Conscientious People Should Assert the New Ideology

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1855
Blessed families have risen up on the
vertical standard, but have not stood
on the horizontal standard in Jardim.
Therefore, from now on, families must
be established that can live together with
God on the horizontal standard. To facil-
itate this, I have made an education cen-
ter for ideal families aimed toward world
peace, and I have been re-educating the
families that have been blessed until now.
I must train them again with the con-
tents enabling them to join God’s abso-
lute glorious family. That is the family
training, taking place in Jardim. (294-319,

Richard:  In the 1990’s Rev. Moon established a retreat center in the remote Pantanal area of Brazil.  The training center is still there.  The meaining for me is that we should assert the new ideology, as described in today’s reading, and provide family life education so youth and young adults can form successful families.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1379

Prior to the 30,000 Couples Blessing,
Kwak Chung-hwan said, “Thirty thou-
sand couples! That is five times the num-
ber of the 6500 Couples. How can we
accomplish that?” We had had enough
trouble bringing together 6500 Couples.
On top of that, I had instructed that these
30,000 couples needed to be ready for the
Blessing not in ten but in just three years.
When I told him, “You must transcend
religion and witness to whoever you can,
whether Muslims, Buddhists or Confu-
cians!” he said he couldn’t do it. His eyes
were like cement. Do you know what I
mean by that? Cement eyes are those
that look frozen. He said we couldn’t do
it, but in fact we actually exceeded our
goal. (294-151, 1998.6.14)

God’s Will Which We Must Untangle

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

Matthew 10

Matthew 18

When we look at ourselves, we realize that we are not alone. There are certain families and a society which have special relationships with us. When we look at this from the perspective of conscience, we realize that all these are intertwined within the relationships that promote the larger and higher goodness.

If we want to clarify ourselves completely and stand in a perfectly secure position, then we must resolve all relationships from our old environment and make an absolute relationship with the new value. We must make an absolute relationship with the world of heartistic ideology. We must make that kind of determination while we are alive on this earth and claim it as God’s, humanity’s, and our own. That would be the greatest hope and mission of humankind.

God’s lamentation is that humanity, whom God personally created, did not unite with the heavenly value, did not harmonize with the value for cosmic existence, and did not become ones who could praise the absolute relationship from a secure position. This is the lamentation of God and of human history, and it still remains as a condition of lamentation in our minds.

Our mind unconsciously desires to sing about that absolute relationship, about that happiness and the ideology of liberty and peace. Even though that is the wish of both our mind and body, no one has fulfilled such a world with his mind and lived in such an environment with his body. This is proven by history, by your lifestyle, and by your life.

When we analyze and criticize ourselves objectively, we are certainly not a happy people. If we are miserable, we must be miserable for You, for humanity, and for society.

If we do not have the solution to our problem and a method of replenishing ourselves, then we cannot remain in a secure place from which to glorify the absolute value. In religious terms, we call this “living in the secular, sinful realm of the fallen world.”

If God exists, He would want to liberate such people, to make them the substantiation of liberty, and lead them into the garden of liberation and the world of liberating ideology. The final hope of humanity is to become the center of harmony who respects his value as the representative of all things and who can move together with the world of cosmic beings. The final hope is to achieve the absolute standard by which the Creator God is moved to be present. If God’s dispensational will exists, finding such a being would be the final purpose of His dispensation. If a stream of history exists, then its purpose would be the building of the world in which all individuals are connected. When we look at ourselves, we are connected to a certain world of relationship. Our existence today did not start from ourselves; it is connected to our past relationships and to our era. Moreover, we are destined to have future relationships.

How then would we explain the intricacies of our past relationships, of our relationship to our era, our future relationship, and our relationship to the spirit world? Philosophers should strive to explain this; religions should strive to solve this. Conscientious and heartistic persons of character should have this kind of ideology and assert it; only then are they qualified to possess new hope and a new ideology in front of past history, the present era, and the future. Only then can they represent that value.

However, ever since the beginning of human history, no one has presented himself as the substantiation of such value to humanity. No one has sung together with the cosmos and glorified the cosmic joy.

God’s purpose, hope, and the ideology of creation were to find and establish this kind of person. Why then was God unable to present the condition of such an ideology, and the experiential emotion which we long to find and connect with our heart to the human world? Why were none of the great people of history able to introduce this kind of situation? We realize it is because human history did not become the foothold that could hasten in the world of goodness in which the original essence and the original nature are harmonized. We should know that our society does not have the proper conditions for establishing the substantiation of the ideology of goodness and for praising and cultivating such a value. History and society do not harmonize with our ideological world. They are actually against it.

For that reason, a certain event, a certain new ideology, or certain assertion must come forth to resolve this contradictory and conflicting situation. Humanity cannot reach the ideological world that can only be understood by our original mind and heart as they are now; therefore, a certain new ideology must come forth to present the direction. That ideology must possess all the historical and environmental conditions if it is to change all that is contradictory and conflicting.

