The New Religion Will Reveal the Fact that All Religions Constitute a Brotherhood

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The formula course for eternal life is the same for grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as descendants thousands of years from now, and even to the spirits who are in the spirit world. Only those who lived for the sake of others can pass through to eternal life. (203- 192, 1990.6.24)

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Who is God? He is your friend! He is your best friend. He is your elder brother, Father, King and Creator. So when you enter the vast world of heaven in the spirit world, even if you ask God for something greater than anything there, He will make it for you. That will not be a problem. How proud you will be! That is the position representing God. Do you think God would dislike people who reach that position? No! He will welcome them saying, “My son, my number one son!” This is the greatest wish of a parent. (293-161, 1998.5.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 1

The Original Being of God

Section 7. Assessing the Existing Views of God
7.1. Existing doctrines of God are contradictory

    Christian theologians are today saying, “Now is the time to critique faith as a whole. Now is the time to re-examine all previous doctrines of God and views of life.” Theological trends have so far upheld the view that created beings cannot stand in an equal position to the holy Creator. Then how is love to be given? Do you think God can share love by Himself? What are those things we call peace and happiness? Can God have these on His own? How would you answer this question? God needs an object partner. (77-317, 1975.4.30)

    What motivation led to the birth of this created world? God created heaven and earth because He needed love. Based on this, the doctrine of God in modern Christian theology is in error. They say that the absolute God of power can subsist on power alone. This is why, wherever Christian culture has gone, blood has been spilled. Based on this logic we can foresee that, although Western Civilization has developed in accordance with Christian culture, Christian culture will now have a devastating impact on the world in the Last Days. (209-29, 1990.11.25)

    History is heading into the age of science. With the advent of the age of scientific development, in which the fundamental roots of everything are investigated and our basic origins are pursued through studying the origins of species, religion must inevitably keep pace.
    In this situation, a religion must appear having a commanding outlook that can explain the reality of the world and creation, and prove God’s existence. Since there is as yet no such religion, God should prepare the substance of such a religion because He is a living God. (211-139, 1990.12.30)

    If humankind was created by the Absolute Being in such a way as to practice the love of the Absolute Being, it is clear that there was motivation and purpose behind our creation. To reveal that motivation and purpose, a correct view of God, explaining who the Absolute Being is, should first be developed. Establishing the correct understanding of God will reveal His purpose and motivation for the creation, and thereby clarify the reason we must practice absolute love for the sake of peace. (110- 253, 1980.11.27)

    If the absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging God exists, we must be able to view the origin of true love, true ideals, true peace and true happiness from a new standpoint centering on such a God. From that point of view, we can secure perspectives of God, life, and material things that are aligned with God’s own viewpoint, and from there finally be able to welcome a world of new peace and new happiness. (77-260, 1975.4.14)
    The root cause of religious conflict lies in the vagueness of the doctrines of the ultimate reality. The absolute being is only one; there cannot be two or three absolute beings. However, the leaders of each religion claim that only their absolute being is the true God and that other gods are not true gods. This results in each religion having its own absolute being, and fosters further contradictory ideas of the existence of many absolute beings. Since this leads to the conclusion that the gods of all religions are nothing but relative gods, the system of absolute values – that should have been developed through religion based on the doctrine concerning God’s love and truth – still remains relative.
    In other words, we conclude that religions to this day have not established an absolute value system to settle the confusion. This inevitably results from the fact that no religion has been able to present the correct explanation about the Absolute Being. (122-302, 1982.11.25)

    Each religion has its own absolute being as the basis of its doctrine. The absolute being in Judaism is Jehovah, that of Christianity, God, and that of Islam, Allah. Buddhism and Confucianism do not specify an absolute being, but with the basic Confucian virtue, benevolence (仁), being connected to the heavenly mandate, heaven can be taken as the absolute being in Confucianism. Moreover, since Buddhism teaches that all dharmas constantly change while the truth is found in the “such-ness” (眞如) behind dharmas, we can say that “suchness” constitutes the absolute being in Buddhism. (122-300, 1982.11.25)

    The doctrine of ultimate reality for the new religion must reveal that the absolute beings of the different religions are not separate gods but one and the same God. The new religion will reveal the fact that all religions constitute a brotherhood established by God, with the theologies of each having embraced one particular aspect of God’s attributes. The new religion will complete the picture of God. Moreover, in revealing God’s attributes and the motivation, purpose, and laws of creation, the doctrine of ultimate reality must explain that this purpose and these laws govern the movement of everything in the universe, and that human norms are, in the end, in accordance with this universal law – that is, the heavenly way. (122-303, 1982.11.25)

    The greatness of the Divine Principle taught by the Unification Church is that it explains creativity in concrete terms and serves us in our understanding of the process of creation. Next, it provides a substantial explanation of how the Fall came about and then also presents a view of history. It clearly explains how God, rather than abandoning human beings in their fallen state, has been working diligently for their re-creation throughout the course of history. It logically and plainly reveals that through this process of restoration we will arrive at the world He purposed to achieve. (208-296, 1990.11.20)
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