Establish an Internal World Ideology

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1430

Every object in the world came to
belong to Satan through the fallen par-
ents. In order for all families to restore
this situation centering on the True
Parents, in the future they should have
nothing in their possession. Nothing in
this world should belong to them. Their
own bodies do not belong to them, their
sons and daughters do not belong to
them, and their husbands do not belong
to them. Everything must be regarded as
the possession of unfallen Adam. Noth-
ing should belong to Eve. She should not
have anything established as belonging
to her.
The era of the right of ownership is
coming, where objects can belong to her
only after they have been determined as
belonging to Adam, restored to God and
acknowledged as His, and then returned
to Adam to be finally handed back to her
as her permanent possession.
Such phenomena can take place only
after you have entered the Kingdom of
God and have been registered. Only
then can you be restored to the posi-
tion of unfallen owners in the Garden of
Eden and hold possession of all things
of the world. In such a manner, you can
enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
(165-284, 1987.5.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 533

If all men and women admit that
their sexual organ belongs to their
spouse, we all would bow our heads and
become humble when we receive our
spouse’s love. Love comes to you only
through your partner. There is no love
other than love for the sake of others. We
must remember that we can find abso-
lute love wherever we absolutely live for
the sake of others. (279-259, 1996.9.15)

I Am Relating with Two Worlds

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959

Romans 7: 15-25

These are the Last Days. This era which we refer to as the Last Days is entering the era of a world ideology. We are not parting with the world. If there is a heavenly heart, we will enter the era of a cosmic ideology centering on the heavenly heart.

Then which direction should our minds pursue? The time of living for one’s own sake is behind us. The time for living for one’s own family is also behind us. The time when we live for the society and people is also behind us. The time of living for a nation is also behind us. Now the time for the world ideology will come. We have entered an era when we have to live for the sake of the world under the guidance of an ideal.

Human beings have two paths before them, the internal path and the external path. Each of us faces these two paths. If there is a path which can bring the internal and external paths together, the time that this one path emerges will be the era of the ideals we seek.

Now we should seek individuals, families, a people, a nation, the world and the universe with whom the heavenly heart desires to relate. Otherwise, you will do no more than follow the paths of the great people or religious leaders of the past.

They have been turning the orientation of the human mind in the direction of the heavenly mind, turning the direction of bodies toward the heavenly mind. They have also been turning the stimulating, material world toward the heavenly mind. As they near it, they will cause upheavals internally and externally. They will collide. Based on what will they collide? They will collide based on the earth. Then what? They will collide based on people. Then what? They will collide based on the heart.

In the course of the struggle to destroy the external world ideology and establish an internal world ideology, history has been moving forward. The phenomena taking place today are dividing left and right centering on that heart. Such phenomena certainly take place in yourselves as well as on the world level.

If God exists and He has been working His providence for the sake of human beings, you should fathom how much He has suffered to guide this world toward the era of a world ideology. Think about it. Both in us and in our ancestors, our bodies have not submitted before our minds in their struggle. Our minds were conquered by our bodies. You should think about how laborious God’s work has been to use the hearts of these ancestors as the foundation to transcend individuals, families, a people, a nation, and pull them up to a world ideology.

When we study historical documents, we should observe how laborious the history of struggle has been that Heaven has gone through. Have you ever felt that? Those who pray, “Please take away my pains and remove them,” will never enter the nation of glory. Those who pray for blessings from God centering on their families, their people, and their nation will survive only until a certain moment. When a world ideology emerges, the national ideology will be shattered. When a cosmic ideology based on the heavenly heart emerges, the world ideology will be shattered.