Who is the Lord of the Second Coming?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 159

Time is so short. A lifetime is not
enough time to rectify this and compen-
sate for it. That has been my life course.
So from a secular viewpoint, my life
would be pitied. Try asking God, “What
kind of person is Rev. Moon?” The pain
I feel causes me to lament in sorrow; I
am experiencing bitter pain like that of a
man writhing in agony while having his
heart cut out. On this earth I am a mis-
erable man. Nobody knows about my
suffering. People may boast about them-
selves, thinking they are wonderful. Yet
they do not know my suffering. Even
Mother does not know. (213-278, 1990.1.21)

Richard:  Who understands the life and course of Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 683

If I am not here, it will be a problem
for the Japanese, Koreans and Ameri-
cans. Why is that so? Because within
the concept of eternal life there must be
order to bring unity. We can make this
concept the standard for the earth and
eternity. This is most important.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1246

Where is humanity supposed to be
heading? No human being on earth can
enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they
have not passed through the gates of
the Blessing. A lot of people believe in
Christianity, but Christianity itself can-
not enter the Kingdom of Heaven with-
out passing through the gates of the
Blessing. When I say things like this,
Christians complain that Rev. Moon
of the Unification Church makes many
self-righteous remarks. There may be
many people who think like this and
who complain out loud, but that is their
problem. All fallen humanity must fol-
low the course of the holy matrimony of
the Blessing that we speak of in the Uni-
fication. Even if we face opposition from
all sides, that does not change the fact
that the holy matrimony of the Bless-
ing connects the spiritual and physical
worlds and allows you to enter the King-
dom of Heaven. (290-167, 1998.2.18)

God and Humanity Should Live Together
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959

John 14: 6-12

After the departure of Jesus, the Bible came to contain 66 books. The New Testament has many books, in addition to the Gospels. It has the Book of Revelation, which was written last after Jesus’ departure from the earth. This word was what Jesus wanted to say while on the earth. It was revealed after his death by the spiritual world.

To conclude the work of the Holy Spirit on earth, one should appear who thoroughly understands the true meaning of the Word at the time Jesus died and the Holy Spirit was sent. He should also understand the situation of the substantial being so he can go beyond the position of substance. Thus, the Will of God’s providence is to reap the work of the Holy Spirit on the earth and to establish a representative on the earth to inherit her work. Continue reading “Who is the Lord of the Second Coming?”

Boast of Jesus’ Glory by Finding the Lord at the Second Coming

Leviticus 22

31 Obey my laws and teachings—I am the Lord32-33 I demand respect from the people of Israel, so don’t disgrace my holy name. Remember—I am the one who chose you to be priests and rescued all of you from Egypt, so that I would be your Lord.


21 The Lord says: “My people,
I promise to give you my Spirit
    and my message.
These will be my gifts to you
    and your families forever.
I, the Lord, have spoken.”

The World of Ideology Which We Seek

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
May 4, 1958

Humankind today believes in all kinds of religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, etcetera. However, he must not rest content with the religion he believes in as such. He should not believe only in the central figure of motive, who made him believe in a religion, or the word of the truth that appeared with him. He must tread and step above that word and understand the internal Shim Jung. You must dissect it to see what the internal Shim Jung is that is hidden inside the present state of things. You should not just set up the words of scripture as the standard of absolute salvation. This is the problem today. God’s fundamental problems will not be solved with that. Accordingly, God is seeking courageous men who can penetrate this and go over it.

Therefore, today we should not be controlled by conservative thought or by some founder of truth. You must penetrate and climb over that and reach direct negotiations with God, who set up the founder of the truth. By doing so, you should resolve the contradictory problem in the truth itself and seek and establish the standard of God’s internal Shim Jung. God is still seeking, asking the question, “Where is the group of people who can establish such a standard and step forth?” If there is such a group of people, God will not turn His face away from them. Continue reading “Boast of Jesus’ Glory by Finding the Lord at the Second Coming”

Discern Who the Lord of the Second Coming Is

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Genesis 45

14 Joseph and Benjamin hugged each other and started crying. 15 Joseph was still crying as he kissed each of his other brothers. After this, they started talking with Joseph.

Proverbs 1

These are the proverbs
of King Solomon of Israel,
    the son of David.
Proverbs will teach you
    wisdom and self-control
    and how to understand
    sayings with deep meanings.
You will learn what is right
    and honest and fair.
From these, an ordinary person
    can learn to be smart,
    and young people can gain
    knowledge and good sense.

If you are already wise,
    you will become even wiser.
And if you are smart,
you will learn to understand
    proverbs and sayings,
as well as words of wisdom
    and all kinds of riddles.
Respect and obey the Lord!
This is the beginning
    of knowledge.[a]
    Only a fool rejects wisdom
    and good advice.

The True Shepherd and His Flock; the False Shepherd and His Flock

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 1958

What must you become? You must become God’s flock of sheep. For the last 6,000 years, God has been calling for and looking for a flock of true sheep over whom Heaven and earth can rejoice. Moreover, He is seeking that flock of sheep today. He will seek them tomorrow too.

Where is the flock of sheep God and Jesus can rejoice over? If you want to become a true flock of sheep, you must be able to discern the voice of the true shepherd. In the same way that there are two worlds representing the internal and external ideology of God, there is an appeal for the truth which represents the internal world and an appeal for the truth which represents the external world.
Continue reading “Discern Who the Lord of the Second Coming Is”