Early Christians Suffered Just as Abrahams Family Suffered Slavery in Egypt

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1380

The topic of our conversation moved on to the wedding of the 30,000 Couples and I asked, “Elder Brother Il-sung, would you be willing to open the thirty-eighth parallel if I were to bring the 30,000 Couples to North Korea?” He answered, “Of course, of course! Wow, that is splendid!” He actually invited me to bring the 30,000 Couples to North Korea. So I replied, “But there aren’t any hotels here.” He then told me, “The Songdo Beach Resort is very famous worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people can be accommodated in the pine fields there. So if you brought one tent for every ten people, you wouldn’t have any problem.” What he said was true. He said we should bring our own food as well and that he would open the port of Wonsan for us, so that we could bring all we needed by boat. (239-42, 1992.11.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 726

    Starting from the idea that religious and world unity must come from myself, the question of what the Unification Church is trying to do today comes to the forefront. It is not a religion just for the sake of religion. It should achieve solidarity with the world, finding ways that religious activity can be accompanied by social activity; it should find ways the world is seeking the religious path and bring the two into oneness. A big wall lies across here blocking religion and society from becoming one – for individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world, and even the cosmos.
    Where do we start from to demolish this wall? Where did the trouble start? Not from the end of the world, but from the individual. Because individuals got out of order, mind and body came apart and pursued their own separate purposes in different directions. What is the issue here? It is how to merge, weave, combine, and melt different purposes into one, and then how to reintegrate mind and body.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Eras in Providential History and the Formation of Their Lengths

    Central figures who are responsible to restore the Foudation of Faith must pass through numerical indemnity perioids.  Numbers, including 3, 4, and 12 were to be fulfilled as Adam and Eve passed through their growing period.  These same numbers must be restored by subsequent providential figures, such as Noah’s 120 years building the ark.  Numerical periods of time must also be fulfilled before God calls specific central figures, such as Noah, Abraham and those central figures following.
    As mentioned in yesterday’s study, we see parallel periods of time playing out in subsequent generations due to the necessity of these providential time periods being restored through the responsible actions of the central figures.
   Therefore, we see a remarkable parallel between the time periods from Abraham to Jesus and from Jesus to today, the time of the Second Coming of Christ.  These time periods are also parallel in symbolic form to the time periods from Adam to the time Jacob met Joseph in Egypt.
    The first parallel periods are the Period of Slaver in Egypt of 400 years and the Period of persecution under Rome of 400 years.
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