The Things of the Evil World Do Not Lead Us to the Gate of Happiness

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2226

    Do they not say that young people in this world cannot forget their first love? As none of you have been married, you may not know it, but I am telling you that first love is unforgettable.
    The relationship between God and humankind is that of parent and child, and God can never disown those sons and daughters who are remembered as having practiced filial piety. This is because they stood in a better position than Adam and Eve. Did Adam and Eve become filial children? They did not. What is the path of becoming a filial child? In order to tread that path, it is necessary to live according to the will of the Father. A person who is not doing so cannot become a filial child. (57-153, 1972.5.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1337

In 1961, the 33 Couples Blessing Ceremony was held amid great confusion and chaos. We finally had to have someone stand guard at the door before we could go through with the ceremony. Nevertheless, I did everything I had to, regardless of how much noise the protestors were making. The parents of the 33 Couples came swarming about the place, shouting all kinds of insults at us and creating a continuous uproar. Some went so far as to send dozens of anonymous letters to the court of justice demanding I be sent to jail; as a result, I had to appear in court on several occasions. There were twelve people in particular who worked frantically to destroy the Unification Church, sprinkling coal dust all over the place. The Unification Church grew amid such turmoil. We had to lay the groundwork for victory in the same place that people were opposing us. We undertook the daunting task of establishing the foundation for victory amid fierce opposition from all sides. (23-317, 1969.6.8)

Separation from the World

2. Denial of Worldly Comforts and Pleasures

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The things of this evil world do not lead us to the gate of happiness; rather they drive us into the snares of death. (47:49, August 19, 1971)

Heaven’s emotions are in contradiction with humanistic emotions. God does not dwell where people are comfortable, and people must negate themselves to be in accord with Heaven. This is a fact. Therefore, a religion that accommodates itself to the world does not last long. (51:187, November 21, 1971)

In this world where good and evil are ever in opposition, your body pulls you to become evil while your mind pulls you to be good. Hence your mind cannot completely control the body, and you are caught in the middle, constantly going back and forth. You are better off following a religion that places God’s will as absolute; then you can go to a place that is separated from the satanic world. Leave this world beset by the opposition of good and evil, and live a life of putting goodness first in a separated realm. If you practice such a life, then you will live eternally in the good sovereignty in the spirit world. (36:82, November 15, 1970)

In order to accomplish your responsibility, you should stand firm, denying everything that has an emotional connection with Satan—Satan’s love, Satan’s recognition, and Satan’s lineage. Why? When Adam was walking the course to fulfill his portion of responsibility, he carried with him all of Satan’s emotions. That is why he failed. What about you? In seeking to accomplish your portion of responsibility, have you cut off all your emotional attachments to Satan’s world? No, you have not been able to cut them off. Can you accomplish your responsibility without cutting them off? No, you cannot. That is why you must deny yourself. (139:250, January 31, 1986)

Pioneers and people who move history do not seek worldly pleasures. They have the spirit of an explorer who strives to overcome every obstacle on the way to his goal, the promised destination. (7:87, July 19, 1959)

We should be eternally different from the satanic world. We should be 180 degrees opposite. We should have nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, free sex, and homosexuality. Instead, we should be indignant that Satan has destroyed countless good people through these evils, utilizing false love to leave a trail of sorrow through history. We should be indignant that Satan has compelled Heaven to make countless sacrifices. (244:148-49, February 1, 1993)

Many American parents encourage their children to date and worry about them if they do not. On the other hand, I teach, “Do not date! Do not touch women!” Whose teaching is more in line with Heaven? (122:263, November 21, 1982)

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