Every One Who Looks at a Woman Lustfully Has Already Committed Adultery

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Zecheriah 10

I will strengthen
the kingdoms of Judah
    and Israel.[a]
And I will show mercy
because I am the Lord,
    their God.
I will answer their prayers
    and bring them home.
Then it will seem as though
    I had never rejected them.
Israel[b] will be like
a tribe of warriors
    celebrating with wine.
When their children see this,
they will also be happy
    because of me, the Lord.

Ezekiel 27

31 they shave their heads
and dress in sackcloth
    as they cry in despair.
32 In their grief they sing
    a funeral song for you:
“Tyre, you were greater
    than all other cities.
But now you lie in silence
    at the bottom of the sea.

Richard: Once great cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC are being destroyed by mayors who will not enforce the law. But even worse, these mayors have pushed a godless agenda of promoting homosexuality and expelling people of faith: Listen to the Richard Urban Show: https://www.visionroot.org/2020/06/04/will-we-seek-blessing-and-love-or-anarchy-and-chaos/ .

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2

Truth and Universal Law

The Ten Commandments

Say, Come, I will recite what God has made a
sacred duty for you:
Ascribe nothing as equal with Him;
Be good to your parents;
Kill not your children on a plea of want—
we provide sustenance for you and for them;
Approach not lewd behavior whether open
or in secret,
Take not life, which God has made sacred,
except by way of justice and law. Thus does He
command you, that you may learn wisdom.
And approach not the property of the
orphan, except to improve it, until he attains
the age of maturity.
Give full measure and weight, in justice—
No burden do we place on any soul but that
which it can bear.
And if you give your word, do it justice, even
if a near relative is concerned; and fulfill your
obligations before God. Thus does He command you, that you may remember.
Verily, this is my straight Path: follow it, and
do not follow other paths which will separate
you from His Path. Thus does He command
you, that you may be righteous.
Qur’an 6.151-53

Seven precepts were commanded to the chil-
dren of Noah: social laws [civil justice]; to
refrain from blasphemy; idolatry; adultery;
bloodshed; robbery; and eating flesh cut from a
living animal. 8
Talmud, Sanhedrin 56a (Judaism)

You have heard that it was said to the men of
old, “You shall not kill; and whoever kills shall
be liable to judgment.” But I say to you that
every one who is angry with his brother shall be
liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother
shall be liable to the council, and whoever says,
“You fool!” shall be liable to the hell of fire…
You have heard that it was said, “You shall
not commit adultery.” But I say to you that every
one who looks at a woman lustfully has already
committed adultery with her in his heart.
Matthew 5.21-22, 27-28

Forgiveness, humility, straightforwardness,
purity, truthfulness, self-restraint, austerity,
renunciation, non-attachment and chastity
are the ten duties.
Tatthvarthasutra 9.6 (Jainism)

Not killing, no longer stealing, forsaking the
wives of others, refraining completely from false, divisive, harsh and senseless speech, forsaking covetousness, harmful intent and the views of Nihilists—these are the ten white paths of action, their opposites are black.
Nagarjuna, Precious Garland 8-9 (Buddhism)

Nonviolence, truthfulness, not stealing, purity,
control of the senses—this, in brief, says Manu,
is the Dharma for all the four castes. 9
Laws of Manu 10.63 (Hinduism)

The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the ces-
sation of suffering is this Noble Eightfold Path,
namely: right view, right aspiration, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.
What is right view? Knowledge of suffering,
knowledge of the arising of suffering, knowledge of the cessation of suffering, knowledge of the path leading to the cessation of suffering—this is called right view.
What is right aspiration? Aspiration for
renunciation, aspiration for non-malevolence,
aspiration for harmlessness—this is called right
What is right speech? Refraining from
lying speech, refraining from slanderous speech,
refraining from harsh speech, refraining from
gossip—this is called right speech.
What is right action? Refraining from
violence against creatures, refraining from
taking what has not been given, refraining from
going wrongly among the sense-pleasures, this is
called right action.
What is right livelihood? A disciple of the
Noble Ones, getting rid of a wrong mode of
livelihood, makes his living by a right mode of
livelihood. This is called right livelihood.
What is right effort? A monk generates
desire, effort, stirs up energy, exerts his mind
and strives for the non-arising of evil unskilled
states that have not arisen… for the getting rid
of evil unskilled states that have arisen… for the
arising of skilled states that have not arisen…
for the maintenance and completion of skilled
states that have arisen. This is called right
What is right mindfulness? A monk fares
along contemplating the body in the body… the
feelings in the feelings… the mind in the mind…
the mental states in the mental states… ardent,
clearly conscious of them, mindful of them so as

to control the covetousness and dejection in the
world. This is called right mindfulness.
And what is right concentration? A monk,
aloof from the pleasures of the senses, aloof from
unskilled states of mind, enters on and abides
in the first meditation which is accompanied by
initial thought and discursive thought, is born
of aloofness, is rapturous and joyful. By allaying initial thought and discursive thought, with the mind subjectively tranquilized and fixed on one point, he enters on and abides in the second meditation which is devoid of initial thought and discursive thought, is born of concentration, and is rapturous and joyful. By the fading out of rapture… he enters on and abides in the third meditation… the fourth meditation. This is called right concentration.
Majjhima Nikaya 3.251-52:
The Eight-Fold Path (Buddhism)

There are five universal ways in human rela-
tions… those governing the relationship
between ruler and minister, between father and
son, between husband and wife, between elder
and younger brothers, and those in the inter-
course between friends. These five are the uni-
versal ways in the world.
Doctrine of the Mean 20.79 (Confucianism)

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