The Created World Has Two Axes, Visible and Invisible

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 2162

So if we cannot connect this nation
with God centering on a national main-
stream ideology to form a new view of
the nation having new three-dimen-
sional, or two-dimensional aspects, and
take that national concept and stand
forth with it as the ideal content center-
ing on the nations of the world today, we
will be unable to see the dawning of the

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1080

When we say, “Save money!” we
should think of the more public pur-
pose of saving for the nation rather
than for the more personal purpose of
gathering wealth. We are not saving to
become rich. We are doing so to save
the nation. The reason I say to Ameri-
ca, “America must be frugal and should
save!” is in order to save the world.
America collects the most taxes in the
world. If it had collected a lot of taxes
for the world, then America would have
been respected by the world. If this was
done just for the sake of the American
people, then they should oppose the
government, and even the world would
oppose it. I believe America shows a
tendency and a culture that is ruining
the world. Consequently, for the world
I can say, “Although I may face oppo-
sition, the way I am going is the just
and right way.” That is how it is with
everything I hear, say, and do. (111-256,

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2

Truth and Universal Law


2. The Duality of Spirit and Matter

Know that prakriti (nature, energy) and Purusha
(spirit) are both without beginning, and that
from prakriti come the gunas (qualities of
the phenomenal world) and all that changes.
Prakriti is the agent, cause, and effect of every
action, but it is Purusha that seems to experience
pleasure and pain. Purusha, resting in prakriti,
witnesses the play of the gunas born of prakriti.
But attachment to the gunas leads a person to
be born for good or evil. Within the body the
supreme Purusha is called the witness, approver,
supporter, enjoyer, the supreme Lord, the high-
est Self… Whatever exists, Arjuna, animate or
inanimate, is born through the union of the field
and its Knower. 12
Bhagavad-Gita 13.19-22, 26 (Hinduism)

By a marvelous mating, He brings a spiritual
nature into union with one that is material
and makes the soul and body active and pas-
sive principles, respectively, of a single human
whole. This operation of God, so marvelous and
mysterious, He performs not only in the case of
man, who is a rational animal and the highest
and noblest of all animals on earth, but also in
the case of the tiniest insects. And no one can
reflect on this marvel without a sense of aston-
ishment and some expression of admiration for
the Creator.
Saint Augustine, City of God 22.24 (Christianity)
Our body is just a shell. Inside and outside, there
is nothing but the energy of heaven and earth,
and yin and yang.
Chu Hsi (Confucianism)

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The human body consists of 40 trillion cells. They are connected by the body’s circulatory system that is constantly in motion, with blood circulating through arteries and veins. At the same time, electrical energy circulates up and down through the nervous system. In sum, the body contains dual systems of circulation: one visible, the other invisible. (262:126, July 23, 1994)

There is another pair of dual characteristics in reciprocal relationship, which are even more fun-damental to existence than the dual characteristics of yang and yin. Every entity possesses both an outer form and an inner quality. The visible outer form resembles the invisible inner quality. The inner quality, though invisible, possesses a certain structure that manifests visibly in the particular outer form..
Let us take human beings as an example. A human being is composed of an outer form, the body, and an inner quality, the mind. The body is a visible reflection of the invisible mind. Because the mind possesses a certain structure, the body that reflects it also takes on a particular appearance. This is the idea behind a person’s character and destiny being perceived through examining his outward appearance by such methods as physiognomy or palm reading. Here, mind is the internal nature (sungsang) and body is the external form (hyungsang). Mind and body are two correlative aspects of a human being; hence, the body may be understood as a second mind. Together, they constitute the dual characteristics of a human being. Similarly, all beings exist through the reciprocal relationships between their dual characteristics of internal nature and external form…
The body resembles the mind and moves according to its commands in such a way as to sustain life and pursue the mind’s purposes. Mind and body thus have a mutual relationship of internal and external, cause and result, subject partner and object partner, vertical and horizontal.
Similarly, all created beings, regardless of their level of complexity, possess an intangible internal nature, which corresponds to the human mind, and a tangible external form, which corresponds to the human body. Within each being, the internal nature, which is causal and subject, commands the external form. This relationship allows the individual being to exist and function purposefully as a creation of God. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 1.1)

