We Are Wombs of Good and Evil

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2420

Blessed families are families representing the world both in name and in reality. Therefore, it is absolutely true that as the families representing the world, the Blessed Families must without fail become families who represent God, who have nothing to be ashamed of before the lineage of True Parents and before the lineages of the many people in the tribes, peoples, and nations. This is the meaning of Blessed Families being representative and central families. Therefore, Adam and Eve’s family and our families have the same value. That is the conclusion. Therefore, you cannot live a certain way in one place and a different way somewhere else. (263-204, 1994.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1174

You are all fakes. Do you think it’s easy to become the real thing? You should know that you have to go in and out of the blast furnace hundreds of times. When you become a father who has to send his son or daughter to the place of execution for the sake of restoration through indemnity in order to restore the realm of heart, you cannot do this without tears. It was exactly so with Abraham. In order to pioneer the heavenly way, to liberate God and enter His realm of love, you can’t just stay as you are. The foundation that you are standing on now did not come about by coincidence. The Unification Church has been built through a course that required tears of bitterness, a course stained with blood and tears. If you learn about this foundation, you will know that you cannot sit here without tears; you cannot sit here without deeply repenting. (169-131, 1987.10.29)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration


“The Principle of Restoration explains the providence of God through which
fallen human beings are restored to their original created state.”
All of us are “wombs” of good and evil. Evil nature inherited from the fall makes it easy to do evil, whereas doing good takes considerable effort.
We have to meet the Messiah and be reborn through him. We have to have our original sin removed by receiving the Blessing. See slides 1 to 7 below:

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