We Have to Recognize and Abide by Three Immutable Laws

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President Trump did the right thing by going to St. Johns’ Episcopal Church with a Bible. Terrance Floyd told people not to riot and destroy their communities, yet protests and riots continue. What is behind this chaos?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 321

The birds living in the north fly south
to raise their young, and the birds liv-
ing in the south fly north to raise theirs;
this migrating back and forth follows a
rhythm. Since they were born there, the
birds return to the place of their birth to
have their young. Fish living in cold water
lay their eggs in warm water and fish liv-
ing in warm water can only lay their eggs
in cold water. A harmonious unity of yin
and yang must be established. That is
why they migrate. (132-74, 1984.5.20)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1474

As an absolute being with an abso-
lute ideal for His creation, God pursues
beings who can relate to Him with abso-
lute value. This is something that cannot
be exchanged for anything in this world.
A being that can relate to God has a val-
ue that is greater than that of God Him-
self. The term “the value of one’s coun-
terpart” seems difficult to comprehend.
The value of a partner, of any being as a
counterpart, is so great that it cannot be
exchanged for anything or anyone, even
for God. God cannot exchange it with
Himself, for if He did, He would be left
alone as a result. He would be left all by

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2

Truth and Universal Law

The Ten Commandments

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Heavenly law leads humanity to pursue goodness by setting up divine commandments and moral teachings. Without a doubt, Heaven reveals them for our education… Heaven has prompted saints and sages to propound moral teachings for pitiful humanity immersed in fallen life; thus [Confucius taught] the Three Bonds and the Five Moral Disciplines10 in human relations, and Moses introduced the Ten Commandments. Numerous people on the spiritual path toiled to establish these ways of life. (7:16-23, July 5, 1959)

From now on, we have to recognize and abide by three immutable laws:
The first law: Do not defile the blood lineage, even at the point of death. The blessed blood lineage that has been bequeathed through God’s love and life must not be contaminated by actions immersed in the habitual patterns of the fallen world. Can you abide by this rule? All couples, even if your spouse is deceased, must pledge today that you will not defile your lineage.
The second law: Do not infringe upon human rights. Whether female or male, black or white, everyone is equal. One must not discriminate or violate human rights, [for example] by dismissing a person from his post out of a wrong motivation… The person that practices true love, honoring human rights in the correct way, living for the sake of others, is in the mainstream. The creation of heaven and earth began from that point. Whoever commits an act that dilutes or squanders this main current of thought is not to be tolerated. Violation of this is the second of all sins.
The third law: Refrain from stealing money or misusing public funds for selfish purposes. [For example,] if you are entrusted with a public mission but slack off and leave your post, then your stay in an expensive hotel is a violation of this law. It is destroying the public environment. It is something as fearful as misappropriating national assets. People who live this way can never be successful no matter how hard they try. Even if they pray hard, their prayers will not reach God.
Seventy percent of the people in jail are there because they violated these commandments. If you are imprisoned, you will see it is true. Human rights infringements and lineage violations are problems that concern man and woman. Then come the money problems.
What’s the first law? Keep your purity! Second? Don’t abuse human rights! Third? Don’t misuse public money! On this historic day, I declare that keeping these laws is absolutely necessary to maintain the sovereign power and kingship of heaven, and to stand before it as a people, and as parents, wives, children, and brothers and sisters.
Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is handicapped. In the secular world people may not care, but we cannot neglect in-laws or relatives. If you who graduated from a university neglect those who only completed high school, it is a sin. These are violations of human rights.
You should live a good life. Can you live a good life by yourself? No, you should live with others. Within an environment governed by God’s official laws, with whom should you live to be living a good life? The answer is simple. You should have good relationships between parents and children, between husband and wife, and among siblings…
When you are exemplary to one another, it can be called a good life. If you are not a good example, you are not living a good life. Live a good life by being exemplary in front of your parents, your spouse and your children.
Even if you are accused as a traitor and executed in public view, if you keep these commandments absolutely, your family will belong to the heavenly royal family that possesses eternal freedom, unity and liberation.
I want you to remember this clearly. Keep it as a motto, the motto of the third millennium: Pure lineage, equality of human rights, and guarding public assets—do not be a thief. What is next? Be an example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, exemplary child and exemplary sibling. If you form such a family, people in your neighborhood will say, “We should follow that person. I want to live with him.” That person is surely a citizen of Kingdom of Heaven, and Heaven will remember that family forever.
I explained to you on this historic day, the day of the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship, the three most important things that humankind must uphold and by which you can be truly liberated in your family and in your nation. I hope you can remember these contents and keep them as the goals of your life. (January 13, 2001)

Couples must never fall. If they do, it is a serious problem. I cannot emphasize this enough. Next, you should love human beings. Third, you should be careful not to misuse public funds. Matters of heart, relationships with human beings, and with material are very important. When the Heavenly Constitution is installed, [these will be its] first provisions. (169:217, October 31, 1987)

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