Wave the Flag of Love

Watch the documentary Gender Transformation.
I highly recommend it!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1251

    For a man to achieve individual perfection, he needs a reciprocal relationship, and that is why ultimately he needs to get married. He cannot enter the realm of perfect love if he is not married.
    The reason people need to get married is so they can relate to the love of God. In other words, a man and woman cannot fully connect to the love of God if they are not married. When a man and woman get married, the love of God resides with them, and they become one centering on this love. Then, God can bequeath to them the whole universe, including God Himself, His love, and everything that belongs to Him. (135-327, 1985.12.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 478

    The one son and one daughter are a son and daughter who have appeared as substantial object partners of the invisible God. As substantial object partners, the man represents God’s plus characteristics, and the woman represents God’s minus characteristics.
    According to the principle of creation, the internal nature of God is divided into two characteristics. God harmonizes the two characteristics, and re-unites them in a form that resembles His original internal nature

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter One

Our Course of Life

Section 2. The purpose that people desire

God does not have a body. Therefore, in order to manifest His body, God used Adam as His body, showing His face through him. That is the ideal of creation.

God is the original spiritual focal point and Adam is the original physical focal point. These two focal points generate a 90-degree angle. This is God’s purpose of creation and the purpose that people desire. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have occupied the positions of father and mother eternally in the spirit world; yet, due to the Fall, this was not possible. Had there been no Fall, everyone could have gone to Heaven simply by attending their parents as though they were attending God. (119-109, 1982.2.1)

Section 3. The reason for birth

This created world is round everywhere: the sun, the earth, and the stars; everything is created round. Even our mouth, if we analyze it, is round. No matter what, everything is created that way. Then, the universe makes relationships by going around and around, making circular, cyclical movements. Even if one individual thing has a round shape, it does not exist by itself individually but makes a relational connection with the whole. Then, why are we born? We are born to beat in rhythm with this vast universe. Ocean waves lapping against the shore lap against our hearts as well. Gentle breezes sighing serenely lull our hearts into serenity. Flowers in bloom release rich fragrances and stir the fragrances in our hearts. (104-122, 1979.4.22)

If we are born, raised, live and die in love, then we can be grateful for our birth, life and death. You were all born by having participated in the place where your father and mother loved and treasured each other exceedingly. You are participants in this love. Since you were born through your parents’ love, you consider yourselves born as the flags planted through your parents’ love. These flags flutter to express love. We are all meant to live for the sake of love throughout our lives. So you should wave the flag of love for your mother, wave the flag of love when you see your father, and wave the flag of love for your siblings. (103-258, 1979.2.25)


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