The Biggest Obstacle to Good Government Is Politics

Cheon Seong Gyeong 299

From God’s position, these ancestors will support the process of bringing blessings to their descendants. That effort must be made. When the spirit world comes to help, would you like your beloved relatives to come and help or would you rather some old man from a neighboring village came? When an old man comes down and helps, you must offer him a portion of what you receive. Thus, now is the time when we should run all night lest someone should come and usurp the results of your effort. When you explain this, everyone will want to have a picture of True Parents.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 962

True Parents are giving the Blessing in the physical world, going beyond racial and religious boundaries. By connecting to this, the domain of liberation for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation can be established on the earth. That liberated domain is not created in the spirit world. Since the basis to connect to the world of heaven’s love and cosmic love exists on earth, the spiritual and physical worlds can become unified around True Parents. This will eliminate all indebtedness and perfect the Blessing of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and even the Blessing of the cosmos.

Leadership and Government

Righteous Leadership

2. A Leader Acts on Principle and at the Sacrifice of Himself

Who is a man of character? He is a man who can stand in the central position in society. When there is a man of character in the village, he plays the central role in the material and spiritual lives of the village people. For this reason he is an object of respect. A nation likewise centers on a man of character; he is its representative. Society forms as the people make mutual relationships centering on him. Likewise, the world also requires a man of character as the center. (29:125, February 26, 1970)

The taller a tree grows, the deeper its roots go down into the soil. If its root is exposed, the tree will either wither away or be uprooted by a strong wind. A leader is like that root. (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

Looking back on your life, you should be able to say, “I took responsibility for the most difficult problem in my church. I took responsibility for the most difficult problem in my nation. More than that, I took responsibility for the most difficult problem in the world.” (113:111, May 1, 1981)

Those who sacrifice positively become central figures. Among the children in a family, the one who sacrifices the most is respected as the filial child. A nation chooses patriots for its leaders because they sacrifice more than ordinary citizens. Among saints also, the one who sacrifices more than others becomes the saint of saints. This is a heavenly principle. (113:326, May 10, 1981)

Make up for your leader’s shortcomings and help him grow. He who judges his leader stands in the position of Cain. But he who conceals his leader’s faults and tries to take responsibility for him will stand in Abel’s position someday.7 (Way of God’s Will 1.3)

The biggest obstacle [to good government] is politics. Politicians should not misuse the political process to enrich themselves. They should submit to a system of management. They need to follow the rule of law. Mismanagement of public funds wreaks injustice in society. The fundamental problem is politicians’ desire for inordinate wealth. No one in a position of power should seek to be wealthier than ordinary people. Instead, they should give the best things to others for the sake of the whole. If leaders are content to live with a below-average income, then equalization will be come automatically. Otherwise, the misuse of public money is the biggest threat to a prosperous future.
    The second problem is personnel management—to change people’s positions unfairly and arbitrarily. Democracies and other regimes as well divide into and perpetuate factions—ruling and opposition parties, and their leaders grant position and status based upon party loyalty. This causes tremendous damage. Experienced and capable people who were settled into their jobs are crushed and removed—or at least blocked from rising higher so they can offer greater service. Left out of favor, they flounder about and cannot improve their status. Such misuse of politics will have to disappear. A new management system must be instituted that provides equal opportunity to all and rewards people fairly based on their merit. Once again, this requires that public money is distributed fairly and equitably. (324:253-54, June 24, 2000)

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