We Should Capture Satan, Bring Him Before God and Accuse him

Cheon Seong Gyeong 898

Hell is the place where you can never escape once you are caught. Despite this, you do not feel desperate about the fact that your mother, father and relatives are going to hell. You just think, “It will work out somehow.” However, let’s think seriously about your beloved parents really going to hell. Human nature is such that if your parents were to go to prison, you would cry and do all sorts of things to have them released. Then, even more so, if you knew that your sons and daughters, parents and relatives, brothers and sisters – with whom you have bonds made in heaven – were going to go to an eternal prison, could you just think casually about their fate? (34-266, 1970.9.13)

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If you were to compare a Japanese couple with an international couple, which would you say is the higher? You must serve the international couples. It is the same for Mr. Furuta and Mr. Oyamada as well. On whose shoulders lies the most important responsibility of leading Japan in the future? It is in fact the traditional standpoint of heaven to gradually appoint those who have intermarried as the leaders. This is not the case at present, but you should bear in mind that it will happen. The same is true for the United States. This is the first time I have spoken about such things in public. I am telling you because the time is ripe. (217-54, 1991.4.16)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

True Father’s Insights on God
Section 4. The Reason God Cannot Punish Satan

4.2. God abides by the law

    The devil says to God, “God! I am the chief devil that changes. I am the ancestor who is changeable. But aren’t You the great supervisor of heaven and earth, the substance of truth, the unchanging Lord? Are You not the Being of love that embodies the principles of unchangeableness in life? I fell and became a rogue. But You are responsible to uphold the original ideal standard that You set up. I can freely pass in and out of the doors of the ideal world where Your will is fulfilled. I can freely come in and out, but since I cannot live there I must come out.” That is Satan’s assertion. Then God answers, “You are right.” (191-244, 1989.6.25)

    If we commit even one sin, Satan, the devil, will immediately accuse us before God and say, “Because of his sin, this guy must go to hell.” Though Satan, who accuses human beings for their sin, has surely committed sins himself, no one has ever come forward to accuse Satan in front of God for his sin.
    There will be a path to eradicate Satan if a person can come forth and say, “O Absolute God! From the viewpoint of Your power and authority, Satan has committed such-and-such unpardonable sins against humankind and against You. Please punish him.” If God could not remove Satan even through this method, He would not be all-knowing or all-powerful; He would be on the side of Satan, not of humankind. (54-134, 1972.3.22)

    Actually, Satan is an archangel. The archangel must go to heaven after Adam and Eve when they achieve perfection and enter heaven. It is the principle of creation that the archangel enters heaven with Adam and Eve after receiving love from God and then from them. Although Satan made a mistake on the way, if he says, “I am a servant and a traitor. Yet, You, Lord, decided the great principles of heavenly law and established Your essential traditions based on them. Upon these principles You established, there is one that lets You enter the Kingdom of Heaven only after loving the perfected Adam and the archangel. Surely You cannot abandon that principle?” God is caught. He answers, “You are right.” Satan traps God saying, “Although I became what I am, You, God, surely cannot be like me.” (211-177, 1990.12.30)

    Since the devil is an archangel, he says, “Weren’t the children who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven originally supposed to love me? Isn’t it the original principle of creation that You, God, and Adam may enter the Kingdom of Heaven only after You and Adam love me?” He further pushes God, saying, “Unless this is done, You cannot avoid my accusations. You have to establish the condition that You loved me and that Your son Adam also loved me.” This problem is the context for the teaching “Love your enemy,” given to religious people. (219-36, 1991.8.25)

    After we come into a parent-child relationship with God, when the son wails in sorrow God the Father will also wail in sorrow. Then Satan will be frightened out of his senses and flee. He cannot remain there. (228-217, 1992.4.3)

    This world cannot be brought back to the heavenly side unless a person appears who can regain the original authority and stand in a position higher than Satan, the devil. In other words, someone must appear who can drag Satan before the all-powerful and all-knowing God and charge him, saying, “God! Satan has committed such sins! Why don’t You judge him?” (53-335, 1972.3.6)

    So far we have been dominated and dragged around by Satan. Now we should reverse this, capture Satan, bring him before God and accuse him. Although people today know about Satan’s existence, they do not know what sin he committed. Until now, nobody has accused Satan before God, saying, “O God! With Your all-knowing and almighty authority, please punish this sinful Satan.” (53-88, 1972.2.10)

    Then why is it that the all-knowing and all-powerful God cannot strike the fallen archangel? Why can He not get rid of him? It is because God also must love him. Although the archangel that God created fell and became the devil, God always has to maintain the principled standard of thinking of the archangel as he was before the Fall. That is why we should love the archangel. Adam and Eve are God’s creation and the body of God. Therefore, not only God, but also Adam and Eve, must love Satan. (175-14, 1988.4.6)

    God cannot come down hard on Satan for killing millions of His beloved sons and daughters over the past six thousand years, because God is responsible for not having fully loved the archangel. For this reason, whenever someone does something wrong, Satan brings a continuous trail of accusation: “God, so and so is doing this and that.” Because the Unification Church emerged, we can know these things that no one previously understood. (35-95, 1970.10.4)

    If you drag Satan, the devil, in front of God and accuse him, would God say, “Hey! That is not how to do it!” or would He be pleased? No doubt God would say, “Oh my son! My only son!” and would want to bless you eternally. We can imagine how intensely God has yearned for that. God is absolute, all-knowing and all-powerful; He is the Lord of righteous judgment. Therefore, if someone comes forward charging and accusing Satan, the devil, God can judge Satan. (54-60, 1972.3.11)

    Since Adam and Eve sinned, God is not free to do as He wishes. If someone’s child commits murder, can you say that the mother or sibling can take responsibility for that crime? They cannot. This is the heavenly law. With whom did they sin? They sinned with Satan. Adam sinned, but God has not passed judgment on Satan or on Adam and Eve for what they did. Although He drove them away, God is still leading the providence of salvation. Thus, although God is receiving Satan’s accusation, He was unable to pass judgment. When we look at these issues from a theological perspective, they present a big problem. Why cannot God deal with this? Why is the all-knowing and almighty God unable to deal with the devil? (223-304, 1991.11.17)

    God has no interest in fighting because there is no concept of war or fighting in the ideal world of God’s creation. If fighting occurred there, the world would fall into dualism. Fundamentally, fighting has nothing to do with the ideal world of absolute peace. Therefore, you should know that there is no concept of struggle within God’s world of creation. (224-224, 1991.11.24)

    How did Satan fall away? You should clearly know the answer to this. Satan has created division in large things and small things. God, however, combines small and worthless things into something large. God’s way is contrary to Satan’s. When we consider the Origin of the universe that seeks true love and the principles by which He created the universe, we see that Satan went against that Origin instead of obeying Him, and thus he fell away. The original nature of the all-knowing, almighty, unique and eternal God is to live one hundred percent for the sake of others. (179-52, 1988.7.3)

    Throughout history, the all-knowing and almighty God wins over His enemy not by utilizing His strength and power, but by bringing him into submission through the principles of love. God’s desire is to bring His enemy to voluntarily and completely submit before God and gratefully receive humanity’s judgment in the position of the servant. Unless this happens, his sins cannot be indemnified. (42-279, 1971.3.27)

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