Good and Evil Started from Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

We know that the peninsular nations surrounded by sea are where the important civilizations in history blossomed. Many religious beliefs and ideologies emerged from peninsular nations and guided the spiritual realm of humanity. These include the Greek philosophy that began on the Balkan peninsula; the Christian culture that blossomed in the Italian peninsula; the Hindu culture and philosophy of India; the Islamic culture from the Arabian peninsula; the Buddhist culture that bore fruit in the peninsulas of southeast Asia; the art of navigation from the Iberian peninsula; and the Nordic culture from the Scandinavian peninsula. In this way, we can see that the peninsular nations exerted the greatest influence on the cultural history of the world. (279-208, 1996.8.20

Richard: Florida is a peninsula. Governor Ron DeSantis would be a good presidential candidate for 2024. President Trump would be a great vice presidential candidate.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1084

Did Jesus go through adolescence or not? Did Jesus not also go through adolescence? What kind of adolescence did he have? The one of “thinking of spring” or the one of “the death of spring”? He did not have the kind in which he whistled at girls. He went through adolescence with the character meaning “thinking of spring.” (57-159, 1972.5.31)

Good and Evil

2. Good or Evil Is Determined by the Intention of the Heart

Out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a man.
    Matthew 15.19-20

How can activity be good or wicked? That which is performed with good intention is good; and that which is performed with evil intention is wicked… That which purifies the soul or by which the soul is purified, is merit—producing a happy feeling. That which keeps the soul away from good is demerit—producing an unhappy feeling.
    Pujyapada, Sarvarthasiddhi 6.3 (Jainism)

If a person has no wound in his hand, he may carry poison in it. Poison does not affect him, for he has no wound. There is no ill for him who acts without intent to do wrong.
    Dhammapada 124 (Buddhism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Originally good and evil started from one point; that one point is love. (26:282, November 10, 1969)
Analyze yourself: you have a dual structure. The conscience is in the position of good, while the body is in the position of evil. (227:46, February 10, 1992)
Good or evil can come to existence depending on the direction and the way of your mind. The direction and way of your mind will make the distinction between good and evil. (37:116, December 23, 1970)
A nation’s constitution, which is inspired by its highest ideals, is the basis for determining right and wrong, good and evil within a nation. Likewise, as regards our own behavior, we need some basis or standard for distinguishing right from wrong. Think about it. How can someone who is always drunk determine whether his drinking is good or bad? He cannot be his own standard. This is the case for all of us. We find all kinds of justifications for everything we do, whether good or bad. How can we judge rightly?
    Today throughout the world people do many evil things and justify them based on their own way of thinking. Hence, the world is in chaos. This state of affairs will continue as long as there is not a clear and accepted standard of good and evil. There should be one standard, and it should be absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. (March 1, 1981)

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