This created world in which we live has two axes: a visible axis and an invisible axis. They form a dual structure. The object partner revolves around its subject partner, but the subject partner also revolves. An example is the body and mind of a human being engaging in give-and-take action. All beings exist according to this principle.
Fallen humans in the world must correct their axis in order to be restored. The correct human structure has the mind at the center of the body and the spirit dwelling in the center of the mind. The body revolves around the mind and moves in accordance with the mind’s commands. If his mind says, “Go to the east,” his body heads east, and if his mind says, “Go to the west,” his body heads west. His body cannot make a move by itself. (136:14, December 20, 19

Find the Self that can Enjoy, Live With and Sing From the Mind

Deuteronomy 13

After the Lord your God gives you towns to live in, you may hear a rumor about one of the towns. 13 You may hear that some worthless people have talked everyone there into worshiping other gods, even though these gods had never done anything for them. 14 You must carefully find out if the rumor is true. Then if the people of that town have actually done such a disgusting thing in your own country, 15 you must take your swords and kill every one of them, and their livestock too. 16-17 Gather all the possessions of the people who lived there, and pile them up in the marketplace, without keeping anything for yourself. Set the pile and the whole town on fire, and don’t ever rebuild the town. The whole town will be a sacrifice to the Lord your God. Then he won’t be angry anymore, and he will have mercy on you and make you successful, just as he promised your ancestors. 18 That’s why you must do what the Lord your God says is right. I am giving you his laws and teachings today, and you must obey them.

Ezekiel 16

39 Then I will hand you over to your lovers, who will tear down the places where you had sex. They will take your clothes and jewelry, leaving you naked and empty-handed.

40 Your lovers and an angry mob will stone you to death; they will cut your dead body into pieces 41 and burn down your houses. Other women will watch these terrible things happen to you. I promise to stop you from being a prostitute and paying your lovers for sex.

When We Should Stay Awake with Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1959

Matthew 25:1-13

What is human sorrow? It is not being ignorant of history, nor is it having no relationship with history. The source of human sorrow is being ignorant of the heavenly course of history. Unless there comes a time in the last days when young men and women are told about this and become shocked in their hearts, the world will perish along with history.

From this perspective, we will have to wake up from sleep today. We humans are still sleeping the sleep that our ancestors slept. Although tens of thousands of years have passed since the time of our ancestors, no one has established the point of convergence between Heaven and humanity and cried out to Heaven with confidence. No one has confidently fulfilled his responsibility before Heaven.

Over what would Heaven grieve? It is that the point of convergence has not been created. over what should humankind mourn? They should mourn over the fact that no one has arisen from their number who has completed that relationship. Continue reading “Find the Self that can Enjoy, Live With and Sing From the Mind”

Where Is the Place of Rest for the Human Mind?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1892

Peter was a fisherman, wasn’t he?
Then aren’t you all the descendants of
a fisherman? So you all should know
about the sea. You came all the way to
Alaska to catch what you did? Halibut
is the fish that lies on its belly in the sea-
bed, acting like a king. It eats and lives
lying on its belly. It looks like a piece of
mossy rock, living on the bottom of the
sea with eyes springing out like anten-
nas. Since it stays lying down and has a
smell, small fish tend to gather around it.
When those small fish gather, the hali-
but twists its body to swallow them up.

A halibut eats and lives lying down on
its belly. It is the same as Satan. It is the
“King” Satan. It thinks, “Who on earth
dares to touch me!” Even when this hali-
but is caught on a fishing line, it keeps on
saying, “Who on earth is touching me!”
But then, after staying calm for awhile, it
starts to think, “Oh, no. I am in trouble!”
The Alaskan halibut has been struck by
the lightning of Rev. Moon. No one else
in Kodiak has caught a halibut heavi-
er than eighty pounds. However, with
my appearance in these waters, halibut
weighing two hundred and three hun-
dred pounds have been caught. (206-274,

What is the hope of humanity? It is
to attend True Parents. Six thousand
years ago, Adam and Eve were supposed
to be blessed in marriage, an event that
would have allowed all humankind to
subsequently become the descendants
of God. However, due to the Fall, every-
one became the descendants of Satan.
Therefore, True Parents, who were lost
six thousand years ago, must be restored
on the side of heaven, and human beings
have to be reborn through the relation-
ship of the love of True Parents. Only
then can they become citizens of the
Kingdom of Heaven. (19-203, 1968.1.7

