True Leadership is Unselfish and Principled

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#117 – An Analysis of President Biden’s Soul of the Nation Speech

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2134

    What we must bear in mind on this meaningful day is that we must all become completely one with God’s heart, and moreover, accomplish His will. As a result of the Fall, human beings fell into spiritual ignorance. This meant humanity was fundamentally ignorant regarding God’s existence, the meaning of life, and the entire universe.
    Accordingly, people did not know how they should live their earthly lives, that there is a spirit world after death, and that the former should properly prepare them for the latter.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1690

4.1.3. Theory of evolution refuted by the logic of love

We need to resolve the issue of evolutionary theory. It is a problem because the concepts of evolution and realism have been used as tools by communism. What is invisible is truly precious. Can you see God, conscience or love? These three invisible and invaluable things are most precious for human beings. Everyone knows they have a conscience, right? Is there anyone who does not have one? Is there anyone who does not have love? However, both of these are invisible to the eye. What happens as a result of being invisible? They can enter anywhere and become one with anything. Could they enter so easily if they were visible? Since they cannot be seen, they can even enter human cells. There is no place they cannot pass through. Such logic will stand. No one can control love. True love cannot be controlled or obstructed even by the universe. (239-68, 1992.11.23)

Leadership and Government

Righteous Leadership

2. A Leader Acts on Principle and at the Sacrifice of Himself

Confucius said: Those rulers whose measures are dictated by mere expediency will arouse continual discontent.
    Analects 4.12 (Confucianism)

Anyone who is to be prime minister must prepare his one heart and two eyes. When the eyes are clear then one can know the honest and the dishonest. When the heart is impartial then one can advance the honest and retire the dishonest.
    Chu Hsi (Confucianism)

Duke Ching of Ch’i asked Confucius about government. Confucius replied saying, “Let the prince be a prince, the minister a minister, the father a father, and the son a son.” The Duke said, “How true! For indeed, when the prince is not a prince, the minister not a minister, the father not a father, the son not a son, one may have a dish of millet in front of one and yet not know if one will live to eat it.”
    Analects 12.11 (Confucianism)
Footnote:  This passage gives the Confucian doctrine of Rectification of Names. In other
words, an office-holder is obligated to live up to the moral standards of his office. 

The closest to Allah and most loved by Him in the hereafter is the just governor, and the farthest from Allah and most hated by Him is the aggressive and unjust governor.
    Tuhafit al-Ahuazi 1327 (Islam)

The gentleman weighs his abilities before entering office, rather than the other way around.
    Chu Hsi (Confucianism)

Your Majesty, what is the point of mentioning the word ‘profit’? All that matters is that there should be benevolence and rightness. If Your Majesty says, “How can I profit my state?” and the counselors say, “How can I profit my family?” and the officials and commoners say, “How can I profit my person?” then those above and those below will be trying to profit at the expense of one another and the state will be imperiled. When regicide is committed in a state of ten thousand chariots, it is certain to be by a vassal with a thousand chariots, and when it is committed in a state of a thousand chariots, it is certain to be by a vassal with a hundred chariots. A share of a thousand in ten thousand or a hundred in a thousand is by no means insignificant, yet if profit is put before rightness, there is no satisfaction short of total usurpation. No benevolent man ever abandons his parents, and no dutiful man ever puts his prince last. Perhaps you will now endorse what I have said: “All that matters is that there should be benevolence and rightness. What is the point of mentioning the word ‘profit’?”
    Mencius I.A.1 (Confucianism)

The king Wu Ting appointed Yueh prime minister. He gave Yueh his instructions:
    Morning and evening, send in your reprimands, and so help me to patch up my personal virtue. Imagine that I am a steel weapon; I will use you for a whetstone. Imagine I have to cross a big river; I will use you for a boat and oars. Imagine I am a year of record drought; I will use you as a copious rain…
    You, yes you, teach me what should be my aims. You be the malt that works up the brew. Imagine we are making a good soup, you be the salt and prunes.
    Book of History 4.8.1-3 (Confucianism)

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