holy Place

Deuteronomy 10

When I had taken the second set of stones up the mountain, I spent forty days and nights there, just as I had done before. Once again, the Lord answered my prayer and did not destroy you. 11 Instead, he told me, “Moses, get ready to lead the people into the land that I promised their ancestors.”[c]

Richard:  I think that God is giving us a reprieve from around 1991 when we were supposed to be Tribal Messiahs and actually create a community of believers centered upon absolutely good sex (abstinence before and faithfullness in marriage) and the Blessing of marriage.  Now we can do that again, but only if we grab the opportunity.  Our specialty at VisionRoot is building systems for to help people succeed in their business/ministry.  One is  Another is

Jeremiah 35

I, the Lord All-Powerful, the God of Israel, want you to learn a lesson 14 from the Rechabite clan. Their ancestor Jonadab told his descendants never to drink wine, and to this very day they have obeyed him. But I have spoken to you over and over, and you haven’t obeyed me! 15 You refused to listen to my prophets, who kept telling you, “Stop doing evil and worshiping other gods! Start obeying the Lord, and he will let you live in this land he gave your ancestors.”



July 28, 1991
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York

I looked toward America’s future and saw only darkness. You don’t how much I agonized over this situation. Someone had to bring enlightenment to this dark atmosphere. But one cannot find that kind of light in the established Christian world. The American government, American families and young people have no hope. Who can save this situation? Only Almighty God! Man’s power is used up! Look around you-communism and democracy are fighting. Now Unificationists proclaim, “We will make the parents’ path, resolving the fighting.”

So, to help humanity’s miserable situation you need Parentship, centering on God and True Parents. You need True Parents to clean up Satan’s love, Satan’s life, and Satan’s blood lineage foundation.

What is the connecting place between man and woman? The sexual organ! That organ was originally to be God’s love palace! Love, life and lineage palace are combined into one foundation – man’s sexual organ. It is meant to be the holiest place. Only after the fall did it become the most dirty place. God put it in a protected part of the body, like a hidden construction. God is such a genius!

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