It Is Hard to Follow Your Call

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2388

The very first condition of the Unification Church is the unity between mind and body. That is why God has commanded absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience when He created heaven and earth. If we speak, things happen substantially according to our faith. If they do not happen, then we can make them happen through investing effort. No matter how great they may be, they all come about as we command. They are accomplished because we invest more than is hoped for. (400-203, 2003.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 429

God created a man and a woman. He intended for them to reach perfection, marry, become established as the heavenly husband and wife, and live in the heavenly kingdom. God’s plan was to make Adam and Eve the first husband and wife in history and establish the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon their relationship. If this plan had been realized, God’s first two blessings, to be fruitful and to multiply, would have been achieved then and there. God gave Adam and Eve the power to multiply His children. Had they not fallen, they would never have passed sin on to humankind. Their children would have been born without sin and would have grown to perfection as sinless beings. What else would have occurred? By giving birth to such sinless children, Adam and Eve would have become the true father and true mother of humankind centering on God. They would have become the True Parents. (Blessed Family – 319)

Call and Mission

2. Efforts and Hardships of the Mission

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Living a life of faith presents many challenges. No doubt you received a call, but the question is: are you following it? It is hard to follow your call. It is even harder to be loyal and filial to God. (40:86, January 24, 1971)When following the path of God’s calling, you will surely face internal struggles. You who are called must be skillful in sorting them out. Since you are responsible for many people, if you make a misstep a large number may perish and you will have created a huge problem. Therefore, you should not act hastily or carelessly. Do not be overly joyful when you see something good, and do not grieve too much when you see something bad. You should always straighten your mind, sort out right from wrong, and move forward with care. (40:98-99, January 24, 1971)

 May we may be intoxicated with our sense of mission, that we might receive Heaven’s commands and fulfill our responsibilities completely. To establish Heaven’s Will on earth, let us become sons and daughters who know only to fight without resting or deviating, who know the laws of Heaven and the laws of this cosmic battle, and who will represent the unchanging Center, until the glory of restoration and the ideal of the eternal God are revealed in all things of creation. (2:180, April 14, 1957)

After receiving the call to walk the way of God’s Will, you should always search with sincerity for the objective you are meant to fulfill. I am moving forward with the entire problem of the providence of restoration; that path is not peaceful. I have to surmount many disturbing and ever-changing situations, beyond anything I could have imagined when I started.
    As you walk this way, purge your mind of greed and rid your heart of pride. It is impossible to succeed with the mind of “I am going to try this; I am going to attempt that.” Even if your plan succeeds, it may contradict the Providence since it was planned from a human perspective. (40:77, January 24, 1971)

Father! Thou knowest the direction that we, Thy sons and daughters, should go; Thou knowest the path we shall have to walk. Our minds do not begin from within ourselves, for we have been chosen as Thy helpers, not for ourselves. Since it is for others and for Thee, Father, we pray Thou wilt take dominion over our hearts and not let them change to the very end. (6:62, March 29, 1959)

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