God Rejoices When We Testify to Him with an Earnest Heart

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2104

The path of God, who has been paving the way of the tradition of love, is one full of suffering. We have to walk this path because we are to inherit the tradition God has been establishing. I don’t enjoy watching you suffer. You should keep in mind that God has been preparing with painful efforts and devotion to bless you unconditionally. Glory comes only when you receive the inheritance in that place. Isn’t this so? Glory comes only when you inherit from your enemy. God dwells there. Since it has been spread through the cross, it must be reaped by going the way of the cross again. You should know this. Since it was spread through suffering, it must be reaped through suffering. (150-209, 1961.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1224

As far as I know, there is no way you can unite mind and body when rising to a high position. If you rise to the top with a lofty mindset, there is no way to be united. You must be trampled on. Even in my case, God has been trampling on me with His feet for forty years now, so that I would not rise high. Since He’s been doing that, all my aspirations to rise were stirred up and I could unite with Him. You must be cursed at, trampled upon, and mistreated wherever you go, like Kim Sat-gat who roamed all over the Korean peninsula. But even in such circumstances you must discover yourself and be able to digest everything with joy. (144-255, 1986.4.25)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

By witnessing through the Divine Principle, we are carrying out a movement to revive love. [We are building] the world of heart, which transcends time and space. Our words and our prayers are ultimately for the sake of love. Let us realize the ideal of love—that is perfection. (33:69, August 8, 1970)

God rejoices when we testify to Him with an earnest heart. God desires to work through good people to save every human soul from the world of death. God would not withhold anything from people who understand this deep wish of Heaven—and who take it upon themselves to resolve the grief in God’s heart by shouldering the burden in God’s place, fighting to save people, and declaring God’s heart to the world. (8:259, January 17, 1960)

Witnessing means inducing people to leave the satanic world with a smile and follow the heavenly path. It is guiding them to the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot force people to come; people are spiritual beings… Give your utmost love to them and cry with painful heart in order to raise them one by one and persuade them to follow the path of God’s providence. (50:279, November 8, 1971)

Witness with the heart of Heavenly Father looking for His lost child. (10:219, October 14, 1960)

Witnessing is about loving someone else’s child more than your own children and loving people who are not of your community more than your own people. You love them as you would your siblings and your children, more than anyone else in the fallen world would. You are Abel, and your victory in loving Cain—loving him according to Abel’s standard of faith—brings Cain to heaven. You should think to receive your blessings after he does. (93:281, May 19, 1994)

Loving your brothers like God loves them opens the way to the Kingdom of God. You are trying to follow True Father. With such a mind, help your brothers follow me. From this viewpoint, the one who teaches the highest, quickest and best way to go to the Kingdom of God is neither God nor True Father, but your brother. (66:125, April 18, 1973)

Although God loves you, if you are not so proud of God’s words that you want to shout them out to the cosmos, then you cannot really stand as a child of God. (22:205, February 4, 1969)

Before we can educate others about God, eternal life and true love, we should know them ourselves. Then, no matter what others say, we can speak of them from our own experience. We should speak from the facts that we know, and not merely repeat what others have said. That is how we can come closer to God and become central figures. We need to obtain this, if we are to bring many others to participate in the heavenly world and digest the remnants of the satanic world. (205:130-31, July 29, 1990)

May all those who follow Thy heart be as candles lighting the five continents, lighthouses on the great sea. May we become witnesses—knowing the mission we shoulder, ready to testify to Thy deep heart, and going forward as incarnations of Thy love. (86:91, March 7, 1976)

Jesus shed tears of compassion for the people on earth, even after suffering injustice and mistreatment at their hands. In the Last Days there must emerge many believers who will do the same.
    When you meet a good person, love and serve him well. When you make the acquaintance of bad people, be worried and anxious for their sake. Go forward bearing a cross for each of them, for the sake of creating heavenly families, a heavenly society and world. Persevere while embodying the heart of Jesus Christ, and be victorious in fulfilling the Will of God. (1:254-55, November 25, 1956)

Let God lead your way. Then you will feel the heart of God in front of you, leading you always. In such a state you can teach a crowd, no matter how large. God will coach you, and you will speak in spite of yourself. You hear what you are saying, but at the same time you marvel at what you say. In that state of mind, everything happens spontaneously. Every movement of your body and every facial expression is natural and in sync with your spoken words. Continue to have such experiences, and a life-giving movement will arise from your labors. (96:168, January 3, 1978)

Sometimes you feel a spiritual connection to a person passing by. You feel something familiar about him even though you see him for the first time. You think, “Have I met that man before?” Do not miss this opportunity. Approach him and make a connection. That person is absolutely necessary for you. Speak to him with your utmost sincerity; invest your heart for him more than you ever did for God, and do not let go of him. Then you will form an inseparable relationship. By this method, you will expand the base of love that bonds all of your companions. If you do this often, you will become a bearer of grace and draw near to the Kingdom of Heaven. (308:213, January 5, 1999)

When you experience the living God, you will go out witnessing even if people tell you not to do so. It is because witnessing produces the most stimulating and new results. If you carry on a sincere conversation with ten people, all ten will become new people. After that, go to church and pray. See what happens: when they make progress, you will also advance. (30:154, March 21, 1970)

As you wake at dawn, pray and shed tears for the people of your district… You will find yourself shedding tears, because you realize that when God looks down upon that village, He too is weeping, knowing that everyone there is heading toward hell. When you enter a state of resonance with God’s sorrowful heart, then the whole spirit world will be mobilized to help you. (96:282, February 13, 1978)

     May we awaken this people which is asleep,
     that they may become Thy sons and daughters.
     We appeal to Thee:
     May we save all the people of the world,
     being swallowed by the darkness. (2:335, August 4, 1957)

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