The Heavenly Mind and the Human Mind Should Have Complemented Each Other

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1973

Britain is the Eve nation, America
is the Abel nation, and France is the
archangel nation. The mother should
embrace the son, searching for these
nations. Since what was lost has been
found in this way, following this pat-
tern, the father should be recovered.
We are searching for the Adam nation
because the Adam nation is the nation
of the coming Lord, and that is the Kore-
an peninsula.
Why the Korean peninsula? It is
like the Italian peninsula. That which
was lost centering on the Vatican must
be restored through indemnity. That
which was lost in the west centering
on the Italian peninsula must be found
in the east. For this reason, the Kore-
an peninsula becomes a global concern.
The Korean peninsula is the border-
line between death and life. The North
and South were divided between com-
munism and democracy, with Kim Il-
sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon
in the south. This is the reality. In the
north, don’t they call Kim Il-sung,
“Father”? Don’t people in the south call
me “Father” or “the True Parent”? Who
will liberate this situation? The presi-
dent cannot solve the problem. Thus, it
rests in my hands. (201-52, 1990.2.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 892

Let us think about balloons. If you
fill one with hydrogen, it slowly rises. It
rises but there is a limit. At first it would
seem to rise without end. But there is a
limit to how far it rises. It stops at the
place where it finds a balance with its
weight. It remains at the same level of
atmospheric pressure. It is the same in
the spirit world. Those who are greedy
go down. They are heavy. For that rea-
son, hell is where heavy things gather
and collide with one another. That is
how it is. (115-186, 1981.11.15)

I Am Relating with Two Worlds

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959

Romans 7: 15-25

No matter how much happiness a person may enjoy on earth, there has not been even one person who lived in true joy and happiness of the heart. We can conclude that because we could not feel joy and happiness in our hearts, God or Heaven, who stands as subject partner to us and is guiding us, has not felt joy or happiness.

If we think that we are to live in this world for our own sake, that is a misunderstanding. We know clearly through our lives that our minds are pursuing some purpose and destination in life. Thus, we cannot deny that each of us is connected to a world of some purpose. For this reason we should understand that we do not live for our own goal or for our own sake, but for some other purpose. Hence, we are all both infinitely small and infinitely big. We know that we have traveled through history based on this relationship.

In our feelings, worldviews and lifestyles, there are complementary and contradictory aspects. We cannot ignore this reality. In other words, even in living for some purpose, there are contradictory and conflicting aspects as well as complementary ones. These phenomena are in society; they are in the trend of thought in the world, and some of these phenomena are in Heaven.

When we analyze Heavenly principles and worldviews, we cannot deny that some being exists who transcends our concepts and guides us in great detail. We do not feel this being through our concepts, and this being does not originate from within us.

We have to understand clearly that this position we stand in is not limited to one world but is connected to two worlds. The world that our minds desire and the world that our body desires, these two worlds, are unfolding within us. For this reason, while our minds desire joy and happiness based on some ideology, we cannot deny that there are pleasures and joys that we feel physically through the five senses of our bodies.

We commonly say that we have a mind. We say that we have a human mind. There is also a heavenly mind. The heavenly mind and the human mind should have complemented each other within us, guiding our lives based on heavenly law and order. Yet we have not established the order which can clarify the standard for our lives. The heavenly mind and the human mind cannot unite. This is the Fall and the source of our lament.

That which abandons the human mind and betrays Heaven or the good mind is commonly called the evil mind. When we reflect upon ourselves, we find that the heavenly mind enters through our minds, while the evil mind enters through our bodies. From ancient times all saints and holy men have mourned over the conflict they found themselves in. Because St. Paul also suffered in the midst of the chaotic battle between the laws of the mind and the laws of the body, he said, “I am a wretched man.” (Romans 7:24)

What kind of world have we been rejoicing in and what kind of world do we want to rejoice in? You probably cannot deny that this world is not a place where our minds and bodies can enjoy true happiness, a world which is in harmony with the truth in our hearts. You are struggling and agonizing in this environment. When we fathom this situation, we can conclude that even though the heavenly mind should rule the human mind, there has never been a moment when the heavenly mind was in complete oneness with our human mind and when it manifested itself and produced joy in our lives.