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1266

What is the hope of humanity? It is
to attend True Parents. Six thousand
years ago, Adam and Eve were supposed
to be blessed in marriage, an event that
would have allowed all humankind to
subsequently become the descendants
of God. However, due to the Fall, every-
one became the descendants of Satan.
Therefore, True Parents, who were lost
six thousand years ago, must be restored
on the side of heaven, and human beings
have to be reborn through the relation-
ship of the love of True Parents. Only
then can they become citizens of the
Kingdom of Heaven. (19-203, 1968.1.7

Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 1958

Genesis 1:24-28

What have human beings lost through the fall? They have lost God’s love, they have lost God’s Word, and they have lost the substantial incarnation of that Word. What must we, who seek our original selves, inevitably do? We must regain what has been lost. That is, because God’s love, God’s Word and God’s person have been lost, we cannot help wandering about seeking them. God has unfolded the providence of salvation until today trying to regain these things.

Human beings have lost the love, the Word and the incarnation. What could have caused them to lose the love, the Word and the incarnation? They lost them because they did not have faith. For that reason, for God to seek human beings, people must set up the condition of faith. God relates to human beings through the condition of their faith. Furthermore, He unfolds the salvation providence for human beings on the condition that they have faith. Continue reading “Where Is the Place of Rest for the Human Mind?”

Find the Way of Your Original Mind

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I grappled for nine years with the
question as to the origin of the universe,
and finally found the answer. It proved
to be a very simple principle. Then I
said, “Wow, I didn’t know this simple
truth. I held the answers within myself
but didn’t realize it.” Isn’t that so? An
old man who dug for wild ginseng went
into the deepest parts of jagged moun-
tains like that of Mt. Taebaek to search
for the plants, only to discover in the
morning that the place where he had
rested and urinated was a patch of wild
ginseng. He hadn’t been aware of it. On
his way back, he decided to go back to
where he rested and had a smoke when
he first set out, He found the cigarette
butt he had thrown away and smoked
it., Lo and behold, the cigarette butt was
in a patch of wild ginseng. This actual-
ly took place. At such a moment, going
back for that cigarette butt and smoking
it was great fortune for him. This could
really happen. (196-130, 1989.12.31)

Isaiah 1

Your country lies in ruins;
    your towns are in ashes.
Foreigners and strangers
take and destroy your land
    while you watch.
Enemies surround Jerusalem,
alone like a hut
in a vineyard[c]
    or in a cucumber field.
Zion would have disappeared
    like Sodom and Gomorrah,[d]
if the Lord All-Powerful
had not let a few
    of its people survive.

The True Shepherd and His Flock; the False Shepherd and His Flock

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 1958

Since you are trying to set internal conditions in a world where external conditions are set, you cannot avoid passing through the historical course of being chased out of the world. Accordingly, now in the last days, you will be swept away by the era of fear in the end of time.

The reason these phenomena are taking place is to strike the external center and make it become harmonized with the internal center. To do this, the social conditions, the habitual conditions, the mental and conceptual conditions, will be threatened by the internal conditions. You must forsake them mercilessly. Therefore, you will be overwhelmed by a fear you do not even understand. Continue reading “Find the Way of Your Original Mind”

A Worldwide Christian Movement Must Emerge to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth

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Daniel 11

18 Afterwards, this proud king of the north will invade and conquer many of the nations along the coast, but a military leader will defeat him and make him lose his pride. 19 He will retreat to his fortresses in his own country, but on the way he will be defeated and never again be seen.

2 Chronicles 34

31 After Josiah had finished reading, he stood in the place reserved for the king. He promised in the Lord’s name to faithfully obey the Lordand to follow his laws and teachings that were written in the book. 32 Then he asked the people of Jerusalem and Benjamin to make that same promise and to obey the God their ancestors had worshiped.

Richard:  Our current society, although ostensibly Christian, does not honor God in daily life int the proper way.  Rich and powerful bankers and oligarchs try to lord over the peon masses, so to speak.  Yet President Donald Trump is trying to break this wicked mold, and all holy hell is breaking loose as evil forces on both the left and right try to stop him.  We should pray for and support our President.

Continue reading “A Worldwide Christian Movement Must Emerge to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth”