Woman Was Born to Meet Man, and Vice Versa

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2344

In this way, the elder siblings in the spirit world will come to the physical world and restore all the Blessed Families from the younger sibling’s position to the vertical position, thereby bringing about the age of the great transition of the new heaven and new earth and restoration through exchanging positions. The Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, which was conducted based upon true love, will change the past in which the owners of the horizontal and vertical worlds did not attain oneness in Adam’s family and so could not start together. I am very grateful for Your allowing me to hold this Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families that enabled me to declare the beginning of the realm of the ideal Cheon Il Guk of liberation in God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1505

Woman was born to meet man, and vice versa. When a baby wakes up, it looks for its “mama.” The husband should call his wife more than the baby calls its mother. A person who fails to do so is truly pitiable. The wife should also call her husband more than he does her. They should become such a couple. As husband and wife enjoying the happiness of conjugal harmony, they should call out to each other all the time. If they can live in such a manner forever, they would not envy the young even when they grow old. In the future, I will arrange a world tour for those blessed couples that reach the age of eighty. (23-55, 1969.5.11)



Parental Love

2. Raising Children with Firmness and Love

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Parents can give a general direction to their children and let them solve the detailed problems by themselves. I was a self-supporting student. Tigers let their cubs experience severe trials and harsh discipline in order to rear them to be the kings of the mountain by developing their wild nature. Iron gets stronger by heating. This is an important lesson to think about when educating children. (Blessing and Ideal Family 7.5.5)

No matter how painful a situation your children put you through, when they come to you with tears in their eyes and ask your forgiveness, you must forget all the bad memories and once again put on a happy face. (23:182, May 18, 1969)

What is the essence of love? It is living for others. It is giving what we have to others. Where does love originate? It originates from God. Since God is the Subject of absolute love, He desires to give. That is the essence of His love. When viewed from this perspective, parental love is the closest to the essence of love.
Parental love always strives to give. Although a child turns to wickedness and refuses to listen to his parents, if the parents continue to love him even more than before, the child will repent. Were the parent to reproach the child, saying, “You still don’t recognize my love for you, even though I have invested so much for you that my back is bent!” and strike him with a stick, after three times the child would pack and run away. However, if the parent weeps in front of the child, saying, “Your problems are all because I could not love you enough. It is my fault for not loving you more,” and showers him with still more love, the child’s heart will melt and he will return to the parent. A greater love has the subjective ability to embrace and digest a lesser love. (48:182-83, September 12, 1971)

According to spiritual law, the worst crime is for a parent to neglect or abuse his or her children, driving them into the dungeons of hell. There is no forgiveness for such acts… God could never treat His children that way, so He cannot forgive those who do.
On the other hand, God is moved to see parents who are willing and ready to die for their children. He will say, “You resemble Me; that is the way I have been living, sacrificing everything for My children.” Thus, parents who would die for their children can enter heaven. (93:335, June 17, 1977)

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