If there is a God, would He want to dwell in our minds only for a day? God wants to dwell in our minds for eternity. However, we find ourselves in the chaos of the battle between our minds and bodies. If we ask whether or not Heaven can dwell in such a mind, the answer is negative.

God is good. Goodness is eternal, unique, and unchanging. However, because we do not possess unchanging, unique and eternal principles of life, we cannot penetrate into the mind which is orientated toward goodness.

For this reason, even though God can work through our consciences, He cannot work through our views on life. Because God could not guide us with the universal truth, human history until now has remained in the realm of evil. Hence, this world cannot build an eternal relationship with the heavenly principles. This is why this world must be judged. People living in this world also must be judged.

Establish the Heartistic Bond with Heavenly Father

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1824

I am preparing for the future world.
I am not doing this just because I love
the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. In
the beginning, when I came back after a
week, my entire body was in pain. Still
I thought, “There is so much to do. I
should go on without complaining about
my age. I should be like a colt going over
the Himalayas.” How could I rest?

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1405

Through this ceremony, the envi-
ronmental conditions necessary for all
humankind to be able to participate in
the Blessing have been created, and all
people connected to the mainstream
ideal can now belong to You through
attending it. This amazing and incred-
ible miracle has been wrought, not just
by the work of the Unification Church
but also by the joint efforts of Yourself
and the spirit world. Therefore, I hope
and pray that You can forever hold the
victorious dominion and sovereignty of
eternal love and glory gained from this
ceremony, and establish the Kingdom of
Heaven on earth and in the spirit world
through the liberation achieved by this
Blessing. All humankind connected to
the 360 Million Couples can now unite
in heart and strive to achieve the unity of
mind and body, husband and wife, and
within the tribe, race, nation, world, and
cosmos. These couples have been estab-
lished as the nucleus representing the
True Parents on earth and the family in
the garden of Your love. They have been
blessed in order to complete the King-
dom of Heaven on earth with the sov-
ereignty of the love central to the ideal
of creation, which has been Your eternal

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 12, 1959

John 14: 1-19

Although the people of Korea may not know God, we have to realize that He was always there in the history of this people. Whenever there was a righteous-minded, loyal subject who was sacrificed in order to uphold righteousness, we have to understand that God remembered him and walked on the foundation and heart of such a person and his race.

We are an indebted people. This race is the most indebted among all the indebted races. Heavenly Father desires to save the miserable people and has the heart of a parent who laments over the fallen children. He would feel more sympathy in looking at an unfortunate race than a race that is well-off.

Our people have nothing special to be proud of. The people had nothing. They were all robbed and lost everything. If we have hope of having anything back, what I desire is for the young people to possess the desperate heart of Jesus. Let the desire that burned inside of him as he wandered, the desire to call Heaven “Father” burn within them. When they become such people, no other race will be able to dominate them.

This world deserves to be forsaken and many ideologies are bound for destruction. Yet when many sons and daughters who have become such people appear in front of Heavenly Father’s heart, who looks on with sympathy, this world will be rejuvenated. If such young people, such a group and such a race exist, then they would be able to rule the world. It was the same in the age of Jesus. There was a great deal of confusion in the trend of faith under the Roman oppression, and everything was shaky. The people’s spirit had been crushed. God sent Jesus during such a time of sorrow.

The sorrowful and painful fact is that Korea became the object of sacrifice, the focus of conflict between the two great opposing camps of democracy and communism. This is the sad reality. We have no friends. Both camps are standing face to face with our race as the sacrifice in the middle. This race, which was supposed to establish the blessed nation, is going through a life of danger and risk as a sorrowful race. One thing that we have to keep in mind is that we have to be sons and daughters who can unite with the heavenly direction, knowing that Heaven has provided for the environment and has supported this race. This race will survive if we can establish a relationship with Heaven. Jesus, who had nothing externally, was able to introduce the world of hope which overcame this world and drove this world toward the realm of his ideology. Something must have been there to establish the heartistic bond with Heavenly Father. It must have been the one absolute standard which mankind has no choice but to submit to in search of the heart and the mind. Today the people of Korea are undergoing a confusion of faith. At this time, when there is no value to one’s character, when people live in fear, and when this whole race is being pushed out in confusion, what can we hold onto?

Richard:  Korea holds a Providential position.  It is significant that for the first time a sitting United States president, Donald Trump, stepped foot into North Korea and also met again